Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 390-394

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 390-394 Lucas appoints Herbert Hernandez as his VP and buys the press, Cardo and the Vendetta rescues General Borja after Terante put him into an isolated cell

After being handpicked by President Cabrera, Alejandro officially swears in ad the new police chief. On his first day as PNP Director General, Terante issues a stern warning against anyone who will be proven guilty of having connivance with Vendetta.

However, it did not take a long time for Alejandro to dig up information about his subordinates who are closely working with the vigilantes. He even tasks his posse to seize a high-ranking official and take into custody.

Cardo and his cohorts patrol their community in order to spare the still recovering Aubrey from her assailants. Following Delfin’s unlawful arrest, his subordinates fear that the current administration is flexing it’s muscled to counter the opposition. True to their fears, Lucas and company are adamant to eradicate those who are against their evil plans.

The incumbent president also starts to besmirch Oscar to his cabinet. Flora worries about her brother as he currently suffers from the Cabreras’ abuse of power. Elsewhere, Ana and Aye are desperate not to be brought back to their abusive mother. Lucas reunites with his protected gambling and drug lords in a party-slash-meeting inside the palace.

There, the high-profile dealers are thrilled to further their illegal operations as they are assured of the current administration’s backing. The President later endorses the individual who would most likely follow in his footsteps. Despite having the night of his life, Lucas remains on task to squeeze information on Delfin regarding Vendetta.

The police general, on the other hand, grows desperate to liberate himself from the unlawful detention. Lucas resolves to control the mainstream media after a news article favouring Vendetta in Aubrey’s abduction surfaces. The former president’s daughter, makes an effort to spend time with Rosa’s children. Unfortunately, this only prompts her to recall the tragedy that befell her own siblings.

Elsewhere, Flora becomes inconsolable as Delfin continues to suffer at the hands of the Cabreras. Unbeknownst to the old lady, her fears never cease to materialize as the police general later receives punishment for his attempt to escape. Alejandro forces Delfin to squeal information on Vendetta. The police general, however, remains clueless of the vigilantes’ whereabouts.

Disgruntled over Delfin’s failure to provide what he demanded, the PNP Chief inflicts punishment on him. Soon, the news of Delfin’s detention agitates Oscar and the vigilantes. Despite not knowing his grandfather’s location, Cardo resolves to take immediate action.

He decides along with the Vendetta to keep close eyes on Terante to know where he has hidden his grandfather. Flora also pays a surprise visit to Terante after Guzman informs her about his inability to get in touch with him. Terante threatens to add her to his list of those shielding Cardo.

Meanwhile, Vice President Cabrera recruits new ally after Teddy’s article chronicling the good deeds of the Vendetta to have saved Aubrey. He compromises the press freedom to buy the media but Teddy remains steadfast to bring down Cabreras evil administration while Virgie drowns in worry over her husband’s safety.

Hipolito sets the dice rolling to approve the illegal mining company which Oscar rejected in his administration. Counselor Gina keeps on in her attempt to turn Adonis against Flora by informing him about the arrest of Delfin and how he was sacked from the force. Later, Lucas appoints Senator Herbert Hernandez as his Vice President and the Secretary of Interior.

Damien during the announcement meeting also informs the cabinet members about the news article for the next day’s publication to tarnish the image of the Former President Oscar as corrupt. They also planned to get rid of all media personality who will not side with the president to ensure all news articles go in favour of Lucas and his administration.

Teddy, on the other hand, liaise with Guzman to expose how Lucas administration has kept the CIDG boss, Delfin in an isolated place which his family are unaware of. In his remote cell, Delfin is terrorised and the President himself appears to squeeze the truth about the Vendetta’s whereabouts from him.

Finally, Cardo and the Vendetta find the car of Terante to follow him. They cornered the police officer to compel him to reveal where Delfin has been kept. Meanwhile, the lackeys of Terante keeps k!lling innocent people to force Delfin to vomit out the truth. As they are about to k!ll another innocent person, Delfin stops them claiming he will now confess but will only confess to Cabrera.

Due to Vendetta’s unswerving efforts, Delfin gets a new lease on life out of detention facility. Much to his surprise, Delfin gets reunited with his comrades, as well as his former commander-in-chief, Oscar. Despite the success of their stealth mission, the members of the vigilante group remain on the edge over Alejandro’s escape.

Flora, meanwhile, is all set to finalise her legal battle against the incumbent PNP Chief. Unfortunately, the glimmer of hope she is holding on to fades in an instant. Flora grows upset upon hearing about the news on the ombudsman’s deàth. Despite losing her only hope to hold Delfin’s captors liable, she continues to pour her bereavements to the Lord.

Her fervent prayers are immediately answered as she receives a huge update regarding her brother. Lucas, on the other hand, plans to replace the late official with one of his trustees. Hoping to regain Lucas’ trust, Renato takes advantage of Alejandro’s failure. Following Vendetta’s successful rescue of Delfin, the Cabrera administration puts the vigilantes in a bad light once again.


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