Irreplaceable Episode 29

Irreplaceable Episode 29 Joan, Enrique d!e when they try to outwit Emman, Araceli confesses her crimes after being arrested

In a restaurant, Anton assured Celine that he would fix all his problems with Emman. He was even glad that he saw Emman earlier to ask for forgiveness. He asked Celine if she had seen Emman, after recalling the research centre she discovered when she and Caloy went to the basement, she denied hearing or seeing Emman.

She said Caloy was sent to the hospital and she went with him to see Dr Montecilo. Enrique Cartose was held as captive by Emman and Caloy. As Emman was squeezing the truth from the security guard, Sam and Marcelo were also doing extensive research about the guard working for the Hernandez.

Sam discovered that Enrique had a daughter and her name was Rosemine. After hearing it through the connected device, Emman lied to Enrique that his daughter Rosemine was with his men and his wife Christel who he has been married to her for 14years now would be involved if he failed to cooperate.

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He also has a gün collection 38 revolver, 37 magnum and a short gün. Emman asked which gün did he want his men to use on his wife and family and he listed them. Enrique had no option than to cooperate. He sent Emman and Caloy to the A Hernandez Hospital’s basement and Enrique assessed the code for them.

Unknown to them, a senior nurse at the facility had erased all updates on the CCTV footage. Amelia had ordered a thorough clean up at the facility to clear all their finger prints. After Emman accessed the the computers, he did not find anything. All evidences were cleared and was sad that the Hernandezes beat them to it. Yet they did not give up and held Enrique at günpoint to send him to Joan’s place.

He had told Emman that Joan had all the files so he sent them to Joan’s place. Before they could get out of the car, Araceli called and Emman ordered Enrique to receive the call and he shouldn’t attempt to say the wrong thing. Emman attached his phone to the speaker of Enrique’s phone and started to record the conversation.

Araceli told Enrique that she has sent his payment to his bank account and should also take good care of himself because he would be the next target. He should always remember that he did not know anything about the syndicate. After the call Emman compelled him to spill the truth he knew about the syndicate.

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At the NIA office, Dante approached Gabo to inform him that all the signatories have given their consent to get Franco transferred to the jail. Gabo said he should retrieve the papers for now. Dante wondered the reason for Gabo’s action since all the higher ranks had given their consent. Gabo said Sam report indicated that Dr Gomez’ deàd was not suicide and told Dante not to worry because he would talk to Agent Chavez.

Sam interrupted the conversation to inform Gabo about the new development she has received on the case. Elsewhere, Caloy and Emman hid in the bushes to make Enrique talk to Joan. Joan wondered what he was doing there and he said he was sent by Dr Araceli to see if she had reached home safely. Joan said he shouldn’t worry he had even cleared all the files and transferred them to Dr Araceli’s computer.

Joan told Enrique to leave it was late but he felt hard to leave. Emman and Caloy cornered them. Joan tried to escape but a fight ensued. Enrique fought over Emman for his gün and it went off accidentally for Joan to get shõt. Enrique also got shõt in the process. Dante went to talk to Franco that Sam got a new lead on the Hernandezes and he was sure Gabo would come after him.

He told Franco not to worry, his papers for him to be transferred to the City jail was set but Gabo is the problem. However, he got his back and he should ensure he did not rat out the Hernandez. Franco said he did not care, all that he wanted was for him to set him free, otherwise he would rat him out. Unknown to Dante, the security camera captured him.

While the Hernandez were happy that things were going smoothly and were even planning a vacation to make Lester happy after his recovery, the NIA agents came in looking for Araceli. They barged in.

“We are here to arrest Dr Araceli Hernandez,” Sam stated.

“What?” Amelia shouted.

She interjected that the NIA had no evidence. Sam proved them wrong when she said they discovered that Joan Soledad, a senior nurse at A Hernandez Hospital was keeping children as hostage in her rented house. Files they retrieved from her house proved that Araceli had been paying the the nurse from personal account and that could only mean she had a link to the syndicate. Anton protested so Gabo stepped in with an official warrant for Araceli’s deàth.

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“Dr Araceli Hernandez, you’re under arrest for the trafficking of persons and multiple acts of murder.”

He spelt out the law to her and nabbed her. He told the family that they would also be questioned.  Once they arrived at the NIA office, Celine and Emman were already seated. Anton approached Celine to make her believe that everything was a mere misunderstanding. The news about the deàth of the two syndicate members who were working at A Hernandez Hospital went viral.

The news has it that Dr Araceli was arrested and was at the NIA office for questioning over her possible involvement in the syndicate. Several children were also rescued from the rented apartment of Joan Soledad. After her daughter spoke with her, Linda returned to the Araceli’s mansion pretending to have left something in there just to steal the laptop of Araceli.

“I lõve you mom Araceli but I need to help my daughter to find evidence against you.”

Clarissa believed an enemy was just framed and seek her husband’s help to look at all the possible angles to help Araceli. Analyn called Bernie to call for a truce after news of Araceli’s involvement went viral. She now believed in Bernie. Nick told General Chavez that Emman found it more of a coincidence that Lester gained a supplier once Robbie got missing so Emman suspected Robbie’s heart was the one beating in young Lester’s house.

Celine was glad that they were close to finding the truth. Celine hoped that Anton was not the mõnster that they were thinking because she lõved him. Emman overheard the conversation of Celine and Sam and he queried what would make Celine believe that Anton was involved in it. Caloy turned down the fire. Just then, the attorney of Araceli arrived and refuted all claims and evidences against his clients.

He said they did not get it from Araceli but Joan which could prove that it was a frame. Emman then played the recording of Araceli informing Enrique that she has sent his money to the bank account. The lawyer said it was not legally obtained so it was admissible in court. Gabo explained to him that Emman was a top agent and knew that the recording could not be used in court.

He was only trying to prove that Araceli was guilty.  Yet, the lawyer denied and insisted on not allowing them to detain his client. This got Emman upset to ask him if he had no conscience. He showed him pictures of children who suffered due to the wickedness of Araceli. As the fight ongoing, Marcelo came in to hand over Araceli’s laptop to Gabo.

Amelia got upset, she queried them on means they secured the laptop. She said it was an act of invasion of Property and she could charge them of trespassing. Marcelo made it clear that they did not go to their house, it was the nurse of Lester who handed the laptop to them. General Chavez watched the news that he was under scrutiny since he was close friends with the Hernandez.

The NIA agents ordered Araceli to open his computer. When she did they discovered the children she has been trafficking: their blood type, ages and Emman was anxious to know if Robbie was part. He went through it and blamed the entire Hernandezes. Scared for the safety of her children, Araceli took the fall to get Amelia and Anton off the hook.

Amelia told Emman to stop and queried if he wanted her mother to d!e and Emman said he wanted all of them to d!e because they were all bunch of liers and monsters. Emman and Anton almost exchanged blows. Celine interjected that they would not stop till Araceli told them the truth.

Araceli accepted to confess and in front of a camera, she confessed that after Anton had heart problem she met a syndicate leaders who proposed to donate a heart to her son, in return she would join the syndicate and that was why she joined the syndicate. Celine told her that she did not have a right to take anyone’s life. Araceli asked who she would save if her son and another child were drowning.

Celine was quiet so Araceli stated that some lives were important than others. Celine objected, she told her not to justify her crime. The fact that she and her family were rich did not mean that others lives might be snapped out of their hands. She told Araceli that she had no right to deny Robbie the chance to live, adding that how would Lester feel if he found out that Robbie’s heart was the one beating in him.

Araceli said she was wrong and it was not Robbie’s heart beating in Lester. Celine insisted on telling Lester the truth and that made Araceli faint. She was rushed to the hospital while Linda shed tears and begged Emman for treating him in that manner. She admitted that Emman did not deserve how she treated him.

Celine said the most important thing was her handing over the laptop. That she said helped them to uncover the truth. Linda said she had seen that Araceli was a good mother and she was willing to go any length to save her children. Emman believed it was another reason she was covering for them.

Celine held on to the hope that Robbie might be alive since Araceli claimed his heart was not the one beating in Lester. However, Emman did not want her to build her hopes high for them to get hurt again.


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