Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 395-399

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 395-399 Don Emilio rises from the grave, Efren, Melba, Marie and Nicko die n a bloody encounter after Rosa sells Vendetta out

Despite the success of their stealth mission, the members of the vigilante group, Vendetta remain on the edge over Alejandro’s escape.

Flora, meanwhile, is all set to finalise her legal battle against the incumbent PNP Chief. Unfortunately, the glimmer of hope she is holding on to fades in an instant. Flora grows upset upon hearing about the news on the ombudsman’s deàth. Despite losing her only hope to hold Delfin’s captors liable, she continues to pour her bereavements to the Lord.

Her fervent prayers are immediately answered as she receives a huge update regarding her brother. Lucas, on the other hand, plans to replace the late official with one of his trustees. Hoping to regain Lucas’ trust, Renato takes advantage of Alejandro’s failure. Following Vendetta’s successful rescue of Delfin, the Cabrera administration puts the vigilantes in a bad light once again.

Soon after, the still-recovering Alejandro concocts a massive plan to exact revenge on his adversaries. Meanwhile, Rosa becomes livid after finally locating her children. As she forces her way into Melba’s home, what she discovers later shocks her to the very core. Elsewhere, Flora makes a big decision regarding the confidentiality of her brother’s situation.

Delfin’s CIDG allies are commanded to partake in a buy-bust operation. Despite being aware of the administration’s unethical leadership, Billy and company remain committed to their duties and responsibilities as policemen. Unbeknownst to them, Alejandro has set up a trap to finally exact his much-desired revenge. Vendetta, on the other hand, worries for their security after being spotted by Rosa.

True to their fears, the notorious drug pusher soon discovers the hefty reward of turning the vigilantes over to the authorities. Delfin’s CIDG allies infiltrates a suspected drug den in a buy-bust operation. Unfortunately, they only find themselves victims of a set-up. Despite being outnumbered, Chikoy, Billy and Mark try to fight off General Marquez’s police force.

The trio’s efforts, nevertheless, are not enough to escape the vicious trap. Soon, the Cabrera administration starts taking full control of the mainstream media.

A fully recovered Alejandro reassures Lucas that Billy, Chikoy and Mark would never share the same fate as their former superior, Delfin. Soon, the news about their arrest reaches Vendetta. Upon learning of his friend’s predicament, Cardo and his cohorts put their heads together in order to rescue them from the wicked PNP Chief.

Patrick grows concerned over Rosa’s threats against him and his family. True to his fears, Rosa scrambles to enact her selfish schemes. After seizing General Borja’s unit, Lucas holds a celebration for Alejandro’s major success. However, Renato humiliates the PNP Chief by reminding the entire government body of his failure to vanquish Vendetta.

Nevertheless, Alejandro gets another chance for revenge as he finally discovers the vigilantes’ whereabouts. Patrick makes a bold confession to his family. Elsewhere, the Cabrera administration mars Oscar’s noble reputation through mainstream media.

Vendetta starts plotting next mission, rescuing General Borja’s unit from detention. Unbeknownst to the vigilantes, Alejandro has put up another massive operation against them. His police force then immediately storms their way to Vendetta’s suspected hideout.

Despite the PNP’s impending surprise attack, Lucas has no plans to celebrate until the mission gets thoroughly accomplished. One of Cardo’s fiercest rivals resurfaces from deàd. Alyana grows terrified of her nightmare about Vendetta’s downfall.

Her fears, however, suddenly come to life as the authorities unleash an unexpected attack. The vigilantes then set their guns ablaze in a desperate attempt for retaliation.  Unfortunately, the police force proves to be too much, forcing Cardo and his allies to leave the poor casualties with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, a budding threat awaits the De Leons. Vendetta barely escapes the authorities. Nonetheless, they remain wary of their wounded allies. In dire need of getting them treated, the vigilantes resolve to take over a hospital.

Pressure mounts on Alejandro for once again failing to deliver what he promised. While the PNP Chief races against time to redeem himself, Renato does his thing to bring him down. Desperate to get their wounded members treated, Vendetta holds innocent lives at a hospital hostage. Alejandro, on the other hand, stops at nothing to capture the vigilantes.

He then comes up with a plan after receiving a lead on Vendetta’s escape. A concerned neighbour takes matters into his own hands to avenge Efren’s and his family’s tragic deàths. Elsewhere, Margie suspects that Gina is up to something.

Alejandro wastes no time in running after Vendetta as soon as he received a tip on their whereabouts. Accompanied by his strong force, he sets out to capture the notorious vigilantes once and for all.

Cardo, on the other hand, instructs his allies to leave the hospital immediately before authorities arrive. The De Leons also earn the disdain of the people because of their ties with the Vendetta.


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