Implement strict policies to safeguard the right of children on social media— Social media expert to govt

Implement strict policies to safeguard the right of children on social media— Social media expert to govt

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Anansesem Media, an online platform, Nathaniel Quaye has advocated for strict policies that will safeguard the right of a child on the internet and social media.

According to him, countries like North Korea and China have strict restrictions with regard to the use of social media and the internet which has protected children from being exposed to some indecent content on social media, therefore when replicated in Ghana will make children use social media in a positive way.

Speaking in an interview with SpotOnNews in Accra on Saturday, Mr Quaye stated that issues related to Child Online Protection (COP) should be given serious consideration by major stakeholders as it impacts the future of the children and the country.

He noted that some students were abusing the internet and social media to promote illicit contents which some have gone viral.

“Recently we saw viral videos of students and pupils insulting the president, also some explicit acts which they should not have used the social media to do,” Mr Quaye said.

To promote awareness of child safety in the online world and to develop practical tools to assist governments, industry and educators, his outfit has embarked on a school campaign project to teach students on means of using internet to improve their education and bridge the gap of internet illiteracy.

Dubbed: “The benefits of social media/internet and the impact on the Ghanaian students,” Mr Quaye said, his outfit had visited three schools namely Evergreenfield Montessori, Deok Foundation and Thy Mercy International School in Accra to create awareness of the violence, abuse and exploitation within the online space while promoting the benefits of the use of the internet for pupils.

He said with time the project would be extended to various schools in the country, if his outfit get all the necessary support and resources from other benevolent organisations and individuals who child’s safety on the social media mattered to them.

“The project will ensure that all Ghanaian children learn safety online and explore all the opportunities presented to them by the online environment to develop their full potentials while learning new ways in generating income from the social media platforms,” Mr Quaye added.


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