Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 380-384

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 380-384 Vendetta saves Oscar from snippers, Lucas sworn-in as President while Hidalgo witnesses Lucas ordering his deàth during family’s state funeral

As the Hidalgos gather onstage, the sniper soon opens fire, turning the alumni homecoming event into chaos. As for Vendetta, the vigilantes are forced to change strategies upon seeing how tightly guarded the university is.

Meanwhile, Flora and her family move into a new home. The traumatised First family finds themselves trapped in a shõotout as they try to move into a more secured area.

Fortunately, one of the president’s most trusted allies comes to his rescue, risking his very life for the country’s head of state. Oscar and his family are forced to run away for their safety. However, in the middle of the escape, the Hidalgos stumble upon another seemingly life threatening situation. Vendetta, on the other hand, races against time to save Oscar from harm.

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Oscar and his family get the fright of their lives when a group of armed men once again block their path. Despite being outnumbered, the presidential security group circle the wagons in order to protect the Hidalgos from harm.

Later, the members of Vendetta arrive to rescue the First Family against the unidentified assailants. While the president managed to get his lõved ones away from the ambush, a sudden reversal of fate befalls them.

Delfin, meanwhile, is convinced that someone in authority is behind the failed assassination plot on the head of state. Cardo’s and Alyana’s families learn of Vendetta’s presence during the chaos at the homecoming event. While Flora believes that her grandson will spare the president from harm, Virgie fears that the news might put her family in bad light.

Cardo, meanwhile, tries to ensure the Hidalgos’ successful escape. Unfortunately, another perilous threat flashes right before the first family. Left with no choice, Cardo then sets his guπ ablaze to equalise the seething assailants. Despite his herculean effort, Cardo, soon, becomes stunned upon witnessing the First family’s terrible state.

The members of Vendetta run away after finally taking hold of a still-unconscious Oscar. During the escape, Cardo reveals why he failed to rescue the entire First family. While the vigilante group does its best to save the president, the already-critical condition of Oscar’s wife and children soon takes a turn for the worst.

Meanwhile, Lucas worries for his presidential aspirations as he suspects that Vendetta has the country’s head of state. Nevertheless, Alejandro Terante resorts to morbid ways to appease the vice president’s hunger for power. With Niko’s help, Vendetta scrambles to save Oscar’s life. Thankfully, their efforts pay off as the country’s president starts to recover.

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Unfortunately for the still-unconscious head of state, another tragedy bafalls his family. Lucas senses that the presidency is within his grasp. He then gives the go signal to do the finishing touches to complete his assumptions of supreme power. Elsewhere, Teddy arrives at a bold decision fueled by the country’s alarming crisis.

Oscar finally regains consciousness. The country’s head of state immediately blames Vendetta for the tragedy that befell his family. However, his anger turns into sorrow upon learning what happened to Marissa and their children. Cardo, despite Oscar’s accusations, remains eager to open the president’s eyes on the true enemies.

Lucas steps in as acting president. This only field the Vice President’s desire to safeguard his coveted post. While the President is still reeling from his family’s misfortunes, the members of Vendetta prove that convincing Oscar to take their side is not an easy feat. Nevertheless, Cardo and his cohorts vow to protect the country’s head of state at all costs.

Unbeknownst to the vigilante group, however, Oscar is brewing a vengeful plot against them. Not long after, Lucas makes a public announcement that left the whole nation in shock. This immediately perplexed Oscar, who later begins to question the acting president’s ulterior motives.

Lucas swears in ad the country’s new head of state. In his first order of business, President Cabrera utilise his power to repay Renato and Alejandro for their loyalty. Meanwhile, Oscar is determined to liberate himself from Vendetta. Cardo and his group, on the other hand, are fully determined to protect Oscar at all costs.

Aware of the accusations pinned on the vigilantes for the deàths of the Hidalgos, Teddy arrives at a risky plan to prove the Vendetta’s innocence. Meanwhile, Patrick gets himself into trouble dealing illegal drugs. The members of Vendetta are hopeful that Oscar would open his mind about their true cause. Unfortunately, for the vigilantes, the former president has no plans to lend an ear to what they have to say, for he is resolute to liberate himself from them.

Soon, the still-recuperating Hidalgo seizes the rare opportunity to escape from his captors. However, his courageous effort only proves to be futile. Desperate to break free from what he claims to be the scourges of the nation, Oscar does the unimaginable. Oscar succeeds in his second attempt to break free from the Vendetta.

As such, Cardo shows signs of giving up on the former president for his unwillingness to acknowledge Vendetta’s true cause. While he and his fellow vigilantes worry for the Hidalgo patriarch’s safety, the latter bravely sneaks into his family’s funeral. Unfortunately for Oscar, what he discovers later on sends him in shock. Meanwhile, Cardo’s lõved ones receive public outcry following the assassination on the Hidalgos.

Oscar learns of Lucas’ vile plan against him when at the state funeral. Shocked upon seeing Oscar alive, Lucas orders his men to capture the Hidalgo patriarch at all costs. Oscar finds himself on the brink of deàth while trying to evade his pursuers. Vendetta then arrives in the nick of time to his aid. Frustrated over the turn of events, Lucas lashes out on his trusted ally.


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