Irreplaceable Episode 31

Irreplaceable Episode 31 Gabo k!lls Dante over a staged ambush to set Franco free, Leo advises Amelia to postpone their plans to save Araceli from ending up behind bars

At the Hernandez mansion, Arnold asked Amelia how Araceli was feeling. Amelia confronted him for abandoning their mother at the time that the woman needed them the most. Arnold assured that he cared but said the mother he knew wouldn’t be a bad person.

Amelia said it was a fact they were all fighting themselves to accept. However, she and Anton did not abandon Araceli as how he did. Arnold asked if she was involved in the syndicate job. Amelia told him that if he doubted her that much, then he should have himself to blame because Arnold had always viewed himself as an outsider but now that could be his problem.

She made Arnold believe that he was being ungrateful. Linda advised Celine not to be swayed by the plea of Anton, they were very cunning and manipulative. Amelia could not believe that Anton was hellbent on pleasing Celine while the family was going through crisis. Anton said he only wanted a receipt or certificate to verify to Celine that Robbie’s heart was not the one beating in the body of Lester.

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He told Amelia’s that she did not know how to lōve since she did that to Nestor. Amelia warned him not to mention the name of Nestor because he did not lõve Celine, it was an obsession that was ruining the Hernandez family. While she was with Lester, she recalled that she found out that Nestor was a swindler who had been stealing huge sums from her family and confronted Nestor.

Nestor also revealed her dirty secret that he had a health check and it was revealed that he had a low spërm count which meant that he was not fertile to to impregnate a woman and he hit Amelia. Amelia apologised and after that memory, she assured Lester that she would not make her be caught in the chaos.

Elsewhere, Sam and Emman were able to hinder the elaborated plan of Franco and Dante. They stopped at the middle of the road and after k!lling one of the police, Dante and Franco schemed on how Franco would shoot him. Right there, Emman and Sam intercepted them but the two cunning guys cornered Emman and Sam with his bad guys.

However, Gabo showed up to k!ll Dante. Franco escaped and Emman ran after him. Fortunately or unfortunately, Franco managed to get a random driver hit and escaped with his car to the farm. He met Amelia and told her that Emman’s camp intercepted them and Major Dante d!ed in the shõotout. Leo showed up to say it was sad that they had to lose their ally in the NIA.

At the NIA office, Gabo asked Sam why she did not reveal her suspicions to him. Sam said it was because she and Emman suspected him too. Emman said they believed someone in the higher rank was helping Franco and did not believe Franco was receiving orders from the Hernandez. Gabo said he also had his own suspicions that was why he followed Franco and Dante.

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He promised to find out the higher rank helping the syndicate and told Sam and Emman that they could only work together if they believed in him. They formed alliance and Caloy was happy for that. However, he was sad that Sam still lōved Emman and advised Emman to snatch Celine from Anton’s hands. That, he said was the surest way for Sam to take notice of him.

Amelia thanked Anton for coming up with a well crafty move to get their mother to escape prison. Due to that, she finally decided to help Anton give the necessary prove to show to Celine that Lester was not living with the heart of Robbie. She said if she did not do that Celine would keep investigating them till she uncovered the truth.

Anton later went to see Celine to inform her that Amelia was finding the donor of Lester’s heart for him so she should believe in them, all that he needed was time to prove the truth to her. Analyn nursed Arnold after she received a text the other night to get to the bar to find him drunk. Arnold thanked her for bringing him to her house to take care of him since he did not know how he ended up there.

Emman got to Celine’s house to show her evidence that proved that the burnt body, figure and shape of that unrecognised body matched that of Robbie. Celine did not want to believe that her son was actually deàd. Emman made it clear that Anton was just manipulating her to build her hopes high and then hurt her. Celine just she was only doing that to find out the truth.

Emman saw that she was doing that out of lõve for Anton. At the NIA office, Gabo said after the corrupt Major Dante’s deàth, he wanted to clean the system and appointed Samantha Agoncillo as the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the NIA. While Bernie and Arnold almost dust up at Analyn’s house, Leo shifted the blame of Franco’s escape to Gabo as he discredited his inability to stop the criminal from escaping.

Leo was upset that Gabo had been working with Dante all those years, yet, he could not detect that he was conniving with the syndicate and thwarted the work of the NIA. Gabo assured not to lose his guard again, he would find Franco and also ensure that Araceli did not escape his hands just like Franco.

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He told Leo that he was waiting for the clearance from Araceli’s doctor in order for her not escape since Franco’s escape attempt was an alarming reminder that the power of the syndicate remained bold and building. Leo asked anxiously what he was insinuating and he said if Franco only worked under the protection of Araceli then Franco would not remain bold to escape.

Gabo said he would investigate each single one of the family: Anton and Amelia who was the best friend of his wife Clarissa. Leo realised Gabo was insinuating something so in order to protect his integrity, he called Amelia to inform her to postpone her mother’s escape because it would be hard to intercept the transfer as it would be done by Gabo.

Amelia saw that he was chickening out and Leo made it clear that he was being suspected due to his connection to her family. Amelia asked whether that was the only connection they had, Leo apologised for being so formal. He admitted they had deep connection that was why he was warning her not to do it now otherwise she might end up like her mother.

Amelia after assuring some of the partners about the full operation of her illegal business and telling them that what NIA knew was just a tip of the iceberg, she told Anton that according to General Chavez they had to put on hold their escape plan. Gabo saw Emman outside and told him that his suspicions about a higher rank protecting the syndicate could be true so he had to be careful because the very people who were expected to uphold the laws were the same people who were trying to cover up for the truth not to be known.

Emman suspected Gabo was talking about Chavez but unknown to them, Chavez watched them through his window pane. Caloy told Sam that their suspicions about General Chavez could be true because Gabo was equally suspecting same. Sam said if that was indeed true then the syndicate had gotten a higher rank. Caloy appeared with the food and drinks to celebrate Sam’s promotion.

Anton called Celine that he has fulfilled his promise to make her meet his mother and talk to her before she would be transferred to the NIA office the next day. After eating and drinking, Caloy got drunk and when Sam asked of her leave, Caloy offered to alight her but Emman said he was drunk. Caloy told Sam that he always took bullets for her bus she did not care, same way she had taken so many bullets for Emman but he did not care about her.

He said even if he jumped in front of a train for her, she would never care at all. All that mattered to her was Emman, yet, Emman did not care at all about her. Emman only cared about Celine so irrespective of what Sam does, she would never win over Emman’s heart. Some punched him and he dazed.

Celine stormed the hospital of A Hernandez to get to talk to Araceli. Amelia tried stopping her but Araceli said she fetched for her in order to have a talk with her so Amelia should calm down.


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