Forever My Love Episode 8

Forever My Love Episode 8 Bianca turns down Carlos’ proposal, Vicky bribes an officer to make Rigor rot in jail

Carlos did a presentation to announce to the board that Tigershark has a significant sales increase by ten per cent and tagged his campaign as a success. As the board clapped, his father was not happy with the result of the campaign.

He would have accepted if Carlos was managing small hardware store in Balik-Balik or Singgalong. He said Tigershark carries the name of Dela Vega Group of Companies so he should not think about breaking even.

Carlos got offended and his father told him he could not applaud him because he has even wasted money on his business school if that 10per cent was an achievement to him. Gabriel delivered the goods the customer asked and the customer was impressed by his work since he was so fast.

Bianca found Sir Carlos sitting and sulking. Carlos told her how everyone believed he was great yet his biological father think low of him. He told Bianca that his stepmother even lõved him more than his biological father. Bianca was extremely perplexed to know that.

Gabriel went for his family including Mr Putot to Manila to stay with them. Bianca had a meeting with Carlos and his clients so she was looking for a nice attire to wear to grace the occasion.

Since she could not find any from the dresses her best friend sent to her, Maila believed it was a date but Bianca denied that claim. She even doubted since Carlos had told her not to date anyone in order for her to remain focus.

Seeing Bianca and Carlos in the newspapers, Lydia was so happy and asked Gabriel about the man in the photo with Bianca. Gabriel said he was a rich jërk and Bianca’s boss. Lydia urged him to court Bianca and Gabriel said he wanted to complete his school then he establishes his own company.

Bianca went to Dela Vega airport and Carlos made her sat in helicopter for the first time. He sent her to a special place, surprising her and he proposed to her but Bianca turned him down. Later, he got wasted and Simeon told Isabel about it.

Gabriel and Lydia visited the Agbayanis but met the absence of Bianca. When he heard she was out with Carlos he became indifferent.

Isabel went to the bar to fetch him and when he sent her home, she got intomate with him but Carlos resisted and left to the house. Bianca also told Maila about Carlos’ proposal. Maila was not surprised since she has been suspecting that.

Bianca believed Carlos was confused since she has been listening to his problems with Sir Roman. She revealed to Maila that Carlos was not the biological son of Vicky. Maila asked her if she was not interested in Carlos and Bianca said yes. Her mother then asked her whether she was interested in Gabriel, adding that he was there earlier with Lydia.

The following day, Carlos planned to sweep Bianca over with time. He decided to be her friend and win her over. Simeon asked about Gabriel and he said he cared less about him since he has everything and was better off than Gabriel.

Gabriel and Olsen began the day at the market. While Olsen sang to grab attention, Gabriel also took charged of sales and told Olsen about his plans of finding more jobs aside his two jobs to make more money.

Meanwhile, Rigor believed someone did not want him out of jail after hearing a mate was being released on a parole. A man who worked in cohort with Vicky came to inform Vicky that Rigor was about to be released and Vicky signed a cheque for him to keep him in jail to rot there.

Bianca and Marilyn arrived at the market. Marilyn was not happy that Bianca turned down the proposal of Carlos while she has been praying for a millionaire suitor. Gabriel saw them and when he approached, Marilyn said he looked handsome than Carlos even though he was sweaty.

Gabriel showed Bianca her magazine an she was happy to see herself. Olsen saw Marilyn quite attractive and gave her Zambales mangoes. Elsewhere, when Vicky saw her ally off, her husband came to see her and queried her about the person she saw him off.

Vicky lied to him about the man’s mission there and Roman found it quite strange. The two decided to go for lunch. Isabel, on the other hand, demanded an apology from Carlos for leaving her hanging last night. Carlos apologised for his act but he said he meant everything that he said that they should only have professional relationship.

Bianca had a swimming training with her cousin and he advised Bianca against working for Tigershark. He wanted her to work with him since she was a great marketer and beautiful, he knew a different man would be interested in her but Bianca claimed Tigershark would d!e without her.


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