Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 360-364

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 360-364 Cardo remarries Alyana in a grand wedding, Teddy assaults Marco over his accusations and violent behaviour

While looking back on their wedding day, Cardo and Alyana hope that they experience the same thing over again. Soon, the former SAF officer cooks up something romantic for his wife.

To Alyana’s surprise, Cardo goes old-school in professing his undying l0ve for her. In front of everyone, Cardo then pops a life-changing question to Alyana.

Meanwhile, Flora and her family fear for their safety in their new neighbourhood. Cardo and Alyana give their l0ve another chance with a second wedding. Aware of their past shortcomings, the couple vow to stay true to their promises as husband and wife.

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Catherine questions Teddy regarding Alyana’s whereabouts. However, her confrontation fails to sit well with Teddy, who rebukes her for condoning Marco’s violent behaviour.

Elsewhere, Oscar plans to inform the public the truth about Vendetta. Completely brainwashed by Lucas, Oscar orders an all-out manhunt against Vendetta. However, this does not sit well with the vigilantes, who vow to find evidence against the anomalous officials and Homer together with his Venom group.

Soon after, the President’s announcement instills fear in people, many of whom immediately rushed to confront Flora’s family. Cardo and Alyana share a priceless moment with their friends during their wedding reception. Elsewhere, an unexpected guest pays Homer a visit.

After succeeding in turning Oscar against Vendetta, Lucas pounces on the opportunity to ask a favour from the president. Cardo and Alyana, meanwhile, share an intimate moment during their honeymoon. The day after, the newlyweds proceed to the market, unaware of the danger that awaits them.

At the Arevalos’, Teddy and Virgie brace themselves for the much-awaited comeback of their l0ved one. Elsewhere, Gina tries to recruit an influential person to her side.

Seething for revenge, Javier wastes no time in facing Cardo. Despite the vigilante’s efforts not to resort to anymore violence, Cardo, nevertheless, finds himself at the receiving end of a vicious assault. The incident terribly affects Alyana who cannot help but blame herself for what happened to her dear husband.

Meanwhile, Becky’s neighbours fear over their safety after the declaration of an all-out manhunt against Vendetta. Empathising with their worries, Diana soon comes up with a risky solution. As Cardo continues to recover from the assault, Alyana fears that Javier would come back and hurt him once again.

Unfazed, Cardo brushes off her worries and plans to focus on building relationship with the people of Sto Niño instead. Soon, as they spend time with the townsfolk, Alyana learns how her husband managed to prevent her from leaving the town. Lucas and Renato cook up another scheme to get Brandon out of jail.

Elsewhere, Gina’s plan to win Adonis’ approval inches closer to fruition. Following Marco’s continuous spying on Flora, Teddy summons the gentleman for a man-to-man talk. However, the confrontation escalates into a heated one after Marco accused the Arevalos of hiding Alyana.

Fed up with his unwarranted assumptions, Teddy hits his boiling point. Alyana, meanwhile, expresses desire to settle down with Cardo in Sto Niño. Unbeknownst to them, a budding threat awaits the vigilante in the humble town.

The couple are then forced to migrate to Manila since they are no longer safe in the province. How will Marco take the news of Alyana’s marriage to Cardo once again?

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