Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 419-423

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 419-423 Diana and Romulo finally tie the knot, Tanggol and Baldo bring Santo Niño to its knees compelling the Vendetta to escape

Raiding the detention centre of the Cabreras to help Teddy in rescuing Virgie and JP, Buena and Cruz race to save Margie and the rest of the Cabreras’ captives.

The members of Vendetta and the people of Sto Niño wake up to a peaceful morning after their fun-filled New Year celebration. Police officers Buena and Cruz help Teddy and his family go into hiding.

Lucas, on the other hand, expresses his frustration over the police discovering his detention center. Renato then helps him plan their next course of action. Elsewhere, Tanggol (Javier) and Baldo discuss where they would get more men for Gustavo’s mining operation.

Despite the New Year holiday, Cardo starts his usual rounds with Vendetta in Santo Niño. Romulo surprises his comrades with his new plans regarding his romantic relationship with Diana. Lucas starts to get suspicious of Gustavo after the latter failed to give him his share from their mining operation.

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He also gives his new year message to the people, blaming Vendetta for the country’s downfall. Elsewhere, a tragedy strikes at the safe house where Teddy and his family are hiding in. After discussing his plans of proposing to Diana, Romulo sets his said plans into motion.

The members of Vendetta help him out and keep it a secret from Diana. Lucas lashes out upon learning about the protests lead by his former captives at the detention center. He instructs Brandon to find Teddy and his family as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Gina continues to express her support for Lucas despite the numerous protests against him. After a labourer dug up something precious in Gustavo’s mine, Homer and Tanggol bring their mutual distrust out in the open. The two eventually beat eachother up, more to the dismay of Javier’ brother, Baldo.

Meanwhile, Teddy drives away from his home after seeing Brandon and his men raiding it. In Santo Niño, the members of the Vendetta express their appreciation to Cardo for bringing them there. Later on, Romulo pops the question to Diana after taking her to the most beautiful place in that seemingly sleepy town.

Vendetta celebrates the engagement of Romulo and Diana. Soon after, Cardo and the rest of the former vigilante group talk about settling for a peaceful life in Sto Niño. Hoping to turn over a new leaf, the Vendetta members make a life-changing decision.

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On the run against the corrupt Cabreras, the Arevalos seek shelter in Flora’s home. A disruptive force threatens to disturb the peace in Sto Niño. After burying their weapons, the members of Vendetta begin their preparation for Romulo and Diana’s wedding.

Javier and Baldo take on another mission to find more workers for Gustavo’s mine. Heavily armed, the brothers head to Santo Niño. Unaware of the impending danger that is about to come their way, the residents of Santo Niño gather to celebrate Romulo and Diana’s union.

Reports regarding Vendetta’s whereabouts reaches Lucas. While Romulo and Diana exchange wedding vows, Javier, Baldo and their men head to Santo Niño fully armed to get more labourers for Gustavo’s mine. Diego and Gapon consider switching their allegiance to Homer.

Lucas and his colleagues suspect that Teddy and his family are hiding at Flora’s house. They immediately send cops to confirm their suspicions. Grandma Flora, on the other hand, insists that Teddy and his family stay and hide at her home despite their fugitive statuses.

Romulo and Diana’s happy wedding at Santo Niño comes to a close. The two get teased by the members of Vendetta before they spend their first romantic night as a married couple. Gustavo gets an update on the diamonds found at his mine. He later reminds Gascon about what he could do to the people who betray him.

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Elsewhere, Adonis helps Teddy and his family hide from the police officials sent by Brandon. Brandon gets frustrated over the incompetence of his men to locate Teddy and his family. Lucas and his cabinet start to suspect that Margie and Adonis have a hand in helping Teddy and his family hide.

Meanwhile, Gina continues to spread rumours against Flora at the City Hall. Baldo, Javier and their men finally arrive in Santo Niño to force more men to work in Gustavo’s mine. The innocent civilians tremble at the sight of the mountain rebels wreaking havoc on their sleepy town.

Following Romulo and Diana’s wedding, Vendetta hopes to settle for a peaceful life. The group’s pledge of nonviolence, however, leaves the people of Sto Niño defenseless and ripe for Javier’s taking. Upon witnessing countless innocent civilians fall, Cardo and the rest rest of Vendetta take up arms.

However, Javier’s army proves too much for the former vigilante group making them bolt. Mayor Adonis tries to inspire people to stand up to the Cabreras.


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