Cardi B, Offset marriage allegedly hits the rocks

Cardi B, Offset marriage allegedly hits the rocks

American rapper Cardi B has allegedly unfollowed her husband Offset on Instagram and her husband has reciprocated.

The reason for the act of the couple is still unclear but this has generated rumours that their marriage might have hit the rocks.

The couple is believed to have unfollowed each other since Monday.

Cardi posted a not-so-cryptic message on her Story that she might concentrate on herself as she was tired of protecting others.

“I’m tired of protecting peoples feelings…I GOTTA PUT MYSELF FIRST,” she posted.

Offset, has also posted a clip that might touch on the current issues in his marriage which Tony Montana was yelling at his old friend about being the one who put their operation together and being responsible for their success.

Meanwhile, early this year, Offset claimed that Cardi might’ve cheated on him, but his wife denied the claim.

The two allegedly have broken up before, but they made up.


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