Irreplaceable Episode 10

Irreplaceable Episode 10 Anton k!lls Andoy, Emman is celebrated for being a hero after saving Junior Dacany and many abducted kids

Sam confirmed that Sonya and Andoy have criminal records. They were charged with theft, robbery, assault, illegal recruitment and he spent time in jail before. The group relied on Sam to request for the people who frequently visited Andoy when he was at the penitentiary.

She got the name of Doris Dacany, who was Fernando’s junior sister and she was in Santa Lucia. Emman stopped them from informing Celine or Anton about it. He suggested they should first find out if they could obtain any information from Doris before.

Amelia also spoke to Araceli to inform her that Andoy was blackmailing Anton. She said Andoy was one of Franco’s guy and he knew a lots about them but Anton has assured to take care of him. Arnold was still worried about his family keeping the family’s business under wraps. Linda said they did not want him to worry his head over the issue which might be the reason they have kept the whole thing from him.

Arnold believed there was something suspicious going on and it was not about the hospital and promised to find it out. Celine told Anton that he knew he was doing everything for their wedding but her son matters to him the most at the moment and wanted them to postpone it till she gets Robbie back.

She assured that he was the only man she lõved. Analyn was being fired for using a phone at the hospital and for almost hitting Arnold. She pleaded for a second chance and she promised that incident would not happen again. The senior nurse said her contract would be terminated and she believed Analyn after working there for two months would get a better job.

Analyn followed the senior nurse to beg her and stressed that her mother who had been working over two decades in the outside country was going on a retirement and she was the one who would take care of her siblings education. Arnold who came to the hospital for medical examination overheard her and told the senior nurse not to fire her and she should give Analyn a second chance.

Amelia told Celine that she was going to Manila the next day and told Celine to go with her but she refused. Amelia told her that the boat she got on was missing and Celine said she was relying on Emman for a lead. Amelia then said she should leave everything to Emman but she refused to give up on the search for her son.

At Santa Lucia, some scümbags abducted Doris and Andoy’s son. They tied them and confide them in a room. Meanwhile, Anton went to meet Andoy at the rendezvous place and screamed out to Andoy not to try anything funny by shõoting otherwise his son would d!e. Andoy still remained hidden at a back of a certain tree as he watched Anton put down the bag containing the money.

Anton said he came alone as they agreed. Amelia saw the video of Robbie and realised the kid had not been eating and called Franco to ask him why the boy was starving. Franco said they did not starve him, Robbie had refused to eat. Amelia said he should compel the boy to eat since the operation would be the following week and Robbie had to be in good shape.

She also saw that Franco was enjoying himself and she told him that it was not his vacation. Franco said it was his day off and thought it was a vacation day for especially when Anton contacted him for him to send his lackeys to Santa Lucia to take care of a business.

Anton told Andoy to show up because he knew his sister Dory and his men were at Santa Lucia. Andoy got upset but still remained hidden. Emman, Sam and Caloy reached Santa Lucia, and saw a van parked outside. They realised they were not alone there. They made their way into the house when they heard guπshõt. Dory wanted to seek for help but the goon shõt him.

Anton provoked Andoy to come out of his hideout and called his goon to make Andoy see what he has done to his son. He also showed to him that they had already murdered his sister and if he did not want Junior to suffer the same fate he would comply.

Andoy was willing to do anything to see his son alive. He surrendered and when Anton ordered that y k!ll Junior, Andoy tried to pull a fast one on Anton and Anton quickly shõt him and Fernando d!ed. Emman stumbled on one of the masked face goon in the room of Doris and he took him down.

Sam and Caloy also appeared and the other goon almost shõt Emman but Sam was quick to shōot him. They went to the other room which Junior and Dory were kept and they saw that Dory was already deàd. They untied Junior and led him out.

Celine and Anton watched the news which they saw Sam and Emman being hailed as heroes from rescuing Junior from two armed men who d!ed in the encounter. Francisco, the NIA boss looked a bit upset when Sam was coming out tough. Mercelo, on the other hand, looked cheerful. Anton spoke with Francisco and ordered him to do something about Sam otherwise, their cover would be blown.

Francisco fired Marcelo for giving out classic information to Sam. Amelia made Anton looked like incompetent since Emman was trending as a hero. Analyn saw Arnold leaving and she went to thank him. Celine and Emman saw the news reportage on how Emman saved many kids from the syndicate yet his son remained missing. Emman was branded to be a local hero and he did not want to watch it.

He tagged the report as s!lly report but Celine said it was not and she apologised for not believing in him at the time he needed her the most. Emman told her not to be because there were countless number of times that he lost faith in his own self.

Emman wanted her to go home but Celine refused and told him that she would be by his side till they find their son. Anton overheard them and left in jealousy. Chavez told Gabo that he was right for saying they should give attention to the kids being kidnapped. Gabo introduced Francisco to Chavez and said he was one of the heads of the NIA and he would help them in the case.

He told them that kidnapping of children had increased by 17 per cent last tear. From 28 in 2019 and 36 last year and the agency was able to apprehend two syndicates which plotted all those crimes. He said they were dealing with a new syndicate and Chavez told Francisco to handle the case and he said he would assign a team who would work with him on that case.

Gabo was surprised since he thought he had already formed a team to handle that case. Amelia told Anton that the walls were closing in on them and blamed Anton for it. She said their problem was Celine and that was the reason she wanted him to break up with her. Anton said he never broke up with her then and he was not planning to break up with her now. He said their only problem was Emman, who was not ready to stop till he finds his son.

Emman escorted Celine out and they fell into the tent of reporters who asked him if he was sure his son was alive and he said Robbie was alive and he would do everything possible to bring his son home. He urged the public to help in the search. Anton watched the interview and hit his television.

Nick was happy that Emman was able to rescue some of the children. He was glad his son was being seen as hero and Emman said he wouldn’t have done that if it was not for the help of Sam and Caloy. He explained to Nick that Sam was the one who helped him to get acquitted and Nick told him to extend his regards to her.

Sam and Caloy talked to Nick and Caloy said they were closing up on the syndicate and pretty soon he would be able to clear his son.
Emman asked of Bernie but Nick said Bernie hasn’t contacted him yet. Bernie in his hotel room saw the news about his brother and threw his phone away.

Celine got to the hotel and found the place messy. Anton showed up to accuse her of having an affair with Emman and she was just using her son as an excuse. He forced her that they should leave the place. Celine stood on her grounds and refused to be swayed by Anton.

She said Anton could go but she would remain in San Rosales till she finds Robbie. Amelia told her mother how Emman had become a thorn in her flesh and wished she could get rid of him yet when she does that things would backfire on them. She lamented that they now had the boy but Emman was giving them problems.

Aside from the fact that Emman was being their problem, she said Celine was also a problem and she had made Anton risked his life. Araceli told her to take care of Celine. She did not want to hear anything from Celine again. Emman and his allies ran out of money. Emman got a free place to stay due to how helpful he had become in rescuing children.

They were sad to hear that Sam and Mariquez were fired. Now it was not only money that they would run out of but information as well. Emman suggested she go back to Manila and speak with her superiors for she and Mariquez to gain their job. Celine stepped out from her hotel to go and see Emman but Anton tried to stop her and insisted that they should leave.

He said he could see that it was not Robbie that she was not accepting to live without but it was Emman. Celine told him that she would not go anywhere with him if he kept on with his jealousy and she walked out. Unknown to Anton, Amelia was watching them.


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