Irreplaceable Episode 37

Irreplaceable Episode 37 Leo plans to manipulate NIA’s investigation on Araceli’s deàth, Dr Calderon returns for revenge

Leo went to see Amelia to tell her that he would not allow anything bad to happen to her. Amelia thanked him for taking care of her problem. Leo said that was the least he could do to make up for Araceli’s deàth. Amelia apologised for blaming him.

Celine gave Anton drug to swallow and told him that he should have fought Emman due to his heart condition. She warned  him to take good care of himself and asked if he was okay. Anton smiled looking at the way she kept acting like his mother.

He asked her if she was not in talking terms with Emman and when she said yes, he asked whether Sam was the reason. He said he has noticed that Emman and Sam had a special relationship. Celine pretended not to care, claiming she was having misunderstanding with him since he failed to see the possibility that Robbie was alive.

Elsewhere, Sam also was not happy that Emman fought Anton. She said he should have ignored him. She asked him whether he was acting that way because Celine was back with him and he said the contrary. Emman explained that he was upset because he wanted justice for his son and whenever he set his eyes on Anton he got upset for him and his family k!lling his son.

Leo called Attorney Rabago to warn him not to reveal Araceli’s video to anyone. He also told him to get rid of it and he said he already did. Sam had a meeting with Attorney Rabago to demand for the video of Araceli. However, the lawyer said it was confidential and the law with Araceli was binding even if she was deàd, he had no right to share with anyone.

Sam tried convincing him to share the video for her outfit to save many innocent lives which the syndicate were k!lling. He sent the video and unknown to him, there was someone spying on him and followed him. Sam forwarded the video to Emman. It was her last words to her children asking them for forgiveness.

Emman called Sam and she said Marcelo has confirmed that it was the video taken that time. Leo met with Franco, they came up with a plan to get the deàth of Araceli closed. Clarissa told Amelia her suspicions about Leo. She believed her husband was cheating again.

At the NIA office, Sam and the team explored possibilities on the people closer to the Hernandezes and the Chavezes. They sent surveillance team to follow him to know his every movement. Clarissa offered to organise an intimate party for Dexter to celebrate his birthday.

Leo found the Agent tailing him and cornered him. He threatened him to by his side and showed him the video of the agent’s pregnant wife who his goons were also keeping tabs on him. He sacked him to go home if he did not want to get his wife and children involved. Celine got Anton some medicines and he said it would be better if his life would be in danger for her to care about him.

Celine told him not to joke with that. Anton told her that he talked to Amelia and she did not accept for the biopsy to be carried out on Lester. Sam while going through the old files and people connected to the syndicate and saw Galang’s files. That made her decide to set up a dinner date with Emman and Caloy to patch things up with Caloy.

They started to dig out information on Dr Gomez’ daughter who was still working at the A Hernandez Hospital even after her mother’s deàth.  Amelia had another argument with Celine for not looking enthused when the family was requesting for justice. She asked Celine if her mother did not deserve justice and Celine said far from that. She was okay when she said Robbie was not part of those people they trafficked.

Amelia doubted her because if she believed in Araceli’s words, she would not insist on biopsy and Anton said Celine was not in need of that anymore.  When Celine left, Amelia asked Linda whether Celine had really forgiven them because she did not understand why she was still following Anton if he doubted them.

Amelia made it clear that Celine lõved Anton and if she was upset, she would not get back with him. She said Celine wanted to have a peace of mind and clear her conscience on Robbie’s issue. Amelia said sorry to Linda that if the only way for Celine to clear her mind was by carrying out biopsy on her son, then he would not allow because she could not afford to make Lester pass through emotional and psychological trauma to satisfy Celine.

Later, she packed Araceli’s clothes in order to donate them. Linda saw pictures of Araceli which she took during her graduation and recalled that Araceli wanted her to go back to school to learn and become a doctor just like Amelia but she did not since Araceli had helped her through out her life. She owed her nursing certificate to Araceli, she took care of her education.

Amelia said she could remember because she felt  jealous. She thought Araceli cared more about Linda than her and had an argument with her. Linda apologised for that. She also talked to him to get back to Nestor to give Lester a complete family. Amelia said her son did not need any insignificant father.

Amelia, later called Leo to ask about Nestor’s body. He said he disposed it so there was no need for her to worry. She said she might be acting paranoid so she had to concentrate on her mother’s case. She asked Leo for an update and he said he gave the NIA a deadline so they would get a lead.

Clarissa saw her husband and was having her suspicions. Leo failed to eat, claiming he ate at the office and his wife did not understand why her husband was working so hard, still there was no lead about Araceli’s case. She told him about Lester’s birthday which was scheduled for the next day. He ignored and said he was going to have a shower.

Caloy got wasted and Bernie knew he has not gotten over Sam. He claimed he was celebrating for his friendship with Sam. Elsewhere, Arnold had a video chat with his girlfriend Analyn. He declared his intentions to work at the hospital as his mother wanted. He said that would make them see each other more.

Celine was working with Dr Monic Calderon, the daughter of Dr Gomez. She was a Pediatric cardiologist and Celine introduced her to Anton. It seemed Anton had no clues that the new doctor was Dr Gomez’ daughter. From her looks, Dr Calderon was up to something by working with the A. Hernandez Hospital.


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