Irreplaceable Episode 15

Irreplaceable Episode 15 Franco prepares Robbie for the next day’s operation, Emman finds the location of the operation to save Robbie

Sam blamed herself for Caloy’s condition. She explained that she was the one who told Dante about where to find Caloy but Emman told her not to blame herself. Caloy was a fighter besides, he knew that Sam had good intentions. Celine came to inform them that Caloy was doing fine so they went to see him.

They went to his ward and Sam begged him for her action. Caloy said she shouldn’t be because he knew she wouldn’t wish bad for him. Celine said Caloy and Emman were lucky to have a person like Sam. Emman warned Caloy not to attempt to escape and he said he wouldn’t because Sam got his back.

They came out from Caloy’s ward and Anton asked what they would do since they were one man down so they had to rely on the Police. Emman said they were not going to slow down till they reach Robbie. Amelia came to warn them for having a criminal in their team and told Emman to be grateful that he was not charged for harbouring a criminal. Celine went to Caloy’s defense that Caloy was no criminal, he might have a reason for his action.

Sam added that Anton also knew about it and Anton admitted to Amelia. They went to Amelia’s office and Amelia blamed Anton for not exposing Caloy for her to thwart Emman’s plans. She realised that Anton did that to protect his reputation instead of helping his family to get Emman from their back. Anton later brought Celine home and Linda confronted her for shielding a criminal all those while.

She asked Celine what if she was caught and Anton said he would not have allowed that to happen. At home, Amelia told Lester to eat and the boy asked whether Robbie was found. Celine and Anton got there and Celine said Robbie would be found soon for them to play together. The family had dinner and Celine prayed for Lester’s operation which would be carried out tomorrow to be successful.

After the prayers, Amelia thanked her for thinking about her son. Celine said she had always prayed for the boy. As they were eating, Celine became in different, saying Lester has a blood same as Robbie and asked Amelia who Lester’s donor was. Amelia said since Celine was a nurse, she knew they don’t disclose their donors.

Celine said she was just thinking since the abductors of Robbie, though, officially not declared as organ trafficking syndicate but their investigation has suggested so. That meant that Robbie could possibly be used as sacrifice to save a kid like Lester. After all said and done and Anton saw Celine off and returned, Amelia asked him whether Celine said something to him but Anton said nothing.

She said Celine was suspecting to them with that too much questions she asked. Anton said there was no quest for alarm since the questions Celine asked were normal. Meanwhile, Nick thanked Sam for helping Caloy and Emman. Sam said it was nothing, she just want to help, Nick added that especially now that his family’s case kept piling up.

Amelia told Anton that he was so blinded by lõve that he could not see the picture of what was happening and since Celine and Linda were close to them, they would never be safe. Anton said if that was the case, he would go to the state with Celine once they marry. Araceli said she would not allow that to happen. No one was going anywhere, she would not allow her family to be separated.

Sam was seen off by Emman and she told Emman that she was going to the office since Colonel Manzano had called. Emman asked for forgiveness for hurting her feelings. Sam said she would get healed, citing an example that what she was feeling was like a wound and with time it would heal and would leave a scar. Sam promised to make him find Robbie as that would make him happy and would ensure that he was happy.

Arnold received bread rolls from Analyn and took a bite. He was impressed by its taste. He nodded in merriment as he received a text. He sent Analyn a message and she was glad he like her bread rolls. She was attending to the wound of Bernie so the boy called him and she abandoned her phone to care for Bernie. Emman linked the pieces of pictures he had pasted on the wall to draw the connection.

Nick came with a food but Emman was wearing his coat and Nick followed him. Gabo queried Sam for aiding and shielding Caloy while she knew he was a wanted man. Sam explained that Caloy could be an asset for them and he even defended and protected her from some of the syndicate goons. Gabo said Sam had to bring credible evidence to prove Caloy as innocence.

Ever since Celine asked Amelia those suspicious questions, Amelia was so anxious and could not sleep. She told Araceli that she felt that something bad might happen. She said she feared Emman could trace Dr Gomez’s property to them and Araceli assured she left no stone unturned and it could never be traced to them. She called Franco and he said everything was going on smoothly for the next day’s operation.

Meanwhile, in the car going, Emman told Nick that Alegre was the place she was suspecting the syndicate would send the kidnapped kids because that was the hometown of Dr Gomez.

As Linda wanted to make up with Celine, Emman  reached Bayan Ng Alegre. Linda feared to lose Celine and did not want her to endanger her life.Emman fortunately found the black van and followed. Franco noticed and shot them. Nick got hurt and Emman said they had lost the car but there was CCTV footage so he would send him to get him treated after that he would figure out the path the syndicate took.

Amelia told her mother they should keep their distance from Celine and Linda otherwise their family secret would come out. Araceli assured that she would send the family’s secret to her grave not even Arnold would get to know about it. Sam visited Caloy and sent along some food for him to eat. She once again said sorry to him and promised to set him free for him not to end up in prison. Sam received a call from Emman.

Elsewhere, Anton got a golden blood from the list of some of the India partners who had trafficked some children. Recalling that Celine would only agree to marry when she finds Robbie, she saw that as an opportunity to make things right. He went to inform Amelia about the 11years golden heart but Amelia was not ready to wait for the child to be shipped from India to the place especially now that her son’s surviving rate was slimming.

She knew Anton wanted to prove himself as the hero who saved Robbie and was not ready to cast lot with Lester’s chance of surviving. Her mind was made up to use Robbie to give a life to Lester. She walked out on Anton.


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