Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 374-378

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 374-378 Brandon is found guilty in court over Bro Lorenzo’s abduction, Lucas in connivance with Terante set to k!ll Oscar and his family

Bubbles makes a shocking revelation regarding Homer and Lucas. Gina continues to harass Flora and her family. Cardo and Vendetta grow restless upon learning that Homer is working for Renato and Lucas.

With the involvement of the Vice President, Vendetta starts to fear that President Oscar Hidalgo might also be in connivance with their deàdly rivals. As Vendetta tries to come up with a plan to attack, Jerome realises the information the group acquired is too important to keep confidential. Jerome then decides to contact General Borja, taking the risk of earning the vigilante group’s ire.

Elsewhere, Homer prepares his mission against Cardo’s family. Aware of the danger that comes with Cardo’s plan, Jerome and Rigor seek reinforcement to prevent this from happening. Meanwhile, Delfin pays the Arevalos a visit to reassure them of their safety following Virgie’s abduction.

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Unbeknownst to the PNP Chief, his own family faces grave danger at the hands of Homer and his group. The Venom gets the perfect chance to attack when they find Cardo’s family unguarded. As the notorious group infiltrates their home, Flora and her family huddle in terror.

Lucas is enraged over the failure of his plot to get rid of Cardo’s family. Despite this, the vice president gives Homer and his minions a second chance to prove their capabilities. Unbeknownst to him, one of his allies is brewing a plan to eliminate him.

Meanwhile, Cardo cooks up a bold move against Oscar, believing that the president is the root of all corruption in the country. However, his idea does not sit well with some of the Vendetta members. Elsewhere, Delfin stops at nothing to prove Lucas’ connection to Renato.

Jerome and Rigor decide to leave Vendetta’s hideout after hitting heads with some of the vigilante group’s members. Jerome strongly advises Cardo against going through the Vendetta’s plan to abduct President Hidalgo. Cardo however, remains firm in his decision.

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Lucas urges Oscar to ramp up their efforts to pursue Vendetta. Unknown to the Vice President, Aubrey and Harold are starting to get suspicious about his actions, especially after Marco’s involvement in the recent shōotout. The court finds Brandon guilty of abducting Brother Lorenzo upon securing incriminating evidence against the congressman.

In his desperation, Lucas asks Oscar to grant a presidential pardon for Brandon. Oscar turns down Lucas’ request, forcing the vice president to take drastic measures for his son’s freedom. Meanwhile, Jerome and Rigor contemplate leaving Vendetta to avoid further tension with the vigilante group. However, Romulo refuses to let the cops walk away.

In hopes of using the presidential pardon to set Brandon free, Lucas plans to overthrow President Hidalgo. To do so, the Vice President enlists the help of notōrious P/Director Terante to eliminate Oscar and claim the presidential seat. However, Renato takes Lucas’ actions as a sign of betrayal.

Jerome and Rigor agree to help Vendetta in their mission to abduct President Hidalgo. The president, on the hand, issues an ultimatum to the PNP. After President Hidalgo issued his one-week ultimatum to arrest Vendetta, the PNP heightens its alert level against the nõtorious group. Aware of the consequences of his action, Oscar remains hopeful that this move will finally put a stop to the country’s terrorism threat.

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Meanwhile, Alyana expresses to Jerome and Rigor her worries over her husband’s safety. Despite their uncertainties, the two police officers join Cardo and Vendetta in their new mission. Unbeknownst to them, Lucas and P/Dir Terante likewise are about to carry out their vile plan against the president.

Despite the nationwide manhunt imposed by the Malacañang, Cardo and Vendetta push through with their new mission regarding President Hidalgo. Undeterred by the foreseeable circumstances that may come their way, the members of the vigilante group soon branch out into seeking other resources that may be of great help to their quest.

Oscar, meanwhile, plans to bring his family to a very special occasion. Unbeknownst to the Chief Executive, Lucas is only a few steps away from succeeding in his vile plans against the former. Renato, on the other hand, concocts a scheme to shift the Vice President’s favours on his side. Vendetta crossed an item off its list after finally amassing the necessary weaponry and resources for it’s mission.

However, the vigilante group remain at bay as they struggle to get information on Oscar’s itinerary. The president, meanwhile, squeezes in a surprise excursion for his family as he takes them to a place close to their heart. While he and Marissa talk about his plans after his term as President, Oscar remains aware of Vendetta’s threat in the nation’s safety, which includes theirs.

Unbeknownst to the first family, another threat is lurking close by them in the form of Lucas. The members of Vendetta set out to Oscar’s location upon receiving information on his itinerary. Despite having little resources, the vigilantes remain determined to abduct the country’s head of state. The first family, meanwhile safely arrived at the alumni homecoming event.

However, an unsuspecting threat to their lives is already waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Elsewhere, Flora gets questioned by the authorities about Cardo. Oscar is welcomed by fellow alumnus Lucas upon arriving at their alma mater with his family.

While Oscar, Marissa, and the country’s vice president accept their respective recognitions, Alejandro’s hitman, remains locked in on his high-profile targets.


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