Brothers Episode 8 Written update

Brothers Episode 8 Written update Onyok together with other street children kidnapped

Cardo called Delfin to teach him how to prepare Kare-kare. He searched it on net and he showed Cardo the preparation.

After the food the family sat on a big table to eat but they did not enjoy it. Junior said the earlier Kare-kare was tasty than the new one but Benny insisted that it was tasty.

Later Cardo went to see Delfin and told him that he did not want to stay in the house anymore as he was scared that his real identity would be exposed.

He said he did not learn how to prepare Kare-kare during his training and was finding it difficult to cope in the house.

Delfin asked him to find a way of living with them because he never knew Kare-kare would be part of the detective work. The syndicates raided the hideout of Onyok and his friends. They captured them. Onyok asked them whether they knew Cardo and the person said yes and promised to send them to Cardo.

One of the children asked whether there was food and they said yes there were plenty of food and what they just had to do was to take care of it and eat. The children felt so happy.

They were sent to the building where they keep the children. Diego came from the inner room. When Onyok saw him he got upset that the man lied to him that he was sending him to Cardo, the police officer and did not.

They sent them inside and they met some children who were held hostage and were crying. Onyok and the new kids were mixed with them and the kids revealed to the new arrivals that the syndicate sell them.

Cardo was sleeping with Carmen he held her close to his heart and when he woke up he got scared and let go of Carmen. Carmen also got scared as she thought something was happening. She asked Ador what was it and he said nothing.

Junior school event was held. He wore his cops attire and he said he would put his life on the line to save others. He said because he wanted to be a like his father Ador, he always show mercy to his friends and others just like his father who was his hero. He received applause for his sterling performance

News broke about the syndicates and Cardo felt sad that there were still unscrupulous people kidnapping innocent kids.

A woman cried and pleaded that they should help her get her child. Rachel, a younger sister of Joaquin felt sad for the woman and she asked her mother what would she have done if she was in the woman’s shoes.

Verna asked her to brush off that idea from her head as nothing would happen to any of her children.

Thomas then asked Rachel to go and sleep as it was late. Ador made it a point to save the kids.

Meanwhile, Onyok assured the rest of the children that Cardo would come to their rescue but the kids doubted him since he had been mentioning Cardo but none had met him.

One of the kids also asked Onyok how Cardo would be able to locate them since he knew nothing about their whereabouts.

Onyok then said he would save them. After hearing that they would sell them Onyok acted like his stomach was paining him and attempted to escape but he was later caught.

At the office, Delfin asked Ador and the team to beef up action to save the kids who have been kidnapped.

Later, a man who wanted to commit suicide stood at the bridge and asked no one to stop him, saying he would throw himself down into the water. The police saw a crowd and went to check what was happening. They talked to the man but he said he would not stop.

Ador asked what was happening, and his colleagues informed him he then got close to the man and asked him of his problem. He said he did something wrong and his family did not want him to get closer to them.

Ador said that was not a problem so they could solve it. The man said his proem cannot be solved so he would rather die. Cardo then said then he would help him to die. He held the man and he jumped into the waters with him but he was later reprimanded by Delfin.

He said his actions exposed him since Ador would not behave in that manner and begged him to act in accordance with the plan.

There was a mission to get one of the syndicates who was ready to confess their leader. Ador elected himself and Joaquin also elected himself so Delfin appointed both to go to that mission to get the syndicate to the station.

In the house, Carmen couldn’t find Junior and she became tensed. She told Flora about it and everyone began searching for Junior.


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