Forever My Love Episode 6

Forever My Love Episode 6 Tigershark campaign fails, Gabriel Olsen to travel to Manila after the Mango Farm is closed down

Maila came to request a time to talk to Roman but he did not give her the time with her. Victoria tried to cut Maila off and Roman told her he was busy. After she left, Roman queried his wife whether she is a friend to Maila.

Carlos had a meeting with his business partners on his Tigershark campaign. However, Isabel kept objecting all ideas which were in Bianca’s favour. Carlos was compelled to sack her.

Before going for his presentation, Gabriel called Bianca to hear her voice for inspiration. Bianca had a photoshoot for the endorsing campaign. Carlos had to leave for a presentation so he left Isabel to be in charge. She claimed the photographer was not professional and Bianca had to change and needed not to smile.

As Gabriel was having a presentation on a mango farm on means to boost sales using mango, Carlos was also presenting to his father and his business partners but his father condemned his son’s plan as he had no strategy to boost Tigershark’s products. Gabriel however, earned higher scores for his project presentation.

Gabriel and the workers of the mango farm were expecting their payment from the operator Boss Atong. He was planning to use some of his payment to treat the people to celebrate his higher score. He went to call Bianca to inform her that he would be in Manila and they arranged to meet at exactly seven pm.

Bianca paid 15,000 from the amount she owed Carlos and after paying some, Carlos saw her to request for them to have a dinner but she refused due to her date with Gabriel. Authorities from the Municipal Hall came to give the workers letter about the bank coming to closedown the Mango farm since Mr Atong has mortgaged the land.

The workers wondered why he would do that since the farm was giving him money. Gabriel decided to visit Atong with Olsen to talk to him. When they reached his house, the bank has closed down his apartment and were told by the barangay police that the owner of the building has fled to escape lawsuit filed against him.

Olsen wondered what would happen to the workers and Gabriel said they would find another job. Olsen was more concerned about the elderly people who worked at the farm. Gabriel realised he had no money on him to treat Bianca at the Crave Park restaurant.

There was heavy traffic so he was compelled to leave the car in the hands of Olsen while he walked to the place since the jeepney driver also said he would not go. After waiting for so long, Bianca called her best friend and the latter told her to wait 30 minutes more for Gabriel. Bianca waited and he was not coming so she stepped out and a car splashed water on her.

It suddenly began raining and while she was finding it difficult to open her umbrella which Jay-Jay had spoilt, she saw someone shielding her from the rain and realised it was Carlos. Carlos did a research and asked about the location of Crave Park to go there. She told him that her date never showed up so they had a dinner date at a different place.

Two hours time, Gabriel arrived at the Crave Park to meet her absence and told Olsen that he believed Bianca had waited for him for so long that was why she left. Olsen stopped him from blaming himself. Carlos sent Bianca home. The next day, Gabriel called Bianca to apologise and told him that he arrived at Crave Park at 9:00pm and asked her whether she found it hard to get home.

Bianca said Carlos came there and he sent her home so she had no troubles. Gabriel felt jealous and told her he would talk to her later. Olsen arrived to inform him that there was something happening at the mango farm so they ran there to find the authorities shutting down the place. Since the elderly workers cried about what they would do, Gabriel found a job for Chuchay to assist in commercial cooking and got Putot and others fisher job.

He then trained them on how to fish but Putot accidentally fell into the sea. Gabriel saved him and rushed him to hospital. Lydia was saddened by the series of misfortune happening to them but Gabriel said they were all life challenges and they would get through it.

Bianca had an interview and was asked about her athlete career. She said she took that from her mother and she wanted to be like her, reason when the opportunity presented itself, she embraced it. She was asked whether she saw Isabel as her competitor since she secured the first place in the athletic race during the Triathlon competition. Bianca said she was not her competitor but herself is her own competitor.

This got Isabel upset from where she was standing. The investors at Dela Verga Tigershark wanted to withdraw their investment since Tigershark’s sales for the past two years was not picking up. But Roman had a way to made them stay much to Carlos’ surprise. Gabriel used the money he has been saving for his tuition to pay for the medical bills of Putot.

Bianca received her salary and Isabel said she did not deserve that salary. She told her that Roman had confronted Carlos for the low sales Tigershark was making. Bianca did not digest the issue well and when she was at home, she told her family about it. Her mother told her not to blame herself.

She has done her best. Gabriel after a long search for a job finally got some at a market place after his sales skills fetched the seller customers. However, when he gave it a second thought, he realised he would not making enough so he decided to travel to Manila for greener pasture.

Olsen also planned to go with him. Though, they were concerned about where they would sleep but Gabriel believed they would survive. After telling Lydia about his decision, Lydia felt sad since that was the first time he would be apart from her. He told her that Aunt Chuchay would be there for her.


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