Irreplaceable Episode 14

Irreplaceable Episode 14 Arnold fights Bernie over Analyn, Caloy gets knocked by a car

Amelia bid Clarissa goodbye and the latter informed her that she had packaged Lester’s favourites fruits in the envelope for it to be delivered to him. As she was seeing Amelia off, Clarissa asked if Nestor had called to check on his son, Lester but Amelia said she wouldn’t be that mad at him if he did all that.

She made it clear that she would be both the mother and father of Lester and she would not forgive him. As Amelia was about to open the door of her car, Araceli called Amelia to inform her that Emman was able to locate Dr Gomez while she was there and he almost caught him.

Amelia said it got to stop so they schemed to get in touch with Anton to know the way forward. Emman went to the house of Celine and since Linda was inside, they spoke outside and he finally revealed to Celine that Robbie was in West Dumapay. Since the province was big, they did not know where to begin the search from.

Celine assured Emman that they would find the boy. Linda appeared and insùlted Emman, calling him useless for his inability to find the boy. She told him that she was happy that her daughter broke up with him and when Celine did that her life got better. She warned him not to set foot into her house since he brought bad luck and her house was cursed due to him.

Celine told her mother not to talk to Emman that way even though he had his short comings but Emman did not deserve such insülts. Emman told Linda not to worry, he would get Robert back. Sam realised Emman was blamed by Linda again and Emman said Celine had an argument with her mother but he understood the point of Linda.

Sam sent them to the old house in Manila for Emman and Caloy to rest there. There, Emman told Sam in a one on one conversation that after everything, he would return to Alcala and lead a simple life by working in a hotel. Sam asked about the NIA work that she wanted him to join. Emman insisted on living a simple life.

Sam asked him about her. She recalled the past they shared in that house and reminded Emman that she had her good memories in the house. She understood Emman had to go far away during their relationship but she said she still lōves him and Emman said he lõved her too. She wanted them to get back to how they were before and asked Emman if he still felt something for her.

She also asked if he still lōves Celine. Since Emman kept quiet, she rushed out to be in her car. After shedding tears she left while Emman watched her from afar. Bernie went to the health facility to wait for Analyn. As Analyn was passing, he stopped her  to ask that they should get back together.

He bought a bouquet a long and Analyn said he chose his dilenquint friends over her and she doubted when she left school during their final year, he told his father about it. Bernie said he was in Manila to find himself a job so that he would not depend on his family but got upset with Analyn when she sided with her family.

He told her that she was acting like his father. Analyn also got upset and walked out but Bernie stopped her. He was forcing her to stay, Arnold saw how he was harassing Analyn and he went to punch Bernie. The two boys fought and Analyn separated the fight.

Bernie asked who he was and Analyn claimed that he was her boyfriend so he should leave her alone. Analyn thanked  Arnold. When Arnold went home, he was in a foul mood and had a problem with his family for fighting. Anton went to speak with Lester to assure him that Robbie would soon be found. Amelia showed concern on how Emman kept getting close to the truth. However, Anton said they had a way to thwart it.

Anton was hopeful that by the time Emman would see Robbie, he would be a cold deàd body. Amelia hoped so because she was scared to hear the next news that Emman has taken away Robbie since he kept itching closer. Robbie, on the other hand, prayed for his parent to find him for them to be reunited as a family.

Emman spoke with Nick and his father wanted to join the search the next day. As Caloy spoke with Sam to stop her from hoping to be with Emman, Emman also thought of his lõve for Celine. Sam told Caloy that she was not hoping, however, Celine was about to get married.

Sam narrated that her mother d!ed when a bugler robbed and shot her in their house. That, she said was the reason she joined the NIA to deal with criminals but her father was still not proud of her.

She said she even called him the previous night but his wife picked, claiming he was sleeping. Sam added that her father did not care anyway. She promised to clear his name to acquit him from the deàth of Galang. Bernie hit somebody’s car and was beaten when he failed to say sorry but  fought him. Celine after her issue with Linda when she was speaking with Emman on the phone, was accompanied by Anton to see Leo.

Chavez promised to find her son but did not like it that Emman was doing self operation. Celine revealed to him that Emman was thinking some of the police had a link with the syndicate. Agoncillo also address the NIA agents and even mentioned that Caloy was with the team working in order to clear his name.

Gabo was disappointed that she was shielding Galang’s k!ller. Sam said Galang was working with the syndicate and she would clear Caloy’s name. Later, the police got to the hideout with a search warrant to arrest Caloy. Caloy ran and the police ran after him. He got knocked down by a moving vehicle causing a commotion on the street.


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