Irreplaceable Episode 2

Irreplaceable Episode 2 The kidnappers of Robbie demand 30million ransom, Emman discovers Dexter as his son’s kidnapper and engages him in a race

At the precinct, Emman gave all the necessary information to facilitate the search for Robbie. He told the police chief that he earlier saw the guy when he visited the mall with his son. He pressured the police to review the CCTV footage.

The Chief police understood how Emman was feeling since he was a father too and also knew that Emman had worked with the National Investigation Agency before. He calmed him down. Celine wondered the motive behind her son’s kidnapping and the Chief Investigator said the motive could possibly be kidnapping.

He urged them to have patience to see if there would be a call from those kidnappers for ransom.   Emman also thought of a possible syndicate which kidnap children and sends them away. Nick saw that Celine was extremely worried and comforted her, asking her to have hope in Emman that he would find their son.

Nick indicated that when Emman was working as a national investigation agent he had handle thousands of cases like that and was sure he would find Robbie. Elsewhere Dexter sent Robbie to a room and introduced himself to the boy as his father’s friend. However, Emman owed him a lot and now was the payback time. Robbie was hopeful that his father would find him and Dexter would be dealt with.

Amelia advised Arnold to stop drinking. Her mother defended Arnold, saying he only drinks during occasions. Anton appeared to introduce Mr Cornelio to his mother to talk to her about a possible partnership with Mr Cornelio. He was in Asia and Anton was thinking of expansion of their hospital abroad and thought of Cornelius as a partner to help them.

The mother also introduced her youngest son, Arnold to Cornelius. Since Amelia was a surgeon, he also thought Arnold was also a doctor bit was surprised to know Arnold was accountant hoping to work for the NIA. Anton received a call from Celine informing him about Robbie being kidnapped. Anton was quick to blame Emman.

However, Arnold believed Anton was the reason the boy got kidnapped as the kidnappers knew he was rich and was just waiting for the opportune time to run away with the kid. Once Emman heard it, he could not believe that Celine still saw him as a good for nothing. Celine recalled how Emman meddled in his boss affairs and got fired from the NIA.

He also couldn’t live up to Celine’s expectations when he promised to do everything to take care of Celine and their son but ended up getting fingered in a stealing case. Celine went to the precinct to confront Emman who was behind bars.

She was convinced that Emman made an attempt to steal the bank money in order to pay for the hospital expenses of Robbie but he denied doing such thing. Presently, Emman could not believe that Celine was still thinking he stole the money.

Celine was upset that he also distanced himself after he was released and found himself a new girlfriend. Emman explained that he only kept his distance since he made lots of enemies and did not want to get her and Robbie into his messy situation.

Celine got upset and left. Emman went through the pictures he took of his son at the mall and saw the kidnapper. He tried to figure out who he was. While with Caloy, Bernie spoke with Emman and the latter inform his junior brother that he hasn’t gotten any positive news about Robbie.

Caloy promised Emman his help to search for Robbie within Alcala. Celine also informed her mother about the unfortunate incident and her mother blamed Emman but Celine defended Emman.

As Celine was worried over the possible thing that has happened to her son: whether he has eaten or not. Suddenly, Emman received a call from the kidnapper, demanding 30million the next day before his son would be given to him. Emman requested for more days to raise the money but Celine was impatient and accepted to meet them at the airport to give them the money.

Anton raised the money but his sister, Amelia was upset that he was losing such huge sums on an ‘insignificant’ woman and her son but Anton said the money was for him and that amount was nothing to him. Besides, he didn’t steal it so there was no need for Amelia to stop him. He drove from Manila to Alcala.

Meanwhile, Emman began internet research to find clues on the person who kidnapped.his son. He went to buy a guπ and Celine suspected Emman was up to something. Anton told him to bow out, he would settle everything because he has the ransome. Emman told them that there was a media blackout on the whole kidnapping thing while he had already informed the police.

Emman insinuated that there was someone behind it and the person was keeping it under bay. He was sure the person would not give them their son. Anton called him good for nothing and he was no longer an investigative agent so he would not allow him to play a guessing game with Robbie. Emman punched him for calling him names but Celine sacked Emman.

Mrs Hernandez called Anton and Amelia apologised to his brother that she was wrong. What mattered was the life of Robbie. Mrs Hernandez spoke with Celine and told her she could relate as sometime ago she also had such feelings when Anton’s life was at the verge of deàth. Amelia said the family’s prayer was with Celine.

The mother of Celine who was a helper working for the Hernandez thanked the family for helping Celine out. Mrs Hernandez told her that she was like a family to them. Celine equally thanked Anton for doing everything he could to help her even when Robbie was another man’s son.

Anton told her that he had always lõved her. Too bad that she earlier chose Emman and promised to help her every step of the way.
They went to the airport and put the money in the trash as they were ordered.

Someone arrived on a motorcycle cycle to get the money. Unknown to him, Emman was lurking around and went after him the bag containing the money fell from the motorcycle. Emman tried to get the money while asking for his son.

The man shõt Emman to flee with the money. As the man reached the yacht, Dexter scolded him for acting reckless since they knew Emman was tough to deal with. Since he was shõt , Celine sent him to hospital and even got him treated since the doctor was attending to a different patient.

Emman once recovered came up with a plan to send the kidnapper pictures of him to inform him that he already knew who he was. Dexter replied that if he knew, he would have gotten him arrested. Bernie feared that his brother’s bragging might make the kidnappers aware that he had no clue.

Emman said he did not have other means to trick the kidnapper. Dexter got upset and told Robbie that he would not see his father again. He called Emman in a video to chat with his son. Robbie cried telling Emman that the kidnapper said he would not be able to see him again and pleaded with his father to go to his rescue.

After the call, Emman realised the boy was in a yacht at a certain pier and he told Bernie and Caloy about. Caloy offered his help and suggested they enlist a help from the police. Though, Emman did not want the two to get hurt but he went with them and shun the police in his mission to find his son. They followed the clue to the yacht and saw some goons which he shōt them.

Dexter who was in the yacht sensed something was wrong when he heard some shoōtouts. He went up to find out and Emman was surprised to see Dexter as the kidnapper after what Dexter did in the past made him end up in jail.

Dexter shouted for them to sail he shōt the ropes attached to the yacht to set it for sailing. Robbie saw Emman from the transparent window and cried that his father should rescue him.

Dexter and his lackeys kept shòöting at Emman for him to run for cover. The time gain chance, the yacht was going so he also threatened someone with his guπ just to take his boat to race after the yacht.

Meanwhile, Bernie while running along side Caloy twisted his leg and some of the lackeys who Emman had shõt and were left behind shõt Caloy on the rib when he was about to help Bernie.

Bernie saw the guy shõoting Caloy and rushed to hold him while Emman was still racing after Dexter.


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