Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 464-468

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 464-468 The De Leons prepare for the grand opening of Flora’s garden, Diana begins to suspect Lily while Task Force Avila gets new ally

The Task Force Agila members take on another undercover mission: this time at a gay bar managed by a certain Mamu. Cardo discovers Flora’s plan to run as a barangay captain. Worried about her health and wellbeing, he speaks his mind about it.

Elsewhere, Lazaro forges an alliance with Lily. Billy, Chikoy, Rigor and Lando go undercover as macho dances at a gay bar managed by Mamu to confirm the illegal drug trade that goes on there. Cardo and his other comrades disguise themselves as customers and keep a close watch on the male dancers who were trying to captivate the patrons with their arousing act during the bar’s big night.

Their surveillance proves to be fruitful as they manage to unmask the bar’s dirty little secret. Flora prepares for her eatery’s grand opening. Task Force Agila’s undercover mission comes to fruition as they witness the rampant selling of illegal drugs at Mamu’s gay bar.

Armed with vital evidence, Cardo wastes no time in alerting his comrades. Soon, Task Force Agila gives the drug peddlers and users the shock of their lives as they raid the gay bar. Meanwhile, Flora has high hopes for her eatery.

Unknown to her, Gina and her allies are preparing to rain on her parade. Domengsu does his utmost to prove to the authorities that he is not involved in the drug-trafficking activities at Mamu’s gay bar. Sensing Domengsu’s sincerity, Cardo gives him a vital role in Task Force Agila’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Victor’s desire to capture Renato intensifies when one of his agents finds a lead on the latter’s whereabouts. Renato, on the other hand, finally finished off his protector. Left without an ally, he resolves to team up with another notorious criminal.

Renato remains aware that he needs help to take down Oscar and Cardo. Out of desperation, Renato tries to find the dangerous Bungo in hopes of forging an alliance. Task Force Agila receives praise after successfully taking down Mamu’s drug syndicate.

However, Oscar learns that the country’s reputation remains damaged because of the high crime rate. Later, Task Force Agila receives another mission. Lily continues to strengthen her ties with Oscar. Unknown to her, Diana is getting more suspicious of her and is trying to unmask her secret.

Renato is bent on allying with Bungo. Elsewhere, Gina becomes upset over the influx of customers at Flora’s eatery. Despite being off-duty, Task Force Agila wastes no time in teaching the group of extortionists a hard-earned lesson. After the fierce encounter, Cardo introduces Domengsu to his family.

Flora, on the other hand, opts not to heed Gina’s antics against her family. Lily is bent on unearthing Lazaro’s identity. Unknown to the business woman, Bungo and his minions are cooking up a wicked plan against her.

Elsewhere, Victor receives a crucial piece of information about Renato. Bungo and his minions set out to abduct Lily. However, an unexpected occurrence compels them to control Oscar with her devious tactics. Domengsu receives a warm welcome from Cardo’s family.

Nevertheless, things begin to get serious when he learns about his first mission. Domengsu takes on his first mission as Task Force Agila’s police asset in Brgy. Sapang Bato. Along with Greco and an informant, he manages to penetrate a drug den owned by Bolit. There, Domengsu tries to strike a transaction with the drug peddler.

However, he faces a dilemma during the negotiation. Bulate and Bute roam around the barangay in hopes of finding other routes that would help infiltrate the area. Elsewhere, Gina earns the ire of the De Leons when she pays Flora’s Garden a visit.

Cardo and Task Force Agila manage to secure Domengsu and their other assets to safety following their transaction with Brgy. Sapang Bato drug kingpin, Bolit. However, Bolit starts to get suspicious with Domengsu. Dante craves for his showdown with Cardo and Task Force Agila after ransacking Lily’s house.

Unknown to Dante, Renato is trying to figure out if he would make a valuable ally in his quest to take down his enemies. In Sta. Folomena, Oscar leads the lighting ceremony of the town’s electrification project.

Lazaro remains confident that Lily needs him to protect herself from Renato. Unknown to Lazaro, Lily plans to make Oscar fall in love with her and become the country’s first lady. However, Lily discovers that Diana has become suspicious of  her.


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