Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 385-389

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 385-389 Brandon sets free from prison, Cardo and the Vendetta saves Aubrey from Lucas’ clutches 

Due to issues evolving around the De Leons, Margie begins to have problems with Dons after the mayor is pressures by the townspeople to drive the De Leons away from the community.

Bent on protecting his walls in the palace, Lucas addresses the media to declare and announce that he has granted presidential pardon to his son for him to break the clutches of the Vendetta.

Along with Vendetta, Oscar sneaks his way to his family’s burial. While watching helplessly from afar, the former head of state becomes inconsolable at the sight of his wife and children’s remains being lead to their final resting place.

Lucas, on the other hand, puts up a façade the entire interment ceremony. He remains perturbed by the threats to his coveted throne. Determined to lessen his worries, Lucas sets his eyes on his predecessor’s only remaining lõved one.

Oscar and Vendetta are forced to remain at bay due to the presidential grave’s tight security. Despite this, they later seize an unlikely opportunity to get near the fallen Hidalgos. Oscar, however, cannot contain his emotions the moment he reached his family’s final resting place.

During their visit to Aubrey in the hospital, Lucas and Brandon come up with a vile plan to smoke Oscar out of his hideout. Unfortunately for the Cabreras, Aubrey has already regained consciousness. Consumed by grief and loathing, Oscar leaves his lõved ones’ final resting place with a heavy heart.

The crestfallen father, armed with his desire to rescue Aubrey from looming danger, turns to Vendetta for help. The vigilante group then heeds his cry as they prepare for their quest to sneak the former president’s surviving daughter out of the hospital.

Unbeknownst to Oscar, Aubrey is sinking in tears after discovering the unfortunate events that befell their family. To make matters worse, Lucas begins to get a hint of Oscar’s next move. Aubrey’s  brave attempt to escape goes for naught as her poor health condition continues to take its toll.

Despite this, the former presidential daughter finds an unlikely ally whom she can trust with the grave threat to her life. She, however, remains yearning to finally reunite with Oscar. The Hidalgo patriarch, on the other hand, is on his way to rescue Aubrey along with Vendetta . Elsewhere, the outcry on Flora’s family reaches her innocent foster children’s school.

Vendetta arrives at the hospital. However, being at large prevents them from braving the tight security to locate Aubrey. Nevertheless, Alyana obliges to do the risky job for her husband and the rest of the group. Aubrey’s true health condition, unfortunately, reaches Lucas. As such, the incumbent head of state scrambles to confirm if the former presidential daughter uttered information against him.

Discontented in what he later find out, Lucas immediately puts his evil plan in motion. Vendetta goes after the convoy carrying Aubrey after realising that the assassination against her is about to take place. Soon after, the vigilantes witness the strategy Lucas has put up to cover the evil scheme.

This forces them to go for an all-out attack to rescue the helpless Hidalgo. Aubrey, meanwhile, resorts to desperate measures to spare herself from danger. The attempt, however, only puts her on the brink of deàth. Oscar expresses his utmost gratitude to Vendetta for saving Aubrey. While still in disbelief over their reunion, the Hidalgos vow to attain justice for the deàths in their family.

Unfortunately for the vigilantes, the authorities confirm their involvement in Aubrey’s ambush. Lucas, meanwhile, goes livid after Vendetta spoiled another of his vicious plans. The opportunistic Renato then takes advantage of the failed assassination attempt by relentlessly condemning Alejandro.


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