Forever My Love Highlights Episode 16-20

Forever My Love Highlights Episode 16-20 Rigor threatens to reveal Carlos’ identity to Roman, Gabriel and Bianca officially become couple

After Gabriel occupies third position in his first ever triathlon competition, his coach plans a later training with him for possible future competition. This does not sit down well with Rigor since he wants them to act based on his instructions.

Gabriel tries to iron his relationship with Bianca but Bianca sees him as an obstruction. She doesn’t want to flout the rules Carlos gave her before signing the ambassadorial deal.

Soon, Rigor meets with Vicky to threaten her to reveal the whole truth about Gabriel and Carlos’ real identities to Roman. It turns out that Vicky switches Roman’s real son with hers and Rigor sends Roman’s son home for his mother to raise.

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Thereafter, Vicky gets Rigor behind bars in order to keep the truth hidden forever. Vicky dares Rigor to reveal the truth to make Carlos loses his inheritance. Elsewhere, Roman fires Bianca and takes over Tigershark since Gabriel failed to make the company recover.

As part of means to boost sales, Isabel proposes to Roman to replace Bianca with someone closer to her as the endorser. For the first time, Vicky turns down Carlos’ request to make Roman maintain Bianca.

Bianca goes to the Dela Vega Company to get her allowance. Beaming with smiles, Isabel becomes the bearer of bad news so Bianca confronts Carlos for not telling her the truth.

Unbeknownst, Gabriel sweeps home the endorsement deal but he turns it down. Bianca unfolds the truth. Jay-Jay puts in an effort to write his exams but it did not go well. He calls Steph and they met, this leads to a misunderstanding between Bianca and Isabel.

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In a careful thought, Roman gives a new shot to make Gabriel and Bianca endorsers of Tigershark. During the signing of the deal, Rigor gets there late and he officially introduces himself to Roman as Gabriel’s father. Vicky becomes indifferent seeing her former flame at the place.

Fast forward, Rigor calls Vicky over the phone to continue threatening her that he will reveal Carlos real identity. As they were talking, Carlos overhears the conversation and Vicky is compelled to reveal herself to Carlos as his real mother and his biological father is Rigor while Roman is the biological father of Gabriel.

Upset with the development and the manner which the endorsement deal has brought Gabriel and Bianca together, Carlos swears to keep the truth to himself in order to be the rightful heir to the Dela Vega wealth.

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Later, Carlos witnesses how soft Roman gets on Gabriel to allow him abandon official duties to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. The family then throws a surprise party to celebrate Lydia’s 70th birthday.

Maila sees a wallet which reminds her of her attacker who changed her merry life to a sorrowful one. Soon after, Gabriel while training with Bianca uses the opportunity to propose to her.

In a beautiful balloon settings, they share their first k!ss and begin their dating. What will be the next action of Carlos against this young couple?


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