Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 429-433

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 429-433 Romulo dies, Diana and Bubbles captured while Gustavo learns that Cardo is behind the deàths of Javier and Baldo

Homer vows to take all of the shares from Gustavo’s mining operation for himself. To accomplish this, Homer needs to get rid of Javier and Baldo. However, Homer is also aware that his nemesis, Cardo will be coming to save the hostages.

The Venom leader then comes up with an idea on how to remove those thorns in his side. Vendetta accepts the sacrifice they have to make to save the residents of Santo Niño. After successfully saving Elizabeth and Doray, Cardo and his group put their lives in further danger to rescue the rest of the hostages from Javier and his army.

Javier, on the other hand, uses the opportunity to seize their enemies as soon as he learned that they have infiltrated Santo Niño. Unknown to Javier, the rest of Vendetta set out to help their allies. Madonna becomes uneasy upon sensing that Gustavo may be aware of her dark secret.

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Renato demands Gustave to follow their agreement. Together with the townspeople of Santo Niño, Cardo and his group find themselves in a bloody encounter as they try to escape from Javier and his army.

Unknown to them, their allies have already arrived in Santo Niño to rescue them. However, during the clash, Homer becomes delighted to find out that luck is on his side. Meanwhile, Adonis’ lõved ones receive a piece of distressing news regarding his múrder. Because of this, Margie steps in to defend the late mayor from the accusations against him.

The town of Santo Niño is thrown into chaos as Javier and his army go to brutal lengths to stop the Vendetta members from escaping. Despite being outnumbered, Cardo and his group spare no effort to overpower their enemies. Unknown to Cardo, Diana and Bubbles find themselves at the mercy of Homer.

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Meanwhile, Margie makes a shocking revelation regarding Adonis’ múrder. Dismayed by the turn of events, Brandon resolves to get rid of Margie. Romulo miraculously survives his bloody encounter against Baldo and his minions. The rest of Vendetta go to extreme measures to eradicate their enemies once and for all.

However, Romulo becomes devastated as soon as he learned that Homer captured Diana and Bubbles. He then races against time to save the two from the clutches of deàth. Brandon remains adamant to eliminate the sole witness to his heinous crime.

Romulo goes to dangerous lengths just to save Diana from Homer. After charging through the horde of armed men, the Vendetta leader manages to reach her. Homer, however, cuts their reunion short. Caught in the crossfire, Romulo makes the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved.

Later on, Diana comes face-to-face with a spiteful enemy. The Vendetta members find themselves in great despair following Romulo’s deàth. Because of this, Cardo’s determination to get even with their enemies intensifies. Worried about their wounded allies, Delfin and Oscar urge Cardo to carefully plan their next move against their hostile foes.

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Margie seeks legal means to make Brandon pay for murdering Adonis. Brandon, on the other hand, tries to find a way to clear his name. Desperate to keep his atrocities from being exposed, Lucas enacts his plan to eliminate his captives. This, however, does not sit well with Damien, who believes that it will only cause further trouble.

He then tries to warn the president about the repercussions of his ruthless move. Billy, Chikoy and Mark attempt to save themselves and the other captives from the clutches of deàth. The Vendetta members resolve to reinstate their forces before rescuing Diana and Bubbles from their enemies.

Moved by compassion, Domeng and his family let the Vendetta members stay at his family’s home. Oscar becomes more determined to regain his power after coming to a realisation. Unknown to the president, Homer begins to reinforce his army through the help of Renato.

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Elsewhere, Gustavo receives news about Javier and Baldo’s deàth. Perturbed, Gustavo sets out to check on his mining operation. Diana realises that Bubbles will continue to suffer in Homer’s hands. Despite her injuries, Diana attempts to escape with Bubbles. The Sto Niño residents vow to help Cardo and Vendetta save the two women from their captors.

Gustavo discovers that a mortal enemy is responsible for the disruption of his mining operation. Elsewhere, Margie continues to seek justice against Brandon for the murder of Mayor Adonis.


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