Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 434-438

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 434-438 Gustavo eliminates Gascon and Madonna, Cardo finally k!lls Don Emilio while Margie involves in a fatal accident

Vendetta tries to come up with a plan to save Diana and Bubbles. Grateful to the Vigilante group for saving their lives, the residents of Sto Niño vow to put their lives on the line to help Vendetta in their mission.

Homer, on the other hand, foils Diana and Bubbles’ attempt to escape. Gustavo is determined to finish off Cardo and Vendetta once and for all. Unknown to Gustavo, Gascon is conspiring against him with Madonna.

The residents of Sto Niño set out to fulfill their mission to help Vendetta save Diana and Bubbles. Their bravery, in turn, draws admiration from the Vigilante group. Homer finds a way to coerce Bubbles into following his orders. Lucas goes out of his way to prevent the impending danger to Brandon’s freedom.

Gustavo discovers Gascon and Madonna’s dark secret. Margie becomes more determined to give justice to Adonis’ demise after learning about the fiscal’s decision regarding her case against Brandon. The news, in turn, dismays Lucas, who vows not to let his son end up in prison.

Gascon and Madonna enact their plan against Gustavo. Unknown to the two, Gustavo is already aware of their dark secret. The Vendetta members assign Cardo as their new leader.

Gascon and Madonna try to escape from Gustavo and his minions. However, Gustavo manages to corner them. With a heavy heart, the corrupt businessman goes to brutal length to eliminate the traitors in his fold.

The residents of Santo Niño rush back to Vendetta’s hideout after discovering where Homer brought Diana and Bubbles. Much to Brandon’s dismay, Lucas entrusts Renato with a special task.

Together with the residents of Sto Niño, the members of Vendetta head to Gustavo’s mining site to carry out their important realisation after ending Madonna’s life. Soon, Cardo and his allies arrive at their destination to rescue Gustavo’s captives.

Meanwhile, Homer comes up with a plan on how to eliminate Margie. Wanting to get even with Renato, Diana resolves to play along with his game.

Brandon starts to notice that Lucas is losing confidence in him. In hopes of proving his father wrong, Brandon plans to go after Cardo. Renato finds out that Diana is ready to give up on Vendetta. Elsewhere, Cardo and Vendetta are all set to save the miners from Gustavo.

What they do not know is that Gustavo is preparing for another showdown with his archrival. Homer enacts his ruthless plan against Margie. Soon, a tragic accident seals Margie’s fate. Devastated by the turn of events, Flora is certain that the Cabreras are behind Margie’s misfortune.

At Sto Niño, chaos erupts at Gustavo’s mining site as his captives try to escape. Unknown to the businessman, his enemies have already infiltrated his lair. The members of Vendetta find themselves in grave danger after infiltrating Gustavo’s mining site.

Despite their lack of knowledge of the whole terrain, the vigilantes manage to rescue their enemies’ captives. However, during the bloody encounter, Cardo gets the shock of his life upon coming face-to-face with Don Emilio. Cardo then wastes no time to get rid of his old nemesis once and for all.

Flora resolves to continue Margie’s fight against the Cabreras. Alyana breathes a sigh of relief as her allies return safe from their mission. Likewise, Cardo feels relieved for finally k!lling Emilio.

Soon, the members of Vendetta prepare for a much bigger battle to save Bubbles and Diana from Homer. Margie’s lõved ones become more determined to give justice to her deàth. Billy, Mark and Chikoy resolve to protect the Cabreras’ possible next target.

Teddy continues his crusade against the Cabreras by writing an article that would persuade the people to join h in his fight. This, however, does not threaten Lucas, who had an ace up his sleeve against Vendetta. After learning about this, Brandon tries to force Damien into revealing the president’s plan against their enemies.

Meanwhile, the vigilantes arrive at an important decision to save their allies. SPO3 Pantig and SPO4 Gapuz resolve to eliminate the thorns in their side as soon as possible. Taking advantage of the tragedy in Santo Niño, Lucas decides to set his plan in motion.

Unknown to him, Vendetta is preparing to set off to Manila. Renato and Homer also come up with a plan to lure Vendetta into their trap. Their captives, however, plot to counter their evil scheme. Elsewhere, the De Leons send Margie to her final resting place.


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