Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 483-487

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 483-487 Lily gains Presidential appointment, Virgie fights Cardo to resign from his post as Police Officer

Task Force Agila finds Cardo’s unconscious body and immediately rushes him to the hospital. Cardo hovers between life and deàth after receiving fatal injuries from his encounter with Skull.

Oscar learns about the outcome of the CIDG’s operation against the notorious crime group. Delfin breaks the unfortunate news about Cardo’s condition to their lõved ones.

Elsewhere, Lily gets pissed off at Diana for forbidding her to meet Oscar. General Dela Cruz attends the wake of the slain female police officers and assures their lõved ones that the CIDG will stop at nothing to capture Dante.

At the same time, the members of Task Force Agila pay Cardo a visit in the hospital. Lily, on the other hand, fumes upon learning of Cardo’s survival. Renato seals a deal with Jacob’s group. Elsewhere, Skull continues to roam free after k!lling another innocent man.

After getting discharged from the hospital, Cardo finally goes home to his family. He shows appreciation for Alyana for taking care of him and understanding his hectic and dangerous job as a cop.

Oscar calls for a meeting regarding Skull’s case. Lily, on the other hand, continues to impress the president with her noteworthy ideas for the betterment of the nation. Elsewhere, Skull’s attempt to seek assistance from a friend leads to another crime.

Cardo’s family continues to live in fear as Skull wanders freely. In addition, Virgie’s apprehensions for Alyana intensifies. Alyana becomes extremely uncomfortable with Alex’s friendly actions toward Cardo.

Lazaro hatches a plot to lure Renato into his trap. Skull tries to fend for himself despite losing his underlings. As fear reigns on her because of wanted criminal Skull, Virgie tries to persuade Cardo to leave the police force for the safety of Alyana and his family.

Unshakable in his decision, Cardo gets a hard time dealing with his mother-in-law. Renato plots to bite the hand that feeds him. Soon, the former general prepares Jacob’s group as they commence their plan to discard one of the latter’s competitors.

Elsewhere, Skull sows fear among the public and later learns something about Cardo. Determined to lend a hand with Task force Agila’s missions, Cardo asks Alyana to let him return to his Police duty.

Meanwhile, Renato and Jacob’s group carry out their mission to eliminate one of the latter’s competitors. Little did Jacob know, his greediness will put him into trouble. Oscar gives Lily a generous offer. Skull fumes with anger upon confirming that Cardo is alive.

Renato successfully gains Jacob’s trust, however, his confidants remain doubtful about the former general’s motives. As they discuss their next move, Jacob suffers another severe blow.

Elsewhere, the Task Force Agila members mull over the emergence of a serial k!ller while Skull is still at large. Flora, meanwhile, faces another setback. At the Palace, Oscar brings Lily to his meeting with his cabinet members.

The task force Agila members become disheartened upon learning of Tricia and Miranda’s resignation. Lazaro and Lily celebrate her Presidential appointment. Diana remains skeptical about Lily’s motives for getting close with Oscar.

Working toward his goal, Renato feeds Jacob’s anger in order to get back at his own enemies. Elsewhere, Skull adds another batch of victims to his list. Alyana falls under the sway of jealousy after learning that Cardo brought Alex home.

As her worries continue to engulf her, Virgie remains hopeful that she can persuade her daughter into moving in with her. Slick as she is, Gina finds ways to avoid getting exposed for damaging the reputation of Flora’s Garden.

As he prepares to build his new army, Skull thinks of violent way to end the top cop’s life. Later on, Cardo saves a lady from grave danger.


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