Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 459-463

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 459-463 Cardo and comrades meet their new Superior Alessandra Romero, Lily forms alliance with Lazaro to get rid of Renato

Cardo and his family move into a new house with the hopes of having a fresh start and a peaceful life. However, their desire for tranquility hits a snag when Cardo discovers an ongoing problem in his neighborhood.

Bubbles faces a dilemma regarding her pregnancy. Gina learns that a thorn in her side is back in town. Elsewhere, Dante shows no signs of slowing down in spreading terror.

Gina and Bart bristle with rage upon learning that Cardo interfered in their illegal gambling operation. Soon, an argument erupts between them and Cardo’s family. Bent on kicking Cardo’s family out of his community, Bart resolves to poison their landlady’s mind against them.

Unknown to him, Flora had already given the landlady an enticing offer. Dante’s obsession to eliminate Cardo intensifies. Dante vows to end Cardo’s life as retribution for what Ador did to his family. In order to cross paths with the renowned policeman, Dante creates chaos to attract attention to himself.

Cardo moves to a new home with Alyana in hopes of starting their own family again. Cardo also prepares for his first day as part of the Presidential Anticrime Special Task Force. Elsewhere, Lazaro starts to question Renato’s loyalty.

Cardo and his fellow Presidential Anticrime Task Force members are filled with enthusiasm upon their arrival at the CIDG office for their first day at work. The former Vendetta members are then assigned to their respective workstations.

However, things get serious upon meeting their superior, Inspector Alessandra Romero. Meanwhile, Oscar discovers that the authorities are having a hard time finding a lead on Mr Mora’s abduction.

Unknown to him, a snake in the grass had a hand in it. The PNP declares an all-out war against syndicates wreaking havoc across the metro. Soon, the Presidential Anticrime Task Force faces the challenge of capturing Dante, aka “Bungo” and his minions.

Dante, on the contrary, fails to hide his excitement over his impending clash with Cardo. Oscar remains puzzled over Mr Mora’s unsolved case. Delfin and Diana come up later on with a strategy in hopes of finding a lead in Renato’s possible targets.

Lazaro blows a fuse when he confirms that Renato has been betraying him all along. Wanting to get even, Lazaro regarding his missing money. Cardo is bent on cleansing the tarnished image of the police force. Elsewhere, Lily uses money to conceal the behind Mr Mora’s abduction.

Determined to bring back the good image of the police force, Oscar orders the Presidential Anticrime Task Force to clean their ranks of rogue and corrupt policemen. Cardo and his comrades then waste no time in pursuing their mission.

Lily, on the contrary, is alarmed by Oscar’s plan to review the CCTV footage in the palace during Lucas’ presidency. Renato fumes over Lazaro’s betrayal and vows to exact revenge on him. Elsewhere, Flora bristles with rage upon discovering Gina and Bart’s plan against her family.

Following Oscar’s order, Cardo spearheads the Presidential Anticrime Task Force’s surprise inspection of a police station. There, Task Force Agila teaches the rogue policemen a lesson they will never forget. Diana, on the other hand, begins to notice Lily’s suspicious actions.

Meanwhile, Renato finds himself in a collision course with the authorities. Elsewhere, Flora makes a crucial decision in hopes of ending the rampant corruption in the barangay under Bart’s leadership.

Cardo and his fellow Task Force Agila members show no signs of slowing down as they try to save a kidnap victim from the hands of police scalawags. For this particular mission, Cardo’s female comrades opt to exchange their safety shoes for stilettos.

Soon, Task Force Agila goes to extreme lengths to rescue the hapless woman. Lily pulls some strings to conceal her connivance with Lucas. Elsewhere, Renato manages to find a new hideout. Fresh off their successful operation against a kidnapping syndicate, Task Force Agila sets its sights on capturing a group of drug-trafficking policemen through a buy-bust operation.

Meanwhile, Lazaro rejoices upon learning that Cedric has acquired information about his potential ally. Elsewhere, Lily pays the security officer who concealed the CCTV footage of her meetings with Lucas. Little does she know that Diana and the palace staff are becoming suspicious of her.

News about Task Force Agila’s successful operations against rogue cops spread across the nation. Not resting on his laurels, Cardo vows to apprehend all the scalawag cops who provide nothing but trouble to the society.

Unknown to Cardo, Bungo is determined to fulfill his goal to annihilate the former and the whole police force. Meanwhile, Lily receives an unexpected call from one of Renato’s rivals. Elsewhere, Victor is bent on accomplishing his mission to capture Renato.


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