Irreplaceable Episode 1

Irreplaceable Episode 1 Emman jailed for a crime initiated by Dexter, Robbie gets kidnapped during his seventh birthday celebration in Alcala

In Manila Fortress East Bank, Franco withdrew the money the bank driver had to deliver. Once the bags containing the fortune were secured inside the bank’s security jeep, Dexter gave Franco a plan B look since they were accomplices in a well elaborated plan. Dexter made a malicious call and joined Emman inside the car.

As a devoted man of God, Emman prayed before setting the jeep off for the task. Dexter engaged Emman in a conversation to ask about his sick son and he said he was getting better but needed money. The two came across a road which was close down. Emman suspected something vicious as the guards at the road directed him to a different road path.

Dexter had a bad feeling and take the right instead of the direction. To his surprise, Dexter pointed a guπ at him, demanding him to take the road that they were directed to take. He reminded Emman of being in need of money to take care of his son’s health but Emman did not give in. He  drove in such a way that Dexter became scared of his life.

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The police cars ambushed them and Dexter managed to get off the car to shõōt the officers to get his way through. Emman raced after him and they fought, throwing punches at each other. They were at the pier so Dexter surviving the blows and kicks Emman gave him decided to flee by the sea.

Emman tried his best not to allow him to escape but Dexter was fortunate to give Emman the super man punch inside his rib to throw himself inside the sea to escape on a boat.

The police caught Emmanuel Salvador and was jailed. Fast forward, Emman was already released and was working in a restaurant. Since his son would celebrate his birthday, he demanded for a for a favour to upgrade his room for his son’s upcoming birthday after they talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic made them to close down their restaurant.

His colleague told him that boss had already giving him a discount but the lady became considerate to help him. Bernie appeared in the scene to tease him to practice social distancing. He told Emman that they should go home but he said he was working on a double shift.

Emman gave Bernie money to get his son Robbie’s birthday cake since his ex-fiancée, Celine would come the next day. Unfortunately, he saw a client making a fast move on a lady and he stood in for her but ended up behind bars. Caloy went to prison to talk to Emman. Emman said he had to be out of there to go and meet his son at the airport.

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Caloy offered to go on his behalf but Emman wanted to go. His father, Nick was in on time to bail out his son since his friend was the police, Chief Canon. Bernie was scared that Emman would be fired but Emman said the two ladies he defended them had already talked with his boss so everything was settled.

Bernie feared that the guys he fought with would press charges against him to get him behind bars just like how he spent some days of his life behind bars. Elsewhere, Robbie was given a cake and a gift by Anton, his stepfather to be during his seventh birthday. Celine saw the gift as too much for her son. Robbie was in a hurry to go to Alcala to celebrate his birthday with his biological father.

Anton did not want Celine to go with the kid but Celine said they already talked about it. She could not turn down her son’s wish. Anton suggested they make Emman go there instead but Celine said she wanted Robbie to spend time with his grandfather Nick and his Uncle Bernie. She told Anton not to worry since they would only spend two days. Anton advised her to drive with caution, it was five hours drive to Alcala so she should be safe.

In the house, Emman recalled when he was shõt and while in an ambulance being conveyed to hospital, Celine who was in his rescue assured him that he would not d!e. Soon, Celine arrived in Alcala with Robbie and Emman told his son that he had lots of gifts for him. Robbie also had a gift for his father, it was a medal he won from a Taekwondo competition.

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Suddenly, Robbie fell sick but they did not know what was strong since his pressure was normal. Celine believed it could be heat so Emman fanned  him. Nick and Caloy prepared the house to celebrate Robbie. They heard a knock and they thought it was Robbie but it was Bernie instead. Nick had a call from Emman that the party has been postponed to the next day.

Emman had a private talk with Celine and get to know that Celine’s boyfriend Anton has proposed and December was set for their wedding. Celine went to the room of Robbie and couldn’t find the boy. She ran to inform Emman and they began a search for him. Robbie intentionally hid himself and he appeared to them when he saw that they were tensed. He insisted on his father to stay over that night.

In the morning, Anton called and through the video call with Robbie, he discovered that Celine was on the same bed with Emman and got upset. He made Robbie to give the phone to Celine and Celine explained things to him but he was still not satisfied and vented his anger on someone at the gym for consistently bumping into him.

Later on, Celine called Anton who was at the office of a health facility he was working, Celine tried to patch things up but he demanded her not to go back to Emman’s place again.

Celine objected since she wanted her son to bond with his biological father. Anton reminded her of what Emman did but Celine said it was three years ago and now they were cool. Anton said they should talk later when she arrives the next day.

While Emman was snapping pictures of his son at an open place, he spotted a suspicious person and he left the public place with his son. Celine called Emman to tell him that the scheduled time to bring Robbie was almost up. Emman said it was only 3:30 it was not yet 4:00pm. Robbie made his father told his mother to extend their stay in Alcala but Celine refused, saying she had lots of things to do in Manila.

When Emman brought Robbie home, the kid fell asleep and he invited Celine for a dinner at a restaurant since it was her last day but Celine turned down the offer and made Emman go for the food and present it to them in their hotel room instead. Celine returned to the room and couldn’t find Robbie. She called Emman to inform him and Emman spotted the suspicious man leaving.

He ran after the him but the man was quick to join a van. The man was no other than Dexter. Since treking after him was not helping, Emman went for his motor to race after their van. However, he had an accident on the way and mistook a certain van for that of Dexter’s van.

Celine, Nick and Bernie were reviewing the CCTV footage of the place and saw the bad gang who kidnapped Robbie. They saw that Emman raced after them and Nick was hopeful that his son would get hold on the kidnappers but his hopes were crushed as he received a call from a health facility that Emman was admitted. Nick together with his police friend and Celine rushed there only to discover that Emman couldn’t save Robbie.

Elsewhere, Amelia, the sister of Anton watched the video of her mother delivering a speech at a charity programme on motherhood and she told her mother that she would upload it on online. Mrs Hernandez wanted to speak with Anton but he was busy attending to a business partner.

Emman gave the plate number of the white van which took away his son to the Chief police to find it. Celine cried and he hugged her.


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