COVID-19:Kill the coronavirus with just hand dryer, Experts findings, watch the video on how to do it.

COVID-19:Kill the coronavirus with just hand dryer, Experts findings, watch the video on how to do it.

Coronavirus has infected over 181,355 people and killed over 7,118 around the world as of Monday.

The World Health Organization (WHO)last week declared it a pandemic and stressed the need for countries to join hands and fight against the virus.

China has seen a drop-off in its rate of new cases as more than 78,000 people known to be infected have since recovered, but the virus has gained momentum in other parts of the globe.

Coronavirus which causes a new disease known as COVID-19  had affected every province, dynasty and region in China and over145 other countries including Italy, America, Norway, Oman, India, Ghana, Nigeria among others.

It has killed over 3,200 in countries outside China and still spreading putting each individual at risk in every country.

However, experts who were dealing with the case have proven that heat and high temperature of 56 °C or 133 °F would kill the virus and called on affected countries to adopt this new mode of killing the virus.

They stated that the virus was fragile and when exposed to high temperatures die off.

Dr Dan Lee Dimke, an expert observed that the virus survive in cool areas in the body including the nostrils and sinus cavities like cheeks and eye sockets and stressed that when temperature rises it provides unfriendly environment for the virus to thrive.

Using mild heat, he said is now adopted in the production of medicine and vaccine and same process could be used to  fight the virus to prevent the outbreak and kill it within a minute.

Dr Dimke urged the world to breath in hot air to rid them from contracting the virus while killing the virus as well.

He suggested a therapy dubbed “hot breathing” by using handy dryer to blow heat into and on sinus areas where the virus mostly resides on the body.

Watch the video below;



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