Coronavirus:Facebook bans the sale of nose masks

One of the leading social media sites, Facebook has banned its users from using  the medium to sell nose masks.

According to the Head of Health at Facebook, Kang-Xing Jin it would reduce the coronavirus (COVID-19) exploitation to maintain sanity on Social media.

He explained in a media interview that Facebook was temporarily banning advertisements and commerce listings which sell medical face masks.

Mr Jin noted that some unscrupulous individuals were using the Facebook medium to unlawfully exploit the innocent, affected communities and countries to buy products that were not scientifically proven to help individuals from contracting the virus.

“We already prohibit people from making health or medical claims related to the coronavirus in product listings on commerce surfaces, including those listings that guarantee a product will prevent someone from contracting it,” he said.

Mr Jin indicated that his outfit was monitoring the situation closely and would make necessary updates to policies when they see people taking advantage of the situation to make money from the  affected people.

That he believed would keep the scare of that endemic under control and bring sanity to the society.

This weekend, COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom (UK) surpassed 270 people, leading to widespread panic about the spread of the disease.

Many individuals who got frightened by the situation  rushed to procure nose masks with an intention to secure their lives from contracting the endemic, despite experts warnings against the use of the mask.


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Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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