COVID-19:Drivers expressed disappointment as govt failed to warn sanitiser sellers against bullying!

Drivers in the Greater Accra region have expressed disappointment in the government for not cautioning sellers of hand sanitisers against bullying.

According to them, most pharmacies and sanitiser sellers were taking advantage of the situation to fraudulently extort money from the poor buyers all in the name of selling.

They said the expensive nature of sanitisers would make it impossible for transport unions and operators to oblige by the call made to them by the government and called on him to readdress the nation on the provision of sanitisers.

Speaking to today, one of the the drivers in the Mallam station, who  is called Joe boy said the sickness was a national pandemic and underscored the need for everyone to be vigilant in dealing with the virus.

He termed the sellers as fraudsters, stressing that their actions could lead to the spread of the virus in the country.

“This is not the time that people will have to take advantage of others, it is a time to protect lives and those sellers are also at risk if they do not make the alcohol based sanitisers affordable for everyone to own one,”  Joe boy stated.

He observed that if drivers had been the one to have increased lorry fares without the government and transport unions implementing the directives they would have been strangled alive.

Zozoli, a trotro driver at Circle bemoaned that they were even scared of their lives and were contemplating whether to continue working or not.

Touching on disinfection, he mentioned that they had least idea on how to disinfect cars, saying “we wash our cars with soap under running water but we do not know how to disinfect our car seats and steer.”

He called on government to monitor the system by employing people who will educate the unions and them on how to keep their vehicles in hygienic condition.


Zozoli insisted that the unions would have to seek to it that they get all the necessary preventive materials available like soap, running water and hand sanitisers to help them carry their duties effectively.

Kwame Collins, one of the drivers in Kaneshie station mentioned that sustainability would be issue as passengers at the station keeps increasing within a minute, adding  that sanitisers would be finished within a second and they would have to go back to square one.

He urged sanitiser sellers to collaborate with them, the unions and the public to enable the safety of every single Ghanaian.

At the stations observed that most of them have no sanitisers available for passengers use, few who had them are only for their own personal use.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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