Forever My Love Episode 14

Forever My Love Episode 14 Gabriel faces off Carlos in a triathlon competition, Rigor fights Tigershark reps to defend his family

After his inability to reach and find Bianca, Gabriel rushed to the market to inform Olsen about Bianca going to Batangas with Carlos to have training there. He said he trusted Bianca but not Carlos.

Gabriel got his name in the triathlon competition and when Isabel saw it, she was happy and told her cousin Derek that she knew the guy and would lōve what is yet to happen.

Carlos and Bianca trained and during the training, Bianca was almost hit by a tricycle but Carlos was quick to pull her from harm’s way. He attacked the man riding the tricycle and strained his ankle.

Gabriel, on the other hand, had his training and the pace at which he swims was skillful and fast which the trainer saw broke his record of being a champion.

Bianca made Carlos returned to Manila with her since he could not train any longer due to his ankle. She arrived and her mother was surprised to see her return and she told her the reason she had to return home early.

Due to the training, Gabriel did report to work early so Frida, his boss got upset with him. This made him to rethink over his decision to push through. Lydia told him to push through and he shouldn’t blame himself. He should rather combine.

His family friend also advised him not to quit since he has already paid to partake in it, he should train himself to combine all of that together. At Dela Vega Company, Isabel stumbled on Carlos limping and because she wanted to upset him, she told him about Gabriel participating in the triathlon competition.

Carlos made Simeon moved mountains to get his name included even when the registration deadline was in motion. He began training prepare himself for it. Due to his injury, he was not as fast as he should. He wanted to carry on with the training but his coach stopped him.

The Viloras reasoned to find a way to go and support Gabriel during the completion. However, Rigor was against it. Gabriel had a training with Bianca and he told her that he joined the competition to make money to cater for his family and expenses.

However, it was getting the way of his job. Bianca urged him on and gave him rules on how to run. After the training, they came over to the Dela Vega Company and Bianca was called to the office while Gabriel sat outside to wait for her.

Carlos returned from training and queried Gabriel what informed his decision to join the race. He told Gabriel that first timers always thought that seeing people racing, they could also do it so he shouldn’t deceive himself that because Bianca did it he could do it.

Gabriel who had been playing along with his iñsülts told him that he should meet him there and he would know that he was even faster than him. Gabriel drew the line that he could do whatever Carlos could. As the confrontation was heating up, Bianca got there and Carlos learnt that Bianca even was training with Gabriel.

He stopped her from doing it and ordered her to only train with her Coach, Raymond and Bianca agreed to it. Isabel got home to find Steph already serving dinner. Hearing that their mother taught her how to prepare it, Isabel refused to eat.

Fast forward, the day of the competition came and the Vilorias hired a jeepney. Rigor joined them, hearing from Carlos that Gabriel was participating in the competition, Victoria changed her mind to go to the event to support Carlos. She talked to Roman to go, claiming that she was not feeling well.

Roman also refused to go if she would not. At the event, the Vilorias set a table to eat but Carlos drove them away, claiming the food stinks. Gabriel got there to learn about it and tried to talk to Carlos but he disrespected Gabriel’s family which Gabriel did not take it likely.

He was confronting him when Bianca came and sided with Carlos. Lydia then calmed her grandson down and they packaged the food. The competition began and Gabriel tried to make up to Bianca when the girls kicked it off with swimming.

The men followed and after Gabriel and Bianca met themselves when they were changing for the bikes, he tried to apologise. Bianca reminded him to concentrate. Carlos planned to hurry before Gabriel beat him to it.

During the tricycle race he overtook Gabriel, intentionally blocked him and knocked him down to become the second person after Bianca.

Meanwhile, learning that his family was disrespected, Rigor made Olsen lead him to those in charge only for him to discover that Victoria’s son did that. He confronted Isabel for her unwillingness to make him meet Victoria to complain to her.


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