Irreplaceable Episode 38

Irreplaceable Episode 38 Dr Calderon forms an alliance with Celine to get the Hernandez investigated, The NIA discovers the k!ller of Araceli

Emman had a day off and wanted to pay Dr Calderon a visit. Sam refrained him from going to see her since she did not want him to compromise her work. She said she had put the doctor under surveillance. Celine woke up early to go to work. She did not come home early the previous night and barely slept so Linda was worried.

She was also concerned since Amelia doubted Celine’s lõve for Anton. Arnold left home early for work at the A Hernandez Hospital. Amelia reminded him about Lester’s birthday that evening for him to come home early. Anton got in and Amelia knew what he was thinking about. Anton told her that he and Celine were good but he pleaded with her to give the biopsy approval.

Amelia refused. Emman, Sam and Caloy went to the hospital to roll out their plans to find information which Dr Calderon was keeping.  Caloy pretended to be sick for the assistance of Dr Calderon to come out to help him He was doing that to distract her for Sam and Emman to go into the doctor’s office to check her files.

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The plan was moving on smoothly. Sam and Emman were searching when Dr Calderon who Caloy tried so hard to distract her failed to give in to him and went to the office to find Sam and Emman. Sam was forced to reveal to the doctor her mission but Calderon failed to give in and even denied knowing anything about her mother, Dr Gomez’ dealings.

She threw them out from her office, saying she would file charges against them if they did not leave her office. Agent Manzano had a lead about a deàd body whose fingerprints matched with the weapon used to k!ll Araceli. Sam vented her anger on Caloy for failing to control her the doctor for her to find them. Caloy saw that Sam always faulted his act and left in anger.

Sam was calming Emman when Celine found the two. Emman quickly broke from Sam’s grasp to talk to Celine in order to ask her help in finding out about the illegitimate daughter of Dr Gomez who was working with the Hernandez. Celine was surprised to know that Dr Calderon was actually related to Dr Gomez. She was finding it difficult to help Emman so Emman told her that they should cast aside their personal issues and do that for Robbie.

Sam alerted Emman that they have to leave before the Hernandez show up. Celine finally accepted to help. Agent Agoncillo received a call from Marcelo to go to where a deàd body which was abandoned for three to five days and whose fingerprints matched that of the weapon. Sam informed Emman and she told Emman that she would make Marcelo to crosscheck and see if the person was the actual person who k!lled Araceli.

Meanwhile General Chavez ordered Franco to get rid of Attorney Rabago once the news of the fingerprints of Araceli’s murder popped out. Clarissa ordered Nick to follow her husband secretly when he tells him to go home and promised to double his salary. Leo cancelled all his appointment and meetings in order to go to Lester’s intimate party with Clarissa.

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As Emman was thanking Sam for finding the identity of the deàd body and were in compromise situation, Celine watched the two from afar and got so sad. Clarissa brought cake for Lester and Clarissa who was acting so paranoid confessed all her grievances about Leo to Amelia. Leo went to present his gift to Lester and the boy wished that Leo was his father instead of Nestor.

Linda seeing Nick at the party apologised to him for everything she said against him and  Emman. Nick also apologised to her and threw a word of caution to her not to allow Celine to marry Anton. He explained that it would be a heavy blow should they later discover that Anton and Amelia had something to do with the syndicate.

Celine apologised to Dr Calderon for what her son’s father and his friend did. She tried to make her understood from Emman and Sam’s view. She then saw a picture of a child and asked the doctor if the girl was her child and she exclaimed that she never knew Dr Calderon had a family on her own. The doctor explained that she only had a child not a husband. She went further to say that she did not want her daughter to experience what she went through in the hands of her mother.

Dr Calderon lamented that Dr Gomez always hid her and did not want anyone to know another man got her pregnant and she was the product. However, she acknowledged that her mother sent her to school in the United States and she was the reason she became a medical practitioner. Irrespective of how her mother acted towards her, she believed her mother deserved justice and did not believe her mother k!lled herself.

She made known her revenge mission by saying she only worked at the place to dig out information on Dr Gomez’ deàth so that she could punish the Hernandezes if they were to be blamed. Celine formed alliance with Dr Calderon to go after the truth and they kept it a secret not even Dr Calderon’s relationship with Dr Gomez would be known to the Hernandezes in order to investigate the embattled family.

During the birthday celebration, Lester had a seizure and convulsion so he was rushed to the A Hernandez Hospital by Nick. As they were on their way, General Chavez was so scared and recalled how his son Lemuel passed away in similar manner. Amelia was also scared.

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When they arrived, Dr Calderon was the one who took care of him. Nick watched and saw how close General Chavez was with Amelia. He soon had a call from Gabo informing him about a deàd body which was retrieved at Barangay Rosorio and his fingerprints matched that on the weapon per forensic test. Leo pretended not to know that Nestor was deàd and he also accepted that Araceli got him arrested so the motive was there.

He thanked Gabo for the information and apologised to him for the manner he earlier talked to him when they suspected him to be the protector of the Hernandezes. He commended him for finding out the k!ller of Araceli and Gabo said that was the beginning of the investigation. There were so many questions to find out especially about the person who had Nestor k!lled.

The NIA through their investigation had also discovered the identity of the dead person as Nestor who had a criminal history and recently released from prison. He was also the ex-husband of Amelia and was sent to prison by Araceli. Sam believed he had a motive but had her doubt he could be the k!ller. Emman was so upset hearing another children kidnapped. Caloy had a hunch that Amelia and her family got Nestor k!lled.

General Chavez went to see Lester and he voiced out how scared he was thinking for the second time she would lose a son. Amelia told him how relieved she was now knowing her son was out of danger. Leo then sent Amelia out to inform her that the body of Nestor was found and per the NIA his fingerprints samples matched that on the camera which the k!ller of Araceli used.

Amelia could not believe it and Leo said Nestor took revenge on her mother. Amelia then asked how his body was found since Leo got rid of it. Leo said it was a good thing that his body was retrieved. That, he said had paved the way for them to know the real k!ller of Araceli. Amelia was scared that Leo would be found as Nestor’s k!ller but Leo said he would make it look like Nestor had lots of enemies in prison and any of them had him k!lled.


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