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Everything went dark— Guru reveals how 3 metals were removed from his throat

Everything went dark— Guru reveals how 3 metals were removed from his throat

One of the industrial rappers, Maradona Yeboah Adjei known in showbiz as Guru NKZ has revealed that three metal pellets were once removed from his body after he was attacked by his archenemies.

According to him, there were countless spiritual attacks that almost took his life from the industry.

The rapper disclosed this on “Restoration With Stacy,” a television entertaining programme in Accra during an interview.

He explained that there was a time it was even difficult for him to talk due to an incessant pains in his throat.

“It got to a time it was difficult to talk because of what I was experiencing in my throat and tummy. I went to see a medical doctor, we run a lot of tests and he said I was fine but I knew I wasn’t. I experienced this for eight months,” Guru said.

He stated that a man of God later revealed to him that someone wanted him killed and the statement was also confirmed by a spiritualist.

“A certain pastor met me and said someone wants to kill me. Another spiritualist told me the same. I thought it was a joke. I was once performing at an event. After the third song, I wasn’t audible anymore. So, I walked off the stage. Since then, everything went dark,” he added.

Touching on how he recovered, Guru indicated that a native doctor performed a surgery on him which he took out three metals.

Guru then revealed that the person behind the attack was within the industry, “adding that he confessed when I later confronted him.”


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