Ghanaians hate to see people on top— Kuami Eugene asserts 

Ghanaians hate to see people on top— Kuami Eugene asserts 

Highlife musician, Kuami Eugene says Ghanaians hate to see others on top and they do everything to bring them down.

In the light of this, he said many have labelled him as arrogant.

According to him, he was not arrogant but confident to an extent that he did not allow pressures around him to bring him down.

Speaking in a media interview, the “Fate” hitmaker said critics assumed he was arrogant because of how he proudly talked about his achievements during interviews.

“I know that in the industry I find myself in, you have to be seen to be meek. You come to interviews and you are asked how many awards you have, you say it and someone is mad in their house.”

“They want you to present yourself as solemn; solemn means being humble, being humble means being meek, and being meek means being down there. Because if you’re very confident that means you feel you are up there. And we hate to see people at the top,” he said.

Kuami Eugene pledged to continue to stay true to himself and not kowtow to unwarranted demands from the public.

“At the end of the day, I feel if I sugarcoat just to please you, I’m not pleasing myself. I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I’m living my whole life for other people. So if it’s an offence to be me, then it’s cool,” he added.

Recently, Kuami Eugene has been in the news following revelation from his former house help, Mary who claimed that the musician paid her 400 cedis a month and later sacked her after returning home late from an errand.

Her revelation has since generated conversation on social media on the appropriate payment for house helps.


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