Engage licensed engineers in building and construction projects— Mr Boateng urges Ghanaians

Engage licensed engineers in building and construction projects— Mr Boateng urges Ghanaians

The President of Institution of Technology and Engineering (IET) Ghana, Henry Kwadwo Boateng has called on Ghanaians to engage licensed engineering practitioners to execute building projects.

That, he said will reduce the collapse of buildings in the country while saving the public purse.

Speaking at the 2023 Induction Ceremony of IET Ghana which was held in Accra on Friday, Mr Boateng said the failure of many in engaging professionals to oversee building, design and materials for construction has resulted in death and waste of resources.

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He said, engineers like architect and surveyors were carefully trained to ensure buildings and construction works were safe for public use and underscored the importance to engage such professionals.

Mr Boateng also charged the government to consider a lot of engineers in key positions, stressing that “they have been trained to solve problems.”

In welcoming the 165 newly inducted members into the IET, he advised them to embrace professionalism and recognise
their responsibility towards society.

“Recognising that ethical conduct and professional integrity are the core of our principles. As we welcome them, let us impress upon them the significance of upholding these core values throughout their careers. Together, we can ensure that our advancements are driven by compression, responsibility and a commitment to the greater good,” Mr Boateng added.

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Dr Kwame Boakye, Chairman of the Engineering Council noted that engineers have key roles to play in nation development, thus urged them to strive hard in gaining political positions to help in planning and moving the country forward.

“In China if you want to be a successful politician you need to be an engineer technologist or scientists. We have to emulate what others have done successful to help in building this country,” he added.

To motivate the engineers to recognise their special roles in nation development, Dr Boakye advised them not to see their jobs as just designing but they should be seen at every level of governance: in the district and municipal assembly, parliament, cabinet and even within the judiciary.


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