Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 444-448

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 444-448 Makmak, Brandon, Homer, Lucas and Anton d!e, Oscar to betray the Vendetta

The police arrive at the location of the Vendetta. Without wasting any time, the vigilantes make their escape. Elsewhere, Diana discovers Bubbles’ current dilemma. after escaping from the police, Lily takes Vendetta to her lavish mansion.

Cardo then warns his companions to keep their guards up. Meanwhile, Lucas blames Brandon for their failed attempt to capture Vendetta.

Because of this Brandon resolved to take matters into his own hands. Elsewhere, Homer plans to confirm if he is the real father of Bubbles’ child. Brandon resolves to do whatever it takes to prove to Lucas that he is not a failure.

His plan, however, comes at the expense of Flora’s foster children. After learning about this, Billy’s group takes immediate action to to save the children. Lucas, meanwhile, worries about what his son is up to.

Elsewhere, Lily offers to help Cardo and Vendetta with everything they need. But beneath all of this, Lily is starting to fish for information about their future plans.

One life is sacrificed while the De Leons try to escape from Lucas’ private army. This unfortunate news soon reaches Cardo and Vendetta. Later, the tragic incident paves the way for Cardo and Alyana to reunite with their families.

Lucas mourns the deàth of his son. The grieving father then vows to stop at nothing until he gets even with the people responsible for Brandon’s deàth.

Cardo and Vendetta to retrieve Makmak’s body from the morgue. Conflict arises as they realise that the building is heavily guarded by Lucas henchmen. Back in the safe house, Delfin and Oscar assure Flora that her grandson will return safely.

Renato is starting to doubt Homer’s loyalty to the Venom. Elsewhere, Lucas’ supporters visit Brandon’s wake to offer their condolences to the president. A rift between Renato and Homer emerges as the latter disagrees with the former’s plan. Moreover, Renato resolves not to trust Lily after sensing that she is the one helping Vendetta.

Lily brings Vendetta to Hipolito’s lair. Wasting no time, Cardo leads Vendetta in infiltrating the hideout. Later, Cardo and Homer face off in a deàth match. Albert and Damien update Lucas about the nationwide protest on Makmak’s deàth.

They also begin to notice the inevitability of Lucas’ downfall. In order to appease Renato, Lily informs him about Vendetta’s plan to attack during Brandon’s funeral. After learning about this, Lucas resolves to finish Cardo and Vendetta once and for all.

However, Lily who has been manipulating the Vendetta and the administration makes Lucas risks his life and d!es in his bid to k!ll Cardo. Hipolito resolves to take down Diana but Anton gets in his way which leads to a tragic incident. Diana retaliates the shot leading Hipolito to his downfall.The snake, Lily secretly goes to save Renato.

JP opens up to Teddy and Virgie about his plan to join Vendetta. Vendetta mourns for their fallen brother, Anton. Conflict then arises among the members of Vendetta after Oscar proposed an idea. Because of this, Flora and Alyana urge Cardo to make a decision for the well-being of their group.

Unknown to them, someone resolves to take matters into his own hands, even if may end up betraying Vendetta. Elsewhere, Lily plans to use Renato for her devious plan.


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