Irreplaceable Episode 3

Irreplaceable Episode 3 Emman k!lls Dexter, Caloy discovers Chief Galang is working with the kidnapping syndicate

At the health facility, Amelia told a woman about her son’s condition and the treatment that would be needed but the woman saw it as expensive. Amelia asked her not to worry, the foundation of her outfit would shoulder all the expenses.

Caloy and Bernie went home and Nick scolded them for not contacting the police. Caloy said they wanted to but Emman did not want them. He was suspecting that the police had a hand in it and should not be trusted. The Chief of police asked whether they were included and he said Emman knew one of the kidnappers.

The police turned pale when they heard that Emman suspected the case as not just kidnapping. Emman who was still racing after Dexter called Sam who was on operation to confront her for not seeing to her promise to ensure Dexter get arrested. Sam said she did and was shocked.

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She went inside her van and researched on Dexter. She discovered that the notorious criminal was released on parole and wondered how it happened. Emman called Sam again to ask why she failed to warn him when Dexter was released but Sam said she had no idea. She, however offered to help him in finding his son who Dexter kidnapped.

She advised him to keep his GPS on so that she could trace it. Amelia spoke with Anton and the latter said they did not get Robbie after they paid the ransom, actually Emman was right for saying it was not an ordinary kidnapping. Amelia realised her brother was acting jealous since he agreed with his fiancee who now has begun to trust her ex boyfriend.

Since the search for Robbie has turned into competition, Amelia advised him to find Robbie first because if Emman did, he would lose her fiancee to him once more. Her mother saw that she was right but Amelia asked what if she told Anton the truth. Her mother told her not to.

Celine spoke with Chief inspector Galang and was told  that Emman knew the kidnapper of their son and Celine was surprised since she has not been able to reach Emman. Amelia went to check on her sick son and took away his gadget. Her son asked Linda, Celine’s mother about the time Robbie would get to visit him but Linda said she was not sure the day Robbie would visit.

Anton told Celine that Emman could be the culprit. He might have staged the kidnapping and has taken the money along with Robbie. Celine defended Emman, though he made mistakes but  was incapable of such a crime. The police who did an investigation on the yacht which Dexter was using came to see the Chief police, Galang to inform him that the yacht Dexter was using was not registered.

Samons told the Galang that he suspected someone was behind it. The person did not want them to find the syndicate. Emman followed the yacht but lost it. He asked some sailors he saw and they showed him where the yacht went. He followed and found Dexter’s hideout.

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He took down those who came around her way and managed to shõot Dexter’s leg when he tried to escape with the money. However, Robbie was taken away by part of the syndicate members in a van. Dexter traded punches with Emman. Dexter tried to escape with the money but Emman was compelled to shõot him right on his chest.

He tried to squeeze the truth out of him but Dexter failed to talk till he choked and d!ed. One of Dexter’s lackeys was about to take Emman by surprise. He ended up deàd as Sam appeared from nowhere to shōot him before be could shõot Emman. Sam apologised to Emman and promised to help him in all to find Robbie.

Emman did not want her to come but Sam explained that she did that to fulfill her promise. Meanwhile, Anton visited the Salvadors along with Celine. Caloy tried to be nice to Anton and he introduced himself as Emman’s friend. Anton did not mind him. Nick told Celine to take heart, he was sure Emman would find him so she should trust in Emman.

That, pissed Anton off so he told Nick that he wanted Celine to believe in a man who has put a big show to kidnap Robbie and has taken that huge sums of money and has fled with it. Nick wondered where that was coming from. Anton branded them as Emman’s accomplices, saying if Emman was innocent, he would have engaged the police  but he failed to do that.

He needed the money and has found means to extract money from them. Nick punched him and threw them out. When they left Caloy understood where Emman got his fighting skills from. He and Bernie offered to go and beat Anton up but Nick advised them against their plans.

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Celine was upset with Anton for humiliating her while they only went to the Salvadors place to seek their help. Anton asked if he was the only person who could see that Emman stole the money. Celine made it clear that she knew Emman and his family, they were incapable of that. Anton reminded him of her accusing Emman of stealing the bank’s money but she said Emman was acquitted.

Emman after obtaining the phone, wallets and all the necessary things from Dexter’s pocket spoke with the Chief of police concerning Dexter and his lackeys. He wanted the police to find fingerprints of them. Galang tried to shift tables, he demanded him to come to the precinct with his men who he has dispersed to the crime scene.

He told Emman that what he was doing was illegal so he should leave the work for the police to do it. Emman could not understand why the police was making him look like the criminal.

Unknown to him, Galang was working in connivance with the syndicate leader to capture Emman and eliminate him for being a nuisance. Fortunately, he left the scene before Galang’s men got there

Emman told Sam that he did not believe that Dexter was the mastermind, he believed there was a bigger syndicate. Sam advised him to get back to the service and he recalled how a corrupt superior made him quit his job.

Emman sent Celine a message promising that he would find their son and bring him back home but she should allow him to find the boy alone. Celine could not do what she was told and decided to go to the precinct. Anton was following her but she told him not to. Anton knew she was still upset with him based on what he said to the Salvadors.

He apologised and Celine told him to rather apologise to Nick not her. Sam alighted at a certain filling station to ease herself. She bumped into one of Dexter’s lackeys. The guy apologised and joined the black van but Sam did not know him so she went. Emman was close to his son but least did he know that the black van he was looking at, Robbie was tied inside and was even suffocating.

Caloy went to the precinct to overhear the Chief of police Galang speaking with the syndicate leader. He told the leader not to worry since he had cleared all the details about the yacht and it was good that Dexter d!Ed since they would not find anything about their job. Unknown to him, Caloy has heard everything and once he was done.

Caloy went in to play along with him and even told him to buy some of his products as he would give him a discount. Caloy took his leave but it was a ploy to take Chief Galang by surprise. He lurked around and when the Chief left his office, he went through Galang’s things to recover the files and took pictures of them.

Galang had also taken some necessary documents from his subordinates and was going inside his office.

Would he be able to catch Caloy, who had been a thief before and has served a sentence for it, or Caloy will use his robbery sk!lls to escape him. Catch all the fun on Irreplaceable here as I present your daily update. Subscribe to the site!


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