Brothers Episode 4 Written Update

Brothers Episode 4 Delfin gives Cardo new mission to replace Ador

The family of De Leon were still waiting patiently for his return. Flora cooked for the neighbours and Junior did not want to eat because he has missed his dad.

Flora advised him to eat in order to gain strength so that when Ador returns he would gain energy to play with him.

The neighbours also asked of Ador and Flora answered that he travelled on an important mission. They asked her where exactly did he travel to, she kept quiet but Benny said he was working as a spy and he wished Ador went with him.


Junior asked whether his father was working as spy like those in the movie, he then said if it was so then it was a good news but it would be better if he was not since that would have given him time to be with them.

After that Flora went to Delfin’s office to ask him of Ador and told him to let her grandson come home because she has already lost Cardo and was not ready to lose Ador.

Joaquin and his colleague heard Delfin telling Flora that Ador shall soon return from the mission. He wondered why Delfin would say that since Ador was missing. Joaquin doubted Delfin.

Later Delfin received a call from SPO Mendez from Potoland who gave him information about Cardio and where he could find him.

Elsewhere, Cardo was there with Onyok and he told him to rare an animal as they were talking the foster parents of Onyok came in the scene and told Cardo that the came for Onyok.

Onyok did not want to go, Glen then came in to inform Cardo that some goons have raided the community and had taken away a golden crown which they were using for a particular festival.

Cardo then told Onyok to go with his foster parents, he then left with Glen to the place and the people pleaded with Cardo to help them.

As he was speaking with Glen outside he spotted one of the goons and demanded the car keys from Glen to follow the goon.

He told Glen to wait there for him but Glen insisted to go with him. She climbed on the wind screen of the car so Cardo rescinded on his decision to send her.

When they reached, Cardo handcuffed Glen to the steer and went with a gun. When the goons saw him they made fun of him and asked him whether he came alone. Cardo said he was not alone so the goons asked the rest of the pull. He showed his first gun and the other two guns he had in his back pocket.

They then engaged in shootout. As Glen heard the shoots she tried hard to set herself free she got the keys of the handcuff and she unlocked herself. She took a gun and went in to help Cardo but one of the goons held her and asked Cardo to surrender otherwise he would kill Glen.

Cardo surrendered so some of the goons took Cardo’s gun and the one holding Glen ordered them to beat Cardo.

They beat him but later when the goon was about to pull the trigger and kill him he held those beating him and pushed him and the bullet ended up in that person.

He shot them and shot the goon holding Glen, as they were going the goon stood up to shoot but Cardo was fast to pull the trigger. Initially Glen thought she was the actual person who shot the goon but realised that Cardo whose gun was on his neck already fired the man before she turned to shoot.

They went for the crown and returned to the rightful owner for them to carry out their festival.

Cardo, Glen, Onyok and his foster parents gathered to drink. Onyok said Glen and Cardo looked good together and Cardo said Glen was his special friend.

Cardo got drunk so Glen sent him home. As Cardo slept Glen attempted to ki$$ him but Onyok came in. Onyok told Glen that he knew what she was about to do Glen asked him to come and sleep.

She also passed the night at Cardo’s place. She left early in the morning with Onyok and left a note behind.

After reading the note he heard some footsteps so he took his gun when he met the person snooping around he realised he was Delfin.

Delfin told him that Ador has lost his life through a mission of identifying those behind child kidnapping. He stressed that he was not fortunate so he died. Cardo did not believe it but Delfin said it was true.

Delfin told him that he wanted him to replace Ador and did not want him to reveal his true identity to make anyone realise that he was not Ador.

Cardo thought about it carefully. He went to sit near some river to think of how he will kill his identity for his brother.
Flashback: Ador was sick and Cardo was with him. Flora brought medicine for Ador but he did not want take it, saying it was bitter. Cardo took the medicine and drunk it then said it was the turn of Ador, Ador then drunk the medicine and said it was sweet.

Later, they were playing the role of thief and cop and Cardo went to save Ador who was almost being knocked down by a car and he hit his head on the ground.

He was rushed to the hospital and a couple sent him to Singapore for operation. When he was asking for Flora they told him that Flora gave him to them to cater for him as he chose Ador over him.

He did not believe it and told them that they earlier told him Flora gave him to them to get him operated and when he fully recovered he would go back to her and did not understand the new development that he had to remain in Singapore with them for them to secure his life.

Flashforward: He then threw a stone into the river.


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