Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 355-359

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 355-359 Cardo takes Javier on for taking advantage of Alyana, William dies after getting fired, Marco gears up for a bloody surprise on Alyana and Cardo in Sto Niño after the couple rekindle their marriage

The estranged lovers, along with the entire neighbourhood of Santo Niño bear witness to a poetry performance. While the rest are in awe of the performance exceptional delivery of the piece, Alyana, on the other hand, cannot help but be reminded of her marital plight.

Despite his fervent attempt to implicate the Vendetta, Lucas remains uncertain that he has fully gained Oscar’s trust. With this, the Vice President resolves to cook up another vile plan.

Cardo and Alyana’s moment on the dance floor gets interrupted as Javier invites himself for a dance with the latter. There, while sharing dance with Alyana, the feared resident of Sto Niño savors the chance to take advantage of her. Not liking what he sees, Cardo then puts Tanggol in his place.

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Despite the vigilante’s herculean efforts to save her, Alyana expresses her dismay over Cardo’s actions. Meanwhile, the members of the Vendetta spy on William. Following the incident at the feast of Sto Niño, Cardo gets summoned by the barangay chairman. Thankfully, his friends are there to defend his actions against Javier.

Aware that Alyana remains troubled over what happened, the vigilante then attempts to make amends by taking her around town. There, the ex SAF officer seizes the opportunity to ask his wife to give their relationship another chance.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Renato formulate a masterful plan to put William out for good. Alyana tells Cardo that she does not want to mend their marriage. Heartbroken, Cardo thinks of giving up to set Alyana free. Later, Alyana realises her mistakes and considers apologising to Cardo.

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Marco, on the other hand, assumes that Alyana is with Cardo. He then vows to k!ll the former SAF officer to have Alyana all to himself. Elsewhere, Oscar seems worried because of the threats that surround his family. With heavy heart, Cardo decides to let go of Alyana. Later, he bids goodbye to his friends in Santo Niño.

Unbeknownst to them, Marco has obtained information about their whereabouts. Driven by his obsession, Marco wastes no time in storming the sleepy town. Will Cardo and Alyana be able to escape unharmed, or will Marco succeed in reclaiming his fiancée?

Cardo finally gives up on his relationship with Alyana. He soon leaves the town without bidding goodbye to his wife. Upon waking up from her strange dream, Alyana suddenly has a change of heart and regrets not giving Cardo a chance. She then tries to stop her husband, as he drives away from Sto Niño.

Elsewhere, Marco becomes even desperate to have his fiancée back. Upon their return, Cardo and Alyana excitedly inform their friends in Sto Niño that they are back in eachother’s arms. Despite being overjoyed over their reconciliation, Alyana makes a request that will be beneficial for their relationship in time.

Meanwhile, William get admonished by Oscar for his alleged involvement in graft and corruption. Fearing that his misdeeds will be exposed, the presidential staff head asks Lucas and Renato for help. Unfortunately for William, the two, along with the members of the Venom, have already started their wicked plan to get rid of him.

Vendetta retreats on its primary mission upon seeing suspicious men entering the hotel. Instead, they find themselves in a shootout with Homer’s group. Homer’s plan is to frame the Vigilante by k!lling William. As the shootouts between the heated rivals intensifies, Vendetta, somehow manages to save the presidential management staff head from getting k!lled.

However, their heroic act soon backfires on them. Cardo makes up for a lost time by surprising Alyana once again. William’s sudden death leaves puzzling questions on Oscar’s mind. Lucas, on the contrary continues to put up a façade in hopes of regaining Oscars’ trust.

Later, Renato thinks of a way to get him and the Vice President off the hook. Cardo and Alyana attempt to rekindle their romance. Unbeknownst to them, Marco is gearing up for a bloody surprise.


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