Irreplaceable Episode 39

Irreplaceable Episode 39 Attorney Rabago brutally mürdered in his apartment, Arnold and Bernie arrested over a fight for Analyn

Journalists ambushed Amelia at A. Hernandez Hospital. They said people saw Nestor as a hero for k!lling Araceli but we’re wondering why he was also found deàd. That got Amelia upset that they would ask her such questions. She said she did not care about Nestor’s murder because if he had laid her hands on him, she would have k!lled her herself for ending her mother’s life in such manner.

Amelia turned to watch Leo who was there with her. The news was aired and Linda doubted that Nestor would pose off as a camera man just to commit murder. Knowing Nestor well, Linda said that he was a criminal though but prison would not change him to such an extent to k!ll Araceli. She was positive that a professional k!ller did the job and Nestor was framed for it.

She believed the k!ller was moving around freely and it was an act to cover the tracks of the syndicate. Celine now believed in her mother that she could be right. Nick also told Emman about his suspicions with the relationship between Leo and Amelia. He believed they were more than friends and were having illicit affair.

Nick saw that Celine’s life was in danger by involving herself with the Hernandezes. He was bent on finding out what the Hernandezes were up to in order to dissuade Celine from marrying Anton. Soon, Dr Calderon called Celine to inform her about the secret operation she carried on Lester to obtain his DNA samples.

She told Celine not to open up to anyone about the secret biopsy she was carrying otherwise they would not have any opportunity to run the test. She demanded for Celine and Emman’s samples to complete the lab test. Celine wanted to give her only sample but Calderon opposed it so Celine decided to inform Emman.

Nick saw that though Emman was with Sam but Celine was in Emman’s heart. Amelia described Nestor as a mõnster for k!lling Araceli. She could not believe it. Anton said he would have k!lled him himself if he had a chance. Arnold said though he was Lester’s dad but he was upset with his act. He left to have a date with Analyn. He confessed his lõve for Analyn and Analyn also confessed her lõve for him.

The two officially became couple. Unknown to them Bernie was also viewing them mile off. Sam ordered for a food and Caloy delivered it  to her. Sam apologised for blaming him for the failed mission. The two mended their relationship. Amelia revealed the truth about Nestor’s death to Anton and the latter asked if he had no regrets for k!lling the father of her son.

Amelia said she didn’t and she has realised that she made the right decision since Nestor k!lled their mother. Anton was worried that Leo would be caught but Amelia assured Leo could get away with it. She explained that the General could cover up. At the Chavez residence, Leo called Franco to k!ll Attorney Rabago and warned him not to leave a trace just like what he did the time he left the camera which he had to find away to clean his fingerprints.

Franco said he had learnt his lessons so it would not happen again. Clarissa came to meet her husband and wanted to know who he was speaking with. Leo got upset and almost hit his wife for touching his phone. He then walked out on her. Celine went to the Salvadors house to find Nick cooking and she took it to cook the food.

Sam got there and Caloy showed up to ask whether Celine was there to cook for Emman. He took Sam’s food to say Sam also cooked that for Emman and there would be many food on the table. Tension arose when Nick made Emman taste the food of Celine, saying she knew how he liked his food. Caloy said he should also taste Sam’s food too it was yummy.

Celine then told them why she was there. She went there to take samples from Emman to help Dr Calderon in the biopsy for them to confirm their suspicions. Nick saw that as good to help them know who Robbie’s heart belonged to.

“What about Emman’s heart who is that belongs to,” Caloy hissed making the two ladies uncomfortable.

Emman asked Celine what would she do if it turned out that it was Robbie’s heart keeping Lester. Celine said she did not want to think about that because she wanted to hope that her son was still alive. Elsewhere, Bernie cornered Arnold when Analyn saw him off and Bernie fought him.

For Emman he said he would not hesitate to get Amelia and Anton arrested. After k!lling Attorney Rabago, Franco cleared all the evidences and left. The partners of the syndicate voted for Amelia to head the business. Anton congratulated her for being entrusted with the businesses. Amelia said she could not believe it herself after all that has happened. She thought their business partners had no belief in him.

After they were imprisoned, the Salvadors and the Hernandezes went there for their respective family members. Emman queried Bernie why he had to fight Arnold and Bernie explained that just like how he was protecting Celine, he also wanted to do same for Analyn.

He did not stop calling for a fight and called Arnold as criminal. Anton got in the way. As they reached home, Anton became so caring and told Arnold that he should always call him if he was facing problems because he was his senior brother. Arnold had not heard that from Anton before and Anton said he was doing that due to their mother.

He said Araceli would have lōved it that way. He recalled how Araceli said she has developed lōve for Arnold but he cared more for Anton.

“You must not get hurt Arnold because you will save my life when my heart gets out,” Anton thought.

As Emman was caring for Sam who was running a fever at home, Amelia and her lōver, Leo were also thinking about their syndicate job and how Clarissa act of paranoid was getting in the way. Leo said if she got to learn about his involvement with the syndicate and learning that Lester was his son, Clarissa had to accept it. He slept over Amelia’s place while looking after Lester.

Amelia saw on Leo’s phone 14missed calls from Clarissa. Emman also slept next to Sam to keep her warm. Nick scolded Bernie for fighting over a woman. He reminded Bernie that Analyn had a mind of her own and she could choose whatever she wanted to believe in. He said it was not wrong for him to lōve but if that lõve would ruin his life then he should better think over it.

Nick went to work and Clarissa asked about her husband. He had no idea, soon after, Leo got home and found his wife waiting patiently. Clarissa asked him where he was coming from and he greeted her with anguish. He said irrespective of what he would tell her, she would not believe it anyway. He told her that he did not care about her suspicions.

Sam was happy that Emman now only had eyes for her and told Caloy that she wished he would equally get someone who would lõve him. Caloy hoped so that Emman now lōved her. He also said when he got a lõved one, he would be persistent like how Sam was. Sam later called Emman to inform him that he left his lunch so the two agreed to meet have a lunch.

As Franco phoned Leo to inform him about getting rid off the files on Rabago’s laptop and phone, Sam was informed by Marcelo about the sudden deàth of Attorney Rabago. Gabo found the timing as suspicious since Sam was also questioning the attorney. He sensed something fishy. Sam smelt a cover up because first it was Araceli, second Nestor and now Attorney Rabago.


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