Irreplaceable Episode 32

Irreplaceable Episode 32 Araceli to expose partners in her syndicate business, Leo fights attackers at Clarissa’s birthday party

At the hospital, Araceli begged Celine to forgive Anton because he has no hand in the syndicate business. Celine made it clear that she was not there to hear that. She asked of her son and Araceli explained that Robbie was not Lester’s heart donor. She said she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Robbie.

Colonel Manzano appeared in the scene to give Araceli direct instructions to follow during her transfer to the NIA office for her own safety. Linda showed up to express her disappointment in Araceli for breaking her heart while she took her as a mother, she trusted him not knowing she was her grandson kidnapper.

Araceli denied having anything to do with the disappearance of Robbie. Elsewhere, Samantha spoke with her father. The man heard of the deàth of Dante and wanted to makeup for not warning his daughter against Dante. Sam used the opportunity to inform her father about her promotion. Her dad congratulated her but did not have time to talk about her promotion any further and hang-up.

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Sam got disappointed since her dad has always treated her and her mother that way ever since she was a kid. She was her father’s second family so he failed to prioritise them. Clarissa saw that her husband was having lots of things on his mind and told her husband about her birthday party. Chavez promised to make it up to her by attending the party since he did not help in its preparation.

Caloy sent Sam text to apologise for his act. Marcelo came in to inform Sam that Colonel Manzano was at the hospital sending Araceli to the office. He was scared that what happened to Franco would be repeated but Sam doubted. She had complete belief in Colonel Manzano. While they were transferring her, the media intercepted them at the hospital to ask questions.

Bernie felt that Analyn was defending the Hernandezes when he talked to her over the phone to warm her from getting closer to the family. He was certain that Araceli pretended to be sick and her children were involved in the syndicate. He therefore advised Analyn to resign and find a new job. Franco and his team kidnapped a certain boy named Enzo and the mother of the boy saw her son’s school bag on the floor.

As General Chavez went to the NIA office to interrogate Araceli, some group of women trouped to the Department of National Security protesting and were demanding for justice. Emman stopped them from rallying around the area. He told them that Chavez was not there and assured them that he would do everything possible to ensure their children gained the justice they deserved.

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Araceli during the interrogation denied once again that her children were not involved in her syndicate business. Sam and Manzano were surprised to see how General Chavez was going with his interrogation. Knowing that he was being suspected by Gabo, Sam and Emman, Leo tried to act strict and tough with his investigation to erase all bad impressions about him and his relationship with the Hernandezes.

Elsewhere, Caloy began to do mistakes in his orders client gave due to Sam. He was so desperate when Sam failed to attend to his calls and text. Meanwhile, Celine thanked Anton for giving her and Linda the opportunity to talk to Araceli before her transfer. Anton hoped that they now believed in him and his family’s innocence in the kidnapping of Robbie.

Celine refused to be swayed, she needed proof to erase her suspicions so Amelia interjected that she would give her proof for her to know that Robbie was not Lester’s donor. Leo asked Araceli whether she was not feeling remorseful. He recalled how the woman consoled him when he lost his son.

He told Araceli that she should reveal the names of her partners in the syndicate business and he was asking as a father who lost a son. He promised to reduce her sentence so Araceli accepted to name them under one condition.

Later, Sam met with Emman to inform him about Araceli’s condition she gave to name those culprits. She wanted a press conference to name all those involved. Emman asked whether Chavez was not acting suspicious. Sam said if General Chavez was involved then he was quite an actor.

At the birthday party of Clarissa, some guests came and they gossiped as they sat. They were willing to cut all ties with the Chavezes if it turned out that they were the protectors of the Hernandezes. While on her way to the birthday party of her friend, Amelia called Franco to ask about the new kidnapped kid and warned him not to be complacent.

He arrived at the party and Clarissa was happy to see her. She was actually not expecting her to come due to her mother’s situation. Amelia reminded her that they promised each other to celebrate their birthdays irrespective. When Clarissa was not there, General Chavez went to sit at a quiet place to talk.

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Amelia realised the guests kept gossiping about her and wanted to leave. Leo stopped her and she said the party was full of pests who did not stop gossiping. Leo spoke to her not to get Clarissa sad by leaving.

He told Amelia about her mother’s intentions to talk and opted for a press conference. Amelia looked stunned since she did not know what her mother would talk about. Leo even thought she knew about it.

Elsewhere, Celine went show the papers of the donor of Lester’s heart to Emman but Emman doubted that the embattled family were saying the truth that they passed through legal mean to acquire a heart for Lester. Emman made Celine see the possibility of another hatched up plan to conceal their deeds.

Celine was hellbent on getting to the bottom of it and came up with a plan to set Amelia’s consent to get Lester’s heart examined with Emman’s own to establish the truth but Emman knew Amelia would not agree. Celine said she would use Anton to make Amelia accept. Emman got upset with her and asked if that was the reason she was still following Anton.

Celine wanted to cling to the belief that Robbie was alive but Emman felt they were just building her hopes high to clean their crimes. This led a misunderstanding between the ex-lõvers. Back at the party, Leo told Amelia that her mother was up to something. Amelia realised that Leo was scared that Araceli would rat him out and assured him that her mother would not do such a thing.

Celine got home and Linda made her see that Emman could be saying the truth because Araceli and her family lied to their faces for many years. She made her see that Emman was the only guy out there who genuinely lõved her and she should give her heart to him not Anton. To her, Anton was evil, cunning and subtle.

At the party, a victim of the organ syndicate’s mother broke in to caus a scandal so Leo was forced to to kick the woman out. However, someone recorded which got Leo upset and fought with the person. He destroyed the person’s phone and his wife stepped in to put the situation under control. Unknown to them, some other guests secretly recorded Leo’s action.

As she went to her room and opened her wardrobe, Celine saw Emman and Robbie’s picture which made her recall her argument with Emman.


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