Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 565-569

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 565-569 Arturo and his henchmen engage in bloody fight with Cardo during an escape, Lito discovers his childhood love is in the province, Oscar recovers

Despite Virgie’s strong objection, Alyana chooses to be with Cardo as they head to a place far from all the chaos. United as one for their high-risk rescue operation, Task Force Agila pours blood, sweat, and tears as they attempt to sneak Delfin out of the police headquarters.

After getting wind of the mission by Cardo’s allies, Arturo resolves to do everything in his power to prevent the general from eluding his and Lily’s grasp. Cardo and Task Force Agila evade the authorities to take Delfin to safety. Unknown to them, Arturo is pulling some strings to entrap them.

Back at the presidential palace, Lily sets her sights on the presidency as soon as she manages to eliminate Cardo. Renato, meanwhile, worries about the repercussions should Arturo’s mission turn futile.

After their dangerous encounter with Arturo and his men, Cardo and Task Force Agila make their escape. Worried for Clarice’s safety, Arturo exhausts all his efforts to try and track them down. But through their smart planning, Task Force Agila manages to find a temporary safe haven

Wanting to help Arturo in his hunt for Cardo, Lily and Renato decide to involve themselves in his plans. Alyana makes a startling discovery about the new owner of the Arevalos’ former estate after Cardo and Task Force Agila found refuge in her childhood home.

Back at the presidential palace, Lily orders Augustus to keep Oscar’s condition under wraps. Unknown to them, Elizabeth notices that the first lady and Arturo are buckling under the pressure of Cardo’s actions. Temporarily settling in Alyana’s childhood home, Cardo and his allies remain hopeful that they will be able to get out of their messy situation.

Clarice, however, refuses to cooperate with her captors despite trying their best to show their pure intentions. Back at the presidential palace, Arturo appeals to the public’s emotions by declaring Cardo and Task Force Agila as enemies of the state for abducting Clarice.

Fed up with being used as a pawn against her father, Clarice attempts to escape from Cardo and Task Force Agila. Deeply affected by his daughter’s abduction, Arturo struggles to focus on coming up with a plan against his enemies. Lily  orders Juan to coordinate with Renato to establish their drug den operations.

Virgie expresses her fears over Teddy placing their family in danger because of his job as a journalist. Unknown to them, a suspicious informant poses a grave threat to Teddy, Cardo, and Task Force Agila’s safety in its attempt to discover the whereabouts of Arturo and Lily’s enemies.

Meanwhile, Ramon and Maring reminisce about Alyana’s childhood as they tour their guests around their property. As the members of Task Force Agila enjoy their simple life in the province, Cardo tells Alyana his thoughts on leaving the mess in Manila behind.

Clarice gets into an altercation with Bubbles when she makes a desperate attempt to contact Arturo. Hoping to avoid issues at their hideout, Task Force Agila discusses how to treat the young woman. Later on, Delfin’s worries about Flora are eased when he and Cardo are finally able to communicate with her.

Cardo and Task Force Agila hold their breaths when an unwanted visitor threatens to blow their cover. Lito’s heart skips a beat upon discovering that Alyana has returned. Teddy and Diana resolve to push through with their plan to hold Lily accountable for her crimes.

Oscar’s double wanders inside the president’s office. Lito feels overjoyed upon realising that Alyana fulfilled the promise they made to each other as he awaits their inevitable reunion. Delfin urges his comrades to keep their guards up as he expresses his fears of getting caught by Lily.

Back at the presidential palace, Oscar regains consciousness. After finally regaining consciousness, Oscar plays the waiting game as he vows to end Lily’s reign of terror.


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