8per cent of children contracting COVID-19 in Upper West--- Regional Health Directorate

COVID-19 vaccine safe for breastfeeding mothers— GHS assures

COVID-19 vaccine safe for breastfeeding mothers— GHS assures

Head of Expanded Programme on Immunisation at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Kwame Amponsa-Achiano has assured the citizenry that the COVID-19 vaccine which is being administered nationwide is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

He therefore called on health workers to involve lactating mothers in vaccination exercise.

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“It has a part of it and a very harmless other germ has been fused. Theoretically, it doesn’t pose a risk for the child. It is not known whether it’s secreted in breast milk, but even if it were there, it is no risk to the child at all. So for those that are segmented within the groups, if they are breastfeeding, they should go for the vaccine,” he stated.

Dr Kwame Achiano in an interview with Joy as monitored by Spot On News in Accra on Wednesday indicated that there was no data to back if the vaccine could be administered to pregnant women.

He intimated that health workers were very cautious when it comes to pregnant women due to the manufacturer of the Covid-19 vaccine advice with the use of the vaccine.

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“We get a lot more safety data for the unborn child. That’s why for now we are holding on to pregnant women not taking the vaccine until such a time that we have enough information,” Dr Achiano added.

Also on the specific protection the Covid-19 vaccine gives to the body, Dr Achianu explained that the vaccines were generally harmless and enhances the body’s response against germs that enter the body.

“All the studies done so far have concluded that the Covid-19 vaccine reduces moderate to severe sicknesses. Nobody gets worried when you have an infection and it’s showing no sign or effect.

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“The problem comes when the disease is sending you to your early grave and when you have to be admitted because you are panting and struggling to breathe together with all the social issues, then we can say we are now safe to have a vaccine that prevents all that,” he explained.

Dr Achiano further indicated that there would be less risk of transmission if more people got vaccinated.

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