Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 424-428

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 424-428 Aubrey and Adonis d!e, Romulo bids emotional farewell to Diana and Cardo as Vendetta embarks on a mission to gün down Baldo and Homer’s group

Along the outskirts of Barangay Santo Niño, Cardo and Vendetta continue to run from Baldo, Javier (Tanggol) and their paramilitary men. Despite Vendetta’s effort to protect everyone, someone dear to them succumbs to deàth during the shõōtout.

Meanwhile, Lucas gets an update on Gustavo’s mining operation from Renato. He also reveals why he wants to k!ll off the Arevalos. Elsewhere, Adonis and Margie are being tailed by Brandon’s men as they make their way to Teddy.

Cardo and the members of Vendetta run to the nearest town to seek help for their injured comrades. Margie continuously tries to confess her feelings to Adonis. Brandon makes his way to Adonis’ home to force the latter to give him information on the the whereabouts of Teddy and his family.

Tanggol (Javier) and his men await for the retaliation of Cardo’s group. Later on, Margie decides to make her way to Adonis’ home, unaware of the danger ahead. Margie witnesses a horrible tragedy at Adonis’ house. She later informs Flora about the events that transpired which causes the latter to immediately warn Teddy and his family.

At the outskirts of Santo Niño, Cardo and Vendetta seek shelter at a health centre to treat their wounded members. Baldo orders his men to bury the bodies of the people they k!lled at Santo Niño. He and Tanggol force Elizabeth and Doray to serve them as they wait for the retaliation of Vendetta.

Before the arrival of Baldo and Tanggol’s men, Vendetta rush to leave the health centre they occupied. Lucas, on the other hand, insists on keeping a close watch on the investigation of Adonis’ deàth. Damien, however, expresses his doubts over covering up the said incident.

Elsewhere, Doray and Elizabeth try to escape the clutches of Javier and his men. While Gustavo is occupied at the mining site, Gascon enters Gustavo’s vault to kick off his plan of stealing the latter’s riches. At the mining site, Gustavo commends Homer for being strict with the miners.

After witnessing Gustavo shōōt a man in cold blood, Snooki tried to convince Madonna to back out from her plans with Gascon. Meanwhile, Cardo and and Vendetta decide to occupy a vacant house to be able to rest and treat their wounded members.

Elsewhere, Tanggol tortures a man from Santo Niño in hopes of learning Cardo’s possible whereabouts. Later on, the family who owns the vacant house that Vendetta occupied arrives to confront them for trespassing.

The pain of longing plunges Cardo in deep sorrow.  Undoubtedly by danger, he makes a bold move to make the group go to rescue the people of Sto Niño who were kept as hostage. After Adonis’ tragic deàth, Teddy seeks help from Jonathan. Unknown to him, SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig are following him. They shōt and k!ll Jonathan while Teddy flees for his life.

Lucas, meanwhile, holds an award ceremony to cover his tracks. Renato never fails to stop inciting him against the Vendetta in order to distract Lucas for him to concentrate on the mining site money to enrich only himself at the expense of the first family.

Margie sends her family away to stay with the Arevalos in the safe house. Virgie assured to take care of Charlene and Denise while Margie fights Brandon legally for k!lling Mayor Adonis. She stays with the De Leons in order to carry on with her plans against the Cabreras.

Diana bids Romulo an emotional farewell as he embarks on the mission with Cardo and the Vendetta members who are not hurt after the attack of Javier and Baldo. They are able to discover where Baldo and Homer have kept the Santo Niño people, since they don’t want the civilians to be caught in the shõotout, they find a nearby place to stay in order to strike the opposing force by surprise.

In their safe house, Romulo gives his last words to Cardo as if he is about to d!e. He makes Cardo promise to take care of Diana and also carryon with the task to make the country peaceful and since he is young he should live his life in the best way he could. This makes Cardo’s eyes heavy witness but assures Romulo that they will make it alive.


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