17 Must Know Characters a man will exhibit to prove you’re in a healthy relationship

17 Must Know Characters a man will exhibit to prove you’re in a healthy relationship

Do you know that feeling unhappy in a relationship can lead to health problems?  Well, according to a study conducted in the year 2015, which looked at nearly 5,000 adults over age 50 who were partnered up, having regular negative interactions in a relationship increases the likelihood of suffering from depression and anxiety.

And is even linked to suiçidal thoughts, likely because relationship dysfunction drives up day-to-day stress. On the other hand, strong partnerships protect people when they’re in the midst of a crisis — exactly the time they need someone on their side.

Many people go into relationship for several reasons, either for friendship, companionship, depend on the other or for marital reasons.

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Irrespective of the reason which made you enter into a relationship it is a must to know that “Healthy” relationships have been shown to increase happiness, improve health and reduce stress. Studies show that people with healthy relationships have more happiness and less stress.

A Healthy Relationship is a kind of relationship that stands the test of time and full of happiness without any stress or anxiety.

There are basic ways to make relationships healthy, even though each relationship is different. These tips apply to all kinds of relationships being it friendships, work and family relationships, as well as rõmantic partnerships.

Narrowing it down, women most times enter into a relationship for lōve, affection among other things. These things make them look for partners who could live up to expectations but sometimes they get stuck and do not know whether the man is making the relationship healthy and stress free.

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In many cases, a woman’s identity and sense of self-esteem are both closely linked to her feelings of adequacy in relationships. She is likely to appreciate feeling wanted, receiving expressions of comfort and caring, and generally being taken care of. So when relationship stress goes unmitigated, women are more likely than men to feel personally inadequate.

To know the relationship you’re in with him is healthy, this is 17 must know characters he has to exhibit to carry you forward and to prove that you’re in a healthy relationship.

 1. He doesn’t hesitate to say he lõves you

There are many men out there after proposal find it hard to tell his partner how much he lõves her and is fond of her. Confirming his feelings to  partner will make her feel at the safest side. Bearing in mind that women loves positive words and speech that can make their heart feel at home.

2. Knowing You well

Being friends means less likely to divorce. Knowing her well, what she dislikes and likes, names of co-workers, interests, kids’ teachers, etc. Research shows that infidelity generally happens after the friendship has gone stale. On average, happy couples spend six hours more a week than unhappy couples. Knowing the woman well will make you cling to her to make her feel happy. So as a woman when your man lõves to spend more time with you is a language of a healthy relationship.

3. Working to like each other

Happy couples continually remind themselves of each other’s good points, remember and access good memories from the beginning of the relationship and are grateful for each other.

4. Desire for Connection

“Turning towards” each other when one partner “bids” for connection. “Turning towards” and “bids” are phrases coined by Gottman. Respectively, these two things mean the small behaviours that a partner displays to show they care and a show (ranging from subtle to obvious) of a desire for connection. When the man is always there to connect with you. You are the first he thinks of in the morning and last on his mind in the night, proves how connected he is to you.

5. He Considers your opinions

If your man is the type who seeks opinion from you, asks for your reaction and makes you participate in every decision making, then viola…. You hit the jackpot! A man who doesn’t hide anything from you and makes you feel that your opinions and feelings mattered to him even makes you feel secure and assured in the relationship. Happy couples change their minds to accommodate partners. In this way, they take their partner’s happiness seriously. Before acting, they put into account eachother’s feelings and opinions.

6. Solving solvable problems

A man who is always ready to settle any problem and solve it with you, is a man who thinks of your happiness. Solvable problems are specific and immediate issues that arise and can be settled using “repair attempts.” Actions taken by a partner to diffuse the tension and keep a conflict from escalating or going out of control. A research states that successful use of repair attempts is one of the greatest predictors of relational success.

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7. Easily admits his fault

It is a must know that it is difficult to build a relationship with an egoistic men. A man who fails to admit his fault to say sorry and always expecting you to forgive without saying sorry. A healthy relationship is formed with a man who is down on earth to admit his fault and willing to change from it.

Healthy couples face irresolvable differences by clarifying personal values, showing value for their partner, and affirming commitment to the relationship. The use of turning towards, bids and repair attempts are all crucial to surviving this very difficult part of the relationship.

8. Having shared meaning

If your partner shared similar meaning and commitment with you, know that you are good to go. This includes work, commitments, values, religious involvement, friendships, family among others. Anything shared can bolster shared meaning in the relationship of a couple. Research shows that couples who have been married longer are less likely to divorce due to the longer time spent building a shared world.

These qualities are sometimes inherent in a relationship and sometimes require therapy and hard work.

9. When You trust Him

Trust is foundational in every relationship, but with social media and always-on gadgets, it can become all too easy to snoop. But in a healthy relationship, you don’t need to do that. In part, that’s because he shows and proves to you that he trustworthy. He is reliable and available. When he says he will be there, surely he is there. He also shows you he trusts you by giving you the freedom and space you need without checking up on you constantly for red flags — and that includes checking your phone.

10. You Know Each Other’s Lõve Language

It is a must for him to know your lòve language and you must equally know his lōve language. The way you prefer to give and receive lòve (through words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch). In a healthy relationship, both of you will take the time to learn each other’s “löve language” so you can express your lõve in a way that works for you both.

11. You Agree to Disagree on Certain Issues

Every couple fights. But contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to fix every issue. In fact, it’s okay to have a handful of topics that you two will never agree on. Sometimes, it’s totally fine to agree to disagree, that’s healthy fighting. In healthy relationships, there are at least five issues that are “no-talkers.” They’re the issues that you both differ in opinion and perspective on, and that’s okay.

12. You Encourage Each Other to Go After Your Respective Goals

Many of us have a dream or vision for our life, and especially as we age, we want to maintain those visions. However, some men can be a stumbling block to your goals, which shouldn’t be. it’s okay if your dreams don’t align with one another as long as you honour and encourage each other to achieve your goals, that is a sign of a healthy relationship.

14. You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin

You must be able to lõve yourself for who you are, how you are and what you stand for. If not for a bad attitude that he is changing, then he must accept you for who you are together with your weaknesses. He shouldn’t make you feel less valued because you are not fair like another lady he is crushing on. You can only be you and you can’t change you to his preference.

15. Knowing your strength and weakness

When you’re in a relationship, it’s crucial to know your strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you’re confident around your friends but self-conscious at work. Or you know that little things, like your partner forgetting to take out the trash, can set you off. Whatever your strengths and weaknesses are, being aware of them can help you reach a point of loving and accepting yourself, which in turn can help you love and accept your partner.

16. Boundaries Are Honoured and Respected

A healthy relationship means you’re both on the same team. In a healthy relationship, both parties discuss and agree upon important subjects that are meaningful to one another.  Budgeting for something big, like a vacation. An unsupportive partner in an unhealthy relationship doesn’t honour that goal, and they may sabotage it by trying to get you to splurge on something unnecessary. If you can talk it out with your partner and they acknowledge and understand your boundaries, that’s a good sign. However, if your partner repeatedly ignores what you value, including your boundaries, that’s concerning.

17. Feeling Happy and Supported

Once the initial elation of a new relationship wears off, check in with yourself: Do you feel happy and supported by your partner? How are your mood and self-esteem? If you feel any strain or lack of support, talk to your significant other, it’s the healthy thing to do.

You must at all times feel that you’re happy in  the relationship and you wouldn’t trade him for any other man. This will be a joyful reality when he has proven the above seventeen character to confirm that you are indeed in a healthy relationship.

Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners. Both partners make conscious effort and compromise, in such a way that there will be no imbalance of power.


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