Irreplaceable Episode 24

Irreplaceable Episode 24 The Hernandez reports Sam for insinuating they k!lled Robbie, Amelia meets the number one protector of the syndicate, Agent Chavez in a secluded restaurant to scheme up

Celine and Linda were setting the table for breakfast. Linda was happy about Celine’s marriage to Anton and asked her if she would push through with the wedding in December. Celine realised her mother looked so happy with the wedding than her.

Linda made it clear that she understood what Celine was passing through. She had equally been affected by the loss of Robbie and she always saw him in her dreams. However, she agreed with Anton that Celine needed to move on from her sorrows.

Sam went the the AA Hernandez Hospital to query Araceli and Amelia about Josephine Gomez who was a resident doctor at their hospital for the year 2016 and 2019. She showed Araceli Dr Gomez’ picture but the old woman denied knowing her. Amelia said the hospital has an average 700 physicians in the main hospital alone which consisted of General practitioners and those on top of the consultancy.

Amelia said since Sam said the doctor had worked there within 2016 and 2019 it was relatively short period compared to their actual doctors who had worked there, reason they did not  recognise her. Sam gave a funny sigh. Celine said she could not possibly marry Anton if she has not given the justice that her son deserved.

Araceli asked Sam details about Dr Gomez’ investigation. Sam said she was investigating because her outfit suspect Dr Gomez as part of the organ trafficking syndicate. Araceli wished her well in her investigation and said if their help would be needed she shouldn’t hesitate to contact them. Amelia added that she equally wanted justice for Robbie since he was the best friend of Lester.

Sam congratulated her  for Lester’s operation and said he had a blood type like Robbie. The Hernandez knew she was insinuating something.  Sam saw Celine when she was leaving the facility and told her that she was there to talk to Araceli to ask of Dr Gomez and they said they did not know her. Sam promised to do everything to uncover what the Hernandez have kept as secret.

Emman went to NIA and stumbled on Marcelo and Dante. Dante queried him what he was doing there and he said he was there to join the NIA again. Celine was hurt to doubt the man she lōved and was about to marry. She felt that she would dishonour her son’s memory if she marries the man who was the k!ller of her son.

Sam advised her to take her time to know the truth before. Anton saw them and asked Sam what she was doing there and she said she was there to talk to Araceli in her investigation on Dr Gomez. She asked Anton if she knew Dr Gomez and he said he did not. Anton wished Dr Gomez could show up from her hideout. He assured their hospital’s cooperation to help her investigation since Robbie was like a son to him.

Gabo refused to allow Emman into the NIA. He said when NIA lost him they lost an assert. However, he said Emman was not returning because he wanted to help the NIA but was there to take revenge. Gabo warned him to leave the investigation to the NIA as Emman could put his family in more danger.

Leo asked Nick about Emman and Nick told him Emman’s situation. Leo told Nick to tell Emman to return to the NIA but Nick said Emman lost his trust in the NIA due to some corrupt officials. Leo said he tried to clean the system but it wasn’t easy. He offered to give Emman employment and told Nick to tell Emman to see him.

At the NIA, as Emman was heading home, Dante dust up with him for Emman thinking of returning after disgracing him and swore never to return. Emman asked Dante what he has been able to do with the money from the syndicate, whether he has been able to use it to buy his conscience. Sam intervened when the two were about to fight.

Sam asked why he wanna returned while he lost interest there. He said he wanted to return since he could move freely there to find his son. Sam advised him to seek help from Chavez. She then told him her discussion with Araceli. Although they did not completely deny knowing her but they said they did not remember her. She warned Emman not to confront them as they could not compel someone to give them evidence if the person was not ready.

Sam was surprised when Gabo confronted her for insinuating that the blood type of Lester and Robbie were the same while she knew in their field of work one plus one can never be two. Sam began to suspect everyone and told Marcelo about it. Gabo reported Sam’s act to Leo.

Leo looked suspicious but he was quick to say no one was above the law so if Sam was suspecting the Hernandez and established that Lester had a same blood type with Robbie and through their investigation everything points to them then they would follow the law.

Nick called Emman to go and see Leo. Though he found that as a bother and would be abusing Leo’s  kindness, he went there. Leo offered him a security guard at the Department of National Security (DNS) building. Emman was happy with the offer.

He saw his father and told him about the new offer to be the security guard of the place. Nick did not see that as bad since with time he would climbed up to the top.

Nick had a call to see Leo and he thanked Leo for giving Emman a job. Leo told him that he had a dinner date so Nick should go home. Celine and Anton had a misunderstanding on their wedding preparation. Anton wanted them to plan ahead but Celine did not want to go out with him since he failed to inform her.

She did not want to set a date for their wedding and left Anton. Emman also left Sam and Caloy behind since he was attending a session with Celine. Caloy while alone wanted to talk to Sam but some was rather fantasising about Emman. Emman and Celine joined Clarissa’s support session for the parents who lost their children to the organ trafficking syndicate.

Elsewhere in a restaurant, Amelia spoke over the phone to Araceli to inform her about a number one protector who had been an ally for many years, securing their organ trafficking business. Araceli told Amelia to tell the person about everything so that he would know to protect them.

Amelia saw the person coming and she hanged up. The legs and the wrist profile of the person was like Leo Chavez. As he took his seat and Amelia sat, Amelia said he had come there early as usual.


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