Irreplaceable Episode 13

Irreplaceable Episode 13 Emman embarks a journey to West Dumapay in search of Robbie,  Sam discovers the owner of the surgical facility in San Rosales

Emman and his team embarked on a journey to West Dumapay which was five hours drive from Rosales and it was closer to Manila. Franco shõt the nanny taking care of Robbie for her negligence in allowing the boy to use her phone to call his father.

Amelia had an issue with Araceli for siding with Linda instead of her. Araceli said she owed her life to Linda and reminded her that when she left her at the time she had an accident, Linda was the one who took care of her. Amelia said she regretted her action and had paid for it already.

Amelia added that Linda owed them more than them so if her mother considered Linda as part of the family and also a daughter then they should reveal their family’s secret to her to let her know that her grandson was being sacrificed to save Lester.

Amelia suggested they get rid of Linda and her family but Araceli was against it. Emman called Celine to inform her that Robbie contacted him so he was on his way to find him. Celine wanted him to mention the place for her to join him but Emman refused. Francisco informed Gabo that it seemed Paragas was working with the syndicate and was suspended.

Gabo assigned Francisco to Paragas’ case and when Francisco left his office, he called Chavez and to inform him. Chavez insisted that since Paragas had a history of working with a syndicate, he would be guilty but Gabo said Paragas was exonerated from the crime. Clarissa, the wife of Chavez along with the officer visited the grave of Lamuel James (LJ) Chavez. She told Chavez that Lemuel would have been ten years if he was alive.

Anton secretly relayed the information Celine got from Emman to Araceli and Amelia and urged them to do something immediately before their farm activities get exposed. Marcelo called Sam to inform her that he found the owner of the abandoned surgical facility and the owner was a prominent person who even had lots of foundation.

Amelia met with Ricafort to talk about their shoddy business. Ricafort wanted to back out from the business, he would not even pullout his investment all that he wanted was to disassociate from the trafficking business. He was not ready to tarnish his good reputation.

Amelia threatened to get his family k!lled. A flashback showed how Amelia helped Ricafort to get a heart transplant for his daughter. In return, he became a sponsor and and protected the farm. Presently, Amelia tried to scare him from pulling out. She said Ricafort’s daughter’s heart could develop some complications and would need another transplant so did his wife who was also benefiting from their organ trafficking farm.

Since his sister d!ed through heart failure, Ricafort was moved by the words of Amelia. Though he showed concern that the walls were closing on them but gave in once again. Celine decided to leave with Anton to Manila. As she was packing, Anton called Franco to scold him for their incompetency. He threatened to make Franco pay if he fails again.

Chavez and Clarissa went to the Hernandez health facility and found Arnold who was now working at the accounting department to help Anton. However, Arnold said he wanted to work at the NIA to help curb the menace of crime in the country. Leo offered to help him if he wanted. Later, Amelia checked the blood of Leo and it was 150.

Clarissa said that explained his short of breath at the cemetery. As they engaged in chitchat at Amelia’s office, Anton, on the other hand, told Celine that Leo was helping them to find Robbie. He said Leo was the godfather of Lester and he owed his life to Amelia since she helped him. Clarissa asked Amelia if she has gotten a donor for Lester and Amelia said yes.

Lester’s operation would soon be carried out. Clarissa was so happy for Amelia and even broke down into tears when she said no parents deserve to lose a child. Araceli visited Dr Gomez to alert her that the police might have discovered that she was the owner of the old medical facility and wanted her to travel to LA with her family.

There, she said she had a health facility there which she could use as alibi to work there till things capsize. Emman and Sam went to the house of Dr Gomez and they gatecrashed to query her about the abandoned facility she owned. Araceli hid herself to listen onto their conversation. Dr Gomez admitted owning the facility but she claimed to have forgotten the person she rented the place out to.

Emman forced to squeeze the truth out from her since the place was being run by a great syndicate trading in organs so Dr Gomez could claim she did not know the person she leased the place to.

He said since the woman was a doctor she might be the brains behind the act so should talk. His son was part of those children kidnapped and was sent to West Dumapay. The woman then revealed that she leased out to one Ramona Thahada ten years ago and thrown the NIA agents from her house, claiming they were harassing her. Sam did not believe her and promised to find a way to delve into the life of the doctor.

Dr Gomez became scared as Araceli told her that the gentleman was a top NIA agent so she would have to agree to stay abroad, otherwise, they would all be buried. Amelia went to Clarissa’s restaurant and ate with Leo. Sam called Marcelo to delve into the life of Dr Gomez. Emman lost control of the wheels and Sam had to stop him.

They almost hit the fence when they reached West Dumapay. Emman got down to sulk, Sam wanted to provide a shoulder for him to cry on but Caloy held him back. When he cleared his head for a while, Sam drew closer to him to help find the boy now that the law would deal with Paragas.

Celine after arriving at Manila with Anton called Nick to tell him to inform her if Emman tells him where he went to find Robbie. Both were relieved that Robbie was able to call for them to know he was okay. As Anton sent her in, he left to his house and Celine took the attire of Robbie from her drawer.

She recalled the boy praying to God to grant him his birthday wish to see his father in the province while also asking God to make his mother and father not fight anymore. As Sam was consoling Emman at the middle of the street in the night, Celine called Emman and the latter excused himself, leaving Sam to get emotional.


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