Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 454- 458

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 454- 458 Gina and Bart scheme against Flora, Renato and Lazaro spread havoc all over the country

Cardo and the members of President Hidalgo’s Special Task force begin their training at Camp Crame. Flora and her family hold a Pabasa in their home. To continue the Holy Week’s traditions, they visit seven different churches for Visits Iglesia.

Together, they pray for Cardo and the Vendetta’s welfare. Elsewhere, Renato recruits Lazaro and his men for his revenge plans against his enemies. Bubbles contemplates on telling Jerome about the child she is expecting.

The De Leons think of means to talk to their land lady. Elmo suggest they use intimidation since they have two Generals, Borja and Olegario but Flora refuses.

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Victor vigorously trains Cardo and the other members of President Hidalgo’s Special Task force in Camp Crame. Cardo and the Vendetta undergo intense firearms and self-defense training.

At the Palace, President Hidalgo inaugurates Lily’s outreach program. Francine, Nick and David witness a carjacking incident. Gina insists that the Vendetta were behind the theft.

Later on, Delfin finds a lead on Renato. At the Palace, Diana and Oscar discuss Renato’s connections to various criminal organisations. They also talk about the former secretary’s involvement in the recent deaths to Lazaro.

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The former also confidently explains to his friend why his enemies will never suspect him of his crimes. Elsewhere, Gina allies with Brgy. Captain Bart to put the blame on Vendetta for the recent crimes in the country.

Gina is determined to evict Flora and her family from their home. She soon convinces Brgy. Capt Bart to back her up in her devious plans. Renato continues to take down his former allies one by one.

This causes Oscar to seek help from Lily in finding the former secretary’s whereabouts. Elsewhere, Cardo continues his training with President Oscar’s Special Task Force.

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Flora and her family are forcefully evicted from their home. Despite the success of their plans, Bart, Gina and their cronies fear that Cardo and the Vendetta would get back at them. Renato takes down another criminal syndicate leader with the help of Lazaro’s men.

This causes Lazaro to be wary of his men loyalty to him. Later on, the Presidential anti-crime Task Force finally graduate from their training. Cardo and his fellow Presidential Anti-crime Task Force members find themselves on cloud nine as they receive awards for their valiant efforts in restoring freedom from Lucas’ corrupt Administration.

Lily then pounces on the opportunity to solidify her friendship with the former Vendetta members by inviting them to celebrate at her restaurant. Later, Oscar joins the members of the Presidential anti-crime Task Force in celebrating their latest achievement.

Renato is unperturbed by the Vendetta’s inclusion in the police force. Elsewhere, an armed robbery group wreaks havoc in the metro.

Cardo and the former Vendetta members celebrate the success of their training and inclusion in the Presidential Anti-crime Task Force. During the merriment, Jerome decides to make a confession to Bubbles. President Hidalgo is confident in the abilities of his new graduates to take down Renato.

Unbeknownst to them, Dante continues to be a menace to the authorities. Relishing in the bloody encounter he had with a group of cops, he sets his sights on a new target after recollecting painful memories.

Renato catches sight of Lily while carrying out his vile plan against Mr Mora. However, he bristles with rage when Lily manages to elude his grasp. He then wastes no time in interrogating Mr Mora about his meeting with Lily before gunning him down.

Meanwhile, Cardo discovers that he and his family will reside near their former house where they were evicted. Unknown to him, Dante cannot wait to wipe him off the face of the earth. Cardo and his family move into a new house with the hopes of having a fresh start and a peaceful life.

However, their desire to tranquility hits a snag when Cardo discovers an ongoing problem in his new neighborhood. Bubbles, meanwhile, faces a dilemma regarding her pregnancy. Gina learns that a thorn in her side is back in town. Elsewhere, Dante shows no signs of slowing down in spreading terror.


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