Forever My Love Episode 3

Forever My Love Episode 3 Bianca becomes the face of Tigershark after resigning from the Philippine team, Tigershark to organise triathlon competition in Subic Zambales

While working, Sudeng asked Gabriel the time he would take her out again and suggested they go out during the upcoming fiesta. Gabriel would be busy on that day and turned her down. His friend, Olsen saw him as picky and advised him to give it a shot.

Roman told Victoria that he was losing millions and if Carlos did not prove himself, Tigershark would be out of his hands. Victoria advised him to give his son a chance to manage Tigershark. Roman indicated that Carlos believed himself too much.

To him, Carlos and him were two different people in terms of discipline, values, principles, decision they were not the same. He believed the boy took after his mother. Carlos who had been observing silently in tears left the place.

Ben had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. There, he was confined for days in order for the doctors to monitor him. The doctor said if he did not want to undergo angioplasty or a bypass surgery, he would have to take his medication.

Due to her grandfather’s situation, Bianca realised working as an athlete would not fetch her enough money do she gave up on her career to find a job which she would be well paid for her to take care of the medical expenses of her grandpa. She met her coach with Maila to inform her about her decision.

Carlos went to a club to drink while reflecting on his father’s words, declaring them as opposite people. The next day while driving in Manila to deliver some goods, it began to rain and Gabriel thought he had seen a familiar person but Olsen distracted him. Bianca went for her things from the locker after resigning.

She looked sad while watching other athletes running at the field. The coach appeared and requested to run for a while. Carlos also came for training and saw Bianca. He asked the coach about her and the coach said Bianca was a fast runner and recently joined the Philippines team, however, her grandfather got an heart attack so she tend in resignation to look for a better job.

Carlos was surprised that she resigned and the coach said she could not combine two jobs. He then joined her on the field and began asking her questions but Bianca did not mind him. After training, he approached Bianca and she asked him whether he was a stalker. Carlos introduced himself as the owner of Tigershark Energy drink who heard her story from the coach.

They went to a restaurant to talk more. He offered Bianca a business deal to be an endorser for his brand as a triathlon. He asked if she could swim and ride a bike. Bianca said her childhood friend in Zambeles taught her how to swim and for the biking, she knew how to ride.

Least did she know that Gabriel and Olsen was right outside the restaurant. He delivered mangoes and other fruits but the two dis not see each other.

Bianca accepted the offer as an endorser and would take part in the triathlon contest so that when she wins, she would also earn money. She apologised to Carlos for her earlier rudeness and said his offer came at the right time as he was the answer to her prayers and that of her family.

As Carlos went home to tell Victoria about the lady who would be his endorser and was sure his father would be proud of him, Bianca also told Maila about Carlos Dela Vega whose mother used to be an athlete and was part of Track and Field Team. Maila quickly asked of her name and Bianca said Victoria Quintana.

Maila was so happy since Vicky was her best friend and wanted to go with Bianca to meet Vicky. During the meeting with the Agbayanis, Vicky quickly fled after setting eyes on Maila. Maila called out her name but she pretended not to have heard. Maila met Carlos and told him his mother was her best friend. Carlos called his mother to ask why she left suddenly.

She claimed she felt dizzy reason she left to go home to rest. Carlos told her about Maila and she pretended to be happy that Bianca’s mother was her friend. She said it was a small world and as she went home, she wondered why Maila had to return while she has made conscious effort to avoid her for so many years.

She was glad that she has gotten rid of Rigor, that meant that her secret would be hidden forever.

During the meeting, Carlos told the board about his plan using an athlete who is a novice and the competition, he said would be held in Subic, Zambales. Roman saw all his proposal crafted on assumptions and gave him six months to make it work otherwise he would shutdown the company.

Roman asked Vicky about Maila Salcedo and she admitted knowing Maila, they used to be in the same team till a tragic incident drifted them apart.   Carlos apologised to Isabel for presenting the endorser right away, stressing that they only have three months to make everything work.

Though she was not at the important meeting but per Isabel’s investigation Subic Zambales was fully booked this year but Carlos said the event has to take place irrespective. Simeon said that he could sense from Isabel’s speech that she was not yet over Carlos but Carlos told him to be professional.

Gabriel wanted Lydia to have a check up done but the woman refused. She told Gabriel to keep the money for his education. Gabriel said he wanted her to always look beautiful so she has to have her check up, adding that he has saved enough.

Later, Carlos told Bianca about where they would have the triathlon competition which is Zambales. Bianca after reminiscing the last told Carlos that she had memories from that place. She learnt her bike riding and swimming from there.

However, it was the place her father had his accident. She also said it was good for her to return since her best friend was there as well. Carlos then did another presentation to inform his team about the triathlon competition which would be held in Santa Cruz Zambales and introduced Bianca as the face for Tigershark.

He had no doubt that Bianca would win and Tigershark Energy drink will be back on it feet again. Bianca promised to do anything to win the competition. Roman interjected that they have invested a lot on Bianca. Isabel also asked what if Bianca loses and Carlos said they just have to be optimistic.

Isabel feeling so jealous called Amanda to add her name to the runners who would participate in the competition. When Bianca went home, she told her family about the Zambales competition and her family teased her that she was itching to see Gabriel. The feeling was mutual because Gabriel has been shunning many ladies just to find Bianca.

She was being teased, she said she wrote a letter to Gabriel couple times yet he did not reply. The family also thought of the possibility that Gabriel and his grandma might be out of the place. Bianca knew her grandfather was also in a hurry to meet Lydia. The family decided to visit Gabriel’s family to check on them once in Zambales.

Fast forward, Carlos introduced Mona, a coach to Bianca and they started training. Carlos trained her cycling and swimming. For three months Bianca became an exceptional triathlete. Olsen told Gabriel about the triathlon competition which would be held there for them to work to get money. Gabriel was even looking for money to buy  books.

They set up the place after Tigershark representative announced to the people of Zambales about the upcoming event and needed some people to work with. Gabriel was so happy after setting up the place with Olsen as he believed they would make money. Carlos arrived in Zambales with a flight and talked to his representative that the programme has to be a success.


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