Ghanaians celebrate Easter in solitude as coronavirus tolls on Easter activities!

Easter is one of the greatest celebration in the Christian calendar, according to the Bible the festivity depicts the day the world won victory over sin as Christ resurrected from the death.

Easter which is called Pascha in Latin and mostly known among people as the ‘Resurrection Day’ is celebrated in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This year’s celebration fell on April 12, which is today, in such season many people show love and forgive each other’s sin based on the grace bestowed on the world by the resurrection power of Christ.

As part of the festivity, many businesses including tourism, event organising agencies, advertising agencies, Fabric or cloth sellers, fashion designers, restaurants among others boom.

This year, such success story could not be recorded as those industries’ were closed and individuals were tide to their beds due to the lockdown policy implemented by the government to restrict movement of the people.

Over the years, the festivity had always been about candies, outing, chilling but today Ghanaians are celebrating it in isolation.

All church, social and traditional activities earmarked were all cancelled to observe the ‘no social gathering protocol,’ even lovers who planned to get the blessings of God in a wedding celebration within this festivity had to hold back their wedding plans.

Although  government was considering easing restrictions but the case keep rising each day, now Ghana has recorded 407 cases with six death and 4 recovering cases.

Lockdowns are being extended till further notice, and policing measures stepped up to fight the outbreak of the virus.

These measures have all affected the Easter celebration, some Ghanaians that Spot On News spoke to in an exclusive interview yesterday in Accra expressed regret that the ailment has taken away the joy of Easter, thus has crippled them.

Ms Stella Agyeman,  a cloth seller said, the coronavirus has made her sale decline as no one was buying.

She further stated that people were not allowed to open stores and cried that this measure has affected her purse and other industrial activities.

Aunty Adjoa, food stuffs seller bemoaned that no one came to buy special food stuffs, explaining that people did not have money and were unable to serve their families with unique meal as it is done always.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

I am An Entertainment Columnist, Content Writer, Blogger, Novelist, Poet, and a Publicist.

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