Forever My Love Episode 16

Forever My Love Episode 16 Bianca discovers that she is fired from Tigershark, Gabriel turns down Tigershark endorsement deal

Roman took over the company and also fired Bianca. Gabriel went to the market and started jokes with Olsen. Olsen told him about winning over girls with his good looks and k!ller eyes. Carlos was convinced that Isabel had a hand in it so he went to confront her.

Bianca went to Tigershark to ask Carlos if his father was impressed by her performance at the triathlon competition and Carlos answered the affirmative. Bianca was so happy and left the office in merriment.

Carlos went to talk to his mother to intervene on his behalf but Vicky refused. She could see that her son had fallen for Bianca. She promised to help him start his business but this time around she would not side with him.

When Carlos walked out, she said sorry and revealed that she wanted her son to be away from the Agbayanis. While Bianca was teaching Jay-Jay math, Gabriel arrived riding a bike. Bianca had a private chat with him. Gabriel brought her balloons and told her that it was all he could afford at the moment.

He apologised for his action and Bianca told him not to after all she could not accept his proposal. When Gabriel asked her the reason, she said as part of her contract she signed with Carlos, she pledged not to be in any relationship since she did not want any obstruction but Gabriel promised not to be an obstruction.

Rigor, on the other hand, called Vicky over the phone and told her that he had the privilege to talk to Carlos to congratulate him for winning the triathlon but Carlos was such a snob. Vicky reminded him that she has already warned him to stay away from her family.

She later met with him since Rigor made them schedule a meeting. Rigor told her that he would not leave her so they should rekindle their relationship, otherwise he would reveal the real identity of Carlos to Roman. A flashback showed that, Roman told Vicky that he had three different countries he had to travel to.

When he went, Vicky gave birth to a boy with Rigor by her side. Soon, she told Rigor that Roman had asked for her hand in marriage and they agreed that they would use Roman to give a better life for their son. Rigor became a baby sitter. Later, Vicky discovered that Roman equally had a son. Roman had not seen his son before because he was on a trip when the socialite he impregnated gave birth.

Vicky then took advantage of the situation to switch the children to raise her own and made Rigor take care of Roman’s son. Rigor sent Roman’s son to Lydia and left him in her care. Vicky realised that Rigor had been keeping eyes on her and he might ruin her relationship with Roman so she framed him to get him jailed for her truth to remain hidden.

Flashforward, Rigor said he had always shielded Vicky and she was going against their agreement of her using Roman. He kept on with his threat and Vicky urged him to tell Roman the truth if he wanted their son Carlos to be disinherited. She also reminded him of what he did to Maila.

Gabriel’s video at the competition went viral and his family teased him for trying to steal a k!ss from Bianca. They asked about his status with Bianca. As he was feeling reluctant to talk, his family assumed Bianca had already given him the green light and they began to join their names, Gabi. He then told them that he did not even know his relationship status yet with her.

And it sounded like, he was giving up but Popoy told him not to lose his faith. Maila, Ben and Jay-Jay were also watching the viral video. Bianca descended down the stairs and Maila also asked about her and Gabriel. Bianca confessed that Gabriel has professed his lōve to her but due to the family, she set her priority right.

Maila thanked her for bringing the family first in whatever she does but wanted her to be happy and they did not want to be an obstruction. Bianca said if Gabriel lõved her indeed, he would wait for her. Gabriel later was assisted by Ben in repairing a car.

While repairing, Ben told him that one needed patience in fixing a car. Ben saw the presence of Bianca and told Gabriel that the same way he had to have patience with his granddaughter while courting her. Gabriel said he was not in a hurry. Bianca was happy to hear Gabriel saying he would wait patiently for her.

The workers of Tigershark saw the viral video of Gabriel and Bianca and they showed it to Isabel. It had many likes even when Gabriel obtained the third place, he was the talk in town. The workers believed that Gabriel would have been first if not for the obstacles he encountered.

Isabel had an idea. She showed the video to Roman and proposed that he makes him the endorser of Tigershark since Bianca was already fired. He told Roman that Gabriel was the childhood friend of Bianca and the competition was his first ever triathlon, yet he became the third as he even helped Bianca.

Roman looking at the likes was impressed and told Isabel to do a background check on Gabriel which she did. He accepted to work with him so Isabel went to Gabriel’s house to call him to come to the office. When he came, Roman offered him the deal and Gabriel was surprised to discover that Bianca was fired.

He told Roman that he could not be the reason for Bianca to lose her job since Bianca needed the job more than him. Roman told him to think about it but Gabriel stood on his grounds.

Meanwhile, Steph had a conversation over the phone with Jay-Jay. She told him that her sister was always upset because their mother left her to Indonesia to marry her father and now she wanted them to get along, especially now that her mother would stay in the Philippines.

Bianca went to Tigershark for her allowance and stumbled on Isabel. Seeing Bianca happy, Isabel came to warn her that she should start saving because that was her last allowance from Tigershark. Bianca asked her the reason. Isabel teased her and called Carlos a bad boy for keeping Bianca in the dark. She came clear to her that, Roman had fired her.

Bianca went to confront Carlos for keeping things from her. Carlos said he was talking to her father and that was why he never told her the truth. Bianca said she could handle the truth and would have lōved it if she had heard it from his mouth but he made her look like a fõōl.

She left and went to see Roman to thank him and also promised to find a new job to pay for the money which they spent on her grandfather. Roman explained why he fired her and made it clear that he was a business man. Elsewhere at Tigershark, the coach of Gabriel talked to him to accept the deal but Gabriel refused.

The coach saw him as a good person to sacrifice his happiness for someone. Isabel came there to talk to Gabriel to think about it and not eject the offer. Bianca got there and she surprisingly saw Gabriel so she asked him what he was doing there.

Isabel interjected that so she did not know that Gabriel was their new endorser after she got fired. Bianca was dumbfounded as she watched Gabriel.


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